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Reggie Bush -- Put a Ring On It!

2/12/2010 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reggie Bush says he won't get his Super Bowl ring 'til next year -- but our photog was more interested in why Kim Kardashian isn't wearing some finger bling yet either.

Reggie Bush: Click to watch
The New Orleans Saint wasn't game for the engagement questions -- but he was incredibly gracious with every single fan who approached him for a photo or autograph ... and trust us, there were a lot of 'em.

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what's the difference??    

Looks like the guy just sharted in his pants! Will you guys leave people alone when they're obviously right outside the restroom for a reason. geez

1685 days ago



1685 days ago


Reggie is way too young to get married, he's just 24 and Kim is almost 30... nope, ain't gonna happen for these two, much as she wishes.

1685 days ago


Reggie has plenty of time. He's just 24. Would you want to marry into this ego driven psycho family? A bit daunting and he's wise to step back a bit. Date her, screw her but don't buy the entire clan.

1685 days ago


He's so gorgeous, talented and young. Why should he marry Kim K? No use tying himself down with the nutty Kardashian media whore no-talent family at such a young age. The Kardashians would sabotage each of his football games battling the players for camera exposure. It's all about them. Look at me. I'm a Kardashian. Look at my body. Pay attention to me. Ain't I sexy? Ain't I cute? Look at me!!

1685 days ago


Don't marry her Reggie. Just keep on using her till you use her up.

1685 days ago


If I were her, I wouldn't hold my breath. He's not about to marry that ho...when will she get a clue!??

1685 days ago


People need to leave this man alone about Kim whats-her-face. It's got to be a difficult decision trying to decide whether or not you want to marry a big-assed, thieving attention whore.

Reggie, keep your eyes open buddy. You marry this one, you're asking for trouble...prenups, court battles, having to pay her alimony for years and years....hell no. Stay single. Not worth it.

1685 days ago


didn't know he was 6 years younger than her. why isn't everyone calling her a couger? Courtney is labeled it for David. Reggie is young, didn't realize how young. He has a while before he should feel the urge, if ever to get married. Especially to those leeches. Tick tock Kim. Find someone closer to your age that will want a family. they might stick around.

1685 days ago

Here's an idea    

Reggie, Why buy the cow? Literally.

1685 days ago

King of TMZ    

before it was Michael Jackson
but now Reggie Bush is the hottest man alive.

Kim K is freaking lucky she got his attention. I am sure she is the one who went after him in their first meet. She is the one using the guy really. He is sexy and adorable. He is using her for sex too. So both are using each other really even it's more her who is using the guy coz that girl is just plastic and he can date much much much better. This is what's refered to as Lust relationship and there are many in hollywood. The plot will thicken when Kim trap him into a lil baby and she is the type that can do that.

1685 days ago


Kim K is good looking when they airbrush the hell out of her pictures, but he could do a lot better than a money & attention grubbing Kardashian jump-off.

1685 days ago


Love that man even more!

1684 days ago


I feel soooo bad for him!!!! Its obvious he doesn't crave the lime light like his girlfriend. I don't care if they marry or not, but...they will clash if they stay in LA where all the paps are, she seems to love them, he appears to be more humble & layed back.
Its NO ONES place to decide who he marries! He knows of her past and if it can accept it, that's their business! You jealous girls will never have a chance with him so stop wasting your time praying they will split! Always worrying about other peoples personal business...tsk tsk tsk

1684 days ago


He will never, ever marry Kim.

1684 days ago
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