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Heidi Montag Is a Real Doll

2/15/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag maneuvered her reassembled parts into a sexy(?) pose for cameras, who were inexplicably in her hotel room over Valentine's Day weekend.

So lifelike.


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Hi! I'm a manneguin at Barney's in L.A.. There used to be this smokin' hot mannequin named Angel in the lingerie department, but she disappeared on Friday night.... TMZ, I think someone is playing a joke on you. This is a mannequin from Barney's, NOT Heidi Montag.

1677 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

How about a new show...."Seducing Heidi"


1677 days ago


I just saw her being interviewed on some red carpet. It might have been on radaronline. She looked so ugly. All of the still photographs I have seen of her she looks much older but looks ok.

To see her standing there and talking was a complete shock. She is grotesque looking. Her face looks deformed. She also looks like she has huge caps on all her teeth. She is delusional if she thinks she looks good. She looks nothing like the printed pics in the magazines.Spencer needs to be honest with her and let her know she looks freaking ugly now.

1677 days ago

Connor Banks    

I think I just threw up in my mouth. Disgusting.

1677 days ago

Kristi Jo Dee    

Does she know she is scarey looking? I liked the old Heidi. So sad. What is Spencer, Dr. Frankenstein? Egging her on---ew.

1677 days ago


wow soo busted now .....said heidi just sad!

1677 days ago


I agree Heidi and Spencer should go to college because NOONE but the Adult porn industry will take these idiots serious.

1677 days ago

Only 2%...    

so sad
so sad
so sad
so sad
so sad
so sad
so sad
so sad.....

1677 days ago


when she's broke in a year we can get the porno tape from her, hopefully Spencer gets hit by a bus, and Heidi starts working at the Bunny Ranch.

1677 days ago


Sorry to say this but she looked way better before all the surgeries.
Now she looks like porclin and that she may crack.She does not look natural at all. To me that is really ugly.

It is sad that she thinks just becasue she is in the entertainment business that you have to look a certain way.. Her talent should speak for itself, but oviosuly she does not think she is talented enough to let it speak so she goes and gets multiple plastic surgeries to make up for her self-esteem and inserurity issues.

What is gonna be next remolding her pinkie toe becasue it sticks out of the shoe??

She says she did this to make herself feel better, but then in the next breath she says the business is the reason..DOES SHE HAVE A REASON, except for she was not happy in the skin God gave her.

If this doctor does anymore surgery on her, he needs to loose his lisence..SHe needs mental health help NOT more plastic surgery.

1677 days ago


So this is what the 21st century has brought us too? Girls whose fondest wish is to grow up and be porn stars? Is this what the great Feminist movement taught us that we should be so able to fully realize our potential to be pornstar-like [Montag] and sluts [i.e. the Jersey Shore girls]. What a waste of human potential

1677 days ago


This is just one of the saddest cases I've ever seen:( Anyone who has seen her pics 'pre-plastic part' knows that she was a beautiful girl to begin with. Not only pretty but she looked 'real'! A natural beauty. What kind of message is she & product-advertising in general sending to our young IMPRESSIONABLE GIRLS?? I have a 15 yr old girl & not hardly a day goes by that I don't let her know just how beautiful, NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL she is. I also reinforce the idea that her 'inner beauty' is most important but more than that....developing her MIND is the most important thing for her to be worrying about right now. My daughter IS blessed with natural good looks(I know I'm a 'biased' mommy who'd think she was gorgeous no matter what but she really is a pretty girl & people tell her so all the time) but what about those girls out there who may not have been so lucky by heredity in the 'looks' department?? My heart ACHES for them because they look at the ads on tv for hair & cosmetic products, they look at these models who set an IMPOSSIBLE STANDARD. Not ONLY ads but mtv, vh1...they are ALL guilty of sending the waaaaaayyyyy wrong message to these girls. The complete idiots(T.Tequila is a REAL good example of wrong,wrong,WRONG message to be sending) on these shows tell these girls that as long as you've got a cute face & 'bangin' bod' that that is ALL you need to skate by in life. I'm so angry about this I can't even see straight. When are we going to WAKE UP! This Montag girl obviously soaked up the wrong message long ago but I have to wonder, WHERE WAS HER MOTHER OR SOMEONE to undo the damaging info absorbed by our girls when they view this TRASH?? J.Shore & B.Girls are two more. I'm so tired of these types of programs but equally tired of the 'mentality' of those responsible for the production & airing of these shows. Yes, those who say that if there were no demand they wouldn't exist are absolutely RIGHT so there's plenty of blame for the cr@p on tv to go around. My daughter loves the B.Girls show but thankfully it's because she finds it AMUSING the way the girls behave. She thinks they're ridiculous & trashy & finds the show 'funny' because of their ever increasingly outrageous antics. She also knows that it is 'staged' to a certain extent & does NOT admire any of those girls in any way at all. I'm so thankful she can 'see through' the people on these types of shows but what about those young girls out there who desperately want to emulate these young women IN EVERY WAY?? I usually approach 'life' & the good & bad that goes along with it, not a 'bleeding heart' activist in ANY WAY but this is one topic that greatly concerns me & every time I see this Montag girl I have to vent about the MAJOR SOCIAL PROBLEM THAT LAY BEHING WHY SHE IS WHAT SHE IS & DOES WHAT SHE DOES!

Glad to get this off my chest this AM:) :) All I can do is to make sure that MY DAUGHTER 'gets it' & I work constantly to make her understand where her priorities should be at her age & try very hard to ensure she has a proper perspective of 'true beauty' & keeping her ideas about it with that proper perspective. My plea is for all you fathers & mothers out there: Maybe we can't boot these shows off the network but we CAN guide our children. My daughter watches B.Girls but you can bet I'm sitting right there next to her on the couch watching it with her most nights it's on. She is going to watch it regardless & if I were to tell her "NO", she would be even MORE determined to watch it. What I CAN DO is to use it as a 'learning opportunity' & 'discuss,not preach' with her, their antics & behaviour. We watch them & we LAUGH! Our poor kids often grow up with the tv as a babysitter because all of our lives are so very busy. Kids are under so much PRESSURE by society & their peers these days & one look around says that some of them, like this poor misguided Montag, are CRUMBLING UNDER IT mentally & emotionally. Networks will put anything out for money & no matter HOW BUSY our lives are, it's OUR JOB TO PROTECT OUR IMPRESSIONABLE KIDS FROM THIS GARBAGE!

1677 days ago


Is it me or is her whole existence geared towards being a slut? I hate to admit this, but I watched "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" when she was on and all she did was go on and on about god. Ummmmm....since when does being super religious go together with being slutty? What a hypocrite!

1677 days ago

Rock Singer    

As Tom Waits would say "A used piece of Jet Trash".

1677 days ago


Such a good role model for christian girls. Not.

1677 days ago
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