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Tila Tequila

Rushed to Hospital

2/13/2010 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila made a call to paramedics last night after she fell off her chair and "dented" her head -- her words, not ours.

Since Tila tweets her every moment, she provided her own play-by-play of the accident. Tila first said she fell off her chair and "slammed my head into the wall and heard the back of my skull crack. theres a dent in it now!"

Shortly thereafter, Tila recalled the tragic events of Natasha Richardson (but not her name) when she tweeted: "I should call the ambulance just in case? like that one actress that died cuz she hit her head &thought she was ok but died later..pray 4 me."

Tila's next entry: "Ambulance on the way to my house. I could have a brain concussion and die ina few hours."

Tila's agent provided the final tweet of the night, saying Tila suffered a concussion and wouldn't be able to tweet any further updates. Tila was released from the hospital and returned home last night.

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Maybe she will have amnesia and forget she is a worthless pine knot and nobody really cares an iota about what she has to say. Then she, hopefully, will just be an anonymous worthless pine knot.

1651 days ago


200+ posts guarantees that the next time Tila farts it will be reported here

(only to be commented again by 200+ who "don't care")...

I bet she is laughing at all the publicity she is getting to her Twitter and any website related to her and her money-earning activities.

1651 days ago


"...I could die in a couple of hours"? We could only be so lucky

1651 days ago


What exactly sets these skank whores a cut above the rest, to get on all these reality shows? It has to be more than drugs & free sex. Those are rampant out there anyway. What is the magic formula? There are millions of these types waiting in the bars & brothels of the midwest for this info so they too can jump into stardumb.

1651 days ago


So when's this one gonna OD on pills and just leave us alone already?

I'm tired of seeing her little rat face, dragging down anyone who gets within 5 feet of her.

1651 days ago


"202. What exactly sets these skank whores a cut above the rest, to get on all these reality shows?... Posted at 9:39AM on Feb 14th 2010 by LongJohn691"

It's all about ratings. Negative attention is now the norm in the media. It's all about people who people love to hate, making money for other people. As you can probably tell from most of the comments left on this site, the majority are very quick to let off steam... unload anger... transfering their anxieties off through the judging and condemning of others. That way they don't have to really deal with their own issues. It's why things like TMZ and reality shows exist.

1651 days ago


If anyone wonders why TMZ keeps printing stories about this troubled young girl, just look how many comments there are. If everyone quit commenting about this person, TMZ would recoginize that and quit giving her any time. WE are making her popuar and I am ashamed of myself.

1651 days ago


What a useless waste product she is...absolutely no talent whatsoever...please go away. Nobody likes you.

1651 days ago


Will this stupid useless whore please go away!!!! Who cares!!!!!

1651 days ago


Boy i tell u this little bit is so full of drama now,i can imagine wht would be her next excuse would b to b in the spotlight again!!but then again i hope she's ok and her unborn baby tht's if,if she says tht she's pregnant??is she?????

1651 days ago


piece of trash. tmz STOP reporting on this nobody already, will ya?

1651 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

R.I.P. Tila

1651 days ago


Jeez now she cant even sit correctly! Is she serious? Doesnt anyone else see its just her trying to get attention no matter how much MORE STUPID it makes her look!!??!! Somebody give her a job please and SOON!

1651 days ago


Don't you have to have a brain to suffer a brain concussion?

1651 days ago


This bitch is a fame whore and full of crap. Get a life u stupid ass tramp.

1651 days ago
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