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Levi Johnston: My Future is Bleak

2/11/2010 7:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston has just fired back at his baby mama, Bristol Palin, and unlike grandma Sarah Palin, Levi didn't need to write crib notes on his hand.

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin

Levi is responding to Bristol's demand for $1,750 a month in child support. In his opposing legal papers, Levi's lawyer, Rex Butler, says Levi's income is "erratic." Bristol claims that Levi raked in more than $105,000 in 2009. But attorney Butler says, prior to 2009, Levi never made more than $10,000 a year.

In the legal docs, Johnston agrees to pay 20% of his adjusted 2009 income -- though he doesn't say exactly how much he made. He also agrees to file quarterly income reports. In his declaration, Levi says in 2010, his only contractual guarantee for income is $25,000 plus "some contingencies based on my Playgirl shoot." He says he doesn't see how it's possible to pay $1,750 a month in child support.

And there's this. According to the docs, "Levi Johnston stands before this court as a 19-year-old with good hopeful for an entertainment career but the chances of increased income are as unknowable as it would be for any young person working his way into the entertainment industry: not particularly good."


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$1700+/month is a bit steep for child support from a 19-year-old.

But then again he should've realized what he was sticking his d*ck into when he hooked up with Bristol--it would've eventually lead to his being backed into a corner.

Levi had to learn the hard way that you don't mix sex and politics. Ever.

1724 days ago


I for one would like to see Levi do a recurring bit with all political families.

Move from one to the next, for, say a year at a clip, and see what the dude can come up with.

I'm not sure The Kennedy's would be able to take him in right away, mourning Ted is going to be a signficant and protracted thing.

On the other hand, maybe Levi can help The Kennedy's get through yet another loss.

Worth a try, right?


1724 days ago


Are you people completely insane?? Of course, he should pay child support. It's his kid too. How is he different than any other father?? Maybe if he was bright enough, he would have thought of covering something up before having sex. Now he has a baby and he needs to GROW UP and deal with it!!

Also, a few key points written on Palin's hand is really no big deal. Anyone that has to make fun of that is just an ignorant idiot. What about the idiot president we have that has to have his speech on a teleprompter all the time?? AND have you noticed Mr. Obama has yet to just sit at his desk in the Oval Office and speak into a camera for his speeches. He always has an audience where he can get instant gratification with all the applause. What a complete idiot. He is definitely going down as the worst President EVER!!!

1724 days ago


What about all the money he was secretly paid by all the left wing-nuts to keep giving interviews trashing Gov. Palin?

1724 days ago


Im not sure what planet you guys are from.. But not only is 1750 a reasonable amount of child support a month... Its actually about what normal people are paying. Poverty is 3000 a month. so in essence he would be paying just a little over half of what it would cost to support his child at poverty level. That means of course that the court is asking that Bristol pay the other half. That is in no way out of line. Its not like these other celebrities that are asking for 1700 a week! If he didnt want to get stuck with child support payments then he should have kept his zipper zipped!

1724 days ago




1724 days ago

oc gurly gurl    

That is crazy. And he seems to be taking the high road, agreeing to quarterly income reports. It doesn't seem like he is trying not to pay, he just wants to pay whats fair.

1724 days ago

ex lax    

maybe he needs to make a, nailin palins's daughter porn flick

1724 days ago


lmao some on here act so childish maybe its because most are kids who post.but for real quit defending a guy who doesn't pay child support.he is nothing but a dead beat but go figure a liberal will always find a way to trash still lost to why all the hate for sarah.oh wait i know if she becomes the next pres that will take away from Failbama's history making election.because she will be in the lime light for making history then.the DEMS fear sarah.

1724 days ago


The man hate is just unbelievable on this site.

We have a 19-year-old kid who was perfectly happy to hunt, work with his hands, and take responsibility for the child he fathered with a girl he loved.

Unfortunately, said girl is the daughter of a power-hungry ideologue willing to sacrifice pretty much anyone who gets in her way. Thus, said 19-year-old kid gets dragged onto the international stage and unnecessarily outed along with his girlfriend, and then is discarded once said power-hungry ideologue has no use for him.

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old doesn't say a word bad about his now ex-girlfriend, but does what he can to make some money from his possibly fleeting fame and the fact he's an attractive kid with great eyes.

Said power-hungry ideologue and daughter make money hand over fist exploiting the child and then cry angry and accusatory poor-mouth to the 19-year-old who wants to meet his responsibilities but not go bankrupt while doing so and not being able to spend time with his child.

Yup. Levi's pure evil and Sarah/Bristol are Esther and the Virgin Mary.

What the hell ever.

1724 days ago


Someone should tell that bitch Bristol to get off her back and get a job. She had as much (if not more) to do with having a kid as he did. Did he think to have a paternity test done? He should.

1724 days ago

that's all    

Unreal that anyone would mourn that bloated, alcoholic gasbag Ted Kennedy who murdered a pregnant woman to get her out of his way. Ten to one Levi looks as bloated as him in 10 years once the left fattens him up with alcohol and sweets to get him to bad mouth the Palins.

1724 days ago

that's all    

And now, I 'm bored with this subject.

1724 days ago


"a 19-year-old with good hopeful"?

Is hopeful a noun now?

1724 days ago


I'm not sure where YOU are from Cheryl, but $1750 a month is a ridiculous amount to ask in child support from a teenager without a steady job. Given his qualifications, he will not be able to land a job making upwards of 100,00 a year. And there are only so many nudie pictures he can take before the market dries up.
I'm not sure if you are a drug user, but 3,000 a month in income is NOT poverty level. That's 36,000 dollars a year! No baby needs that kind of dough! We have seniors and the disabled living on far far less. I know a disabled person who makes $500 a month in disability payments and their social service department informed them they "make too much" to qualify for food stamps or medicaid.
step into reality, Cheryl.

1724 days ago
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