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Heidi Montag Is a Real Doll

2/15/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag maneuvered her reassembled parts into a sexy(?) pose for cameras, who were inexplicably in her hotel room over Valentine's Day weekend.

So lifelike.


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Good Lord...please DO NOT reproduce!!!

1713 days ago


that bitch is hot! wow! spencer is a lucky guy!

1713 days ago


Oh, no... that fake plastic doll again...

1713 days ago


Can we just stop posting/writing/covering articles of this couple.

1713 days ago


I'd rather tap a plastic barbie doll than her !

1713 days ago


No matter what she does to herself she will never be a pretty girl, she just does not have IT!!, like Lauren Conrad is a naturally pretty girl. Do they have plastic surgery procedures for her annoying monotone voice.. UGH like nails on a chalkboard

1713 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

I wonder if she reads TMZ - if she did maybe she'd realize what an ass she is making of herself - out of ALL OF THESE COMMENTS, not one in her about living in denial.

1713 days ago


I agree, who is she? what has she done to be famous? well, that's how hollywood works these days. Everything about her is fake. Whenever there's a camera she acts so stupid and she knows they're there and strikes a perfect pose pretending like if no one is there. Anyway, I would still bang her and I hope she does porn. Oh yeah!

1713 days ago


I mean come on, if you ever had the chance (not like she's a to die for) you would tap that. It's not like I like her. It's just that she's someone I would hit hard and then I'm out. Oh yeah!

1713 days ago


SHE NEEDS TO EAT!!! She is almost anorexic!!

1713 days ago


Her eyes look totally dead. The worst modeling I have ever seen.

The plastic surgeon looks like he is good at what he does, but the problem is the total all body and face make-over.

I can understand if a person is in a car wreck and they need a whole body restoration, but with a perfectly healthy and attractrive young woman, it is abuse of the medical procedures.
I wonder if the doctor would do this again on another young person who is already attractive? I can see doing it once and then seeing how the outcome is really unhealthy for society, for the woman, for the family members etc. I hope he uses his talents for people with medical needs for surgery, or for people who can accept themselves to a higher degree and only select a few things they would like to change. Even though the surgeries look good, the fact that it is was a total change of a healthy person for cosmetic reasons only, I dont think people feel comfortable with this. It is very unsettling,and she also doesnt embody these looks. He self image doesnt embody this appearance. The looks he gave her face are of a confident woman, but she is deeply insecure. She comes across as just a child within, and its too bad she will not be able to return to her true physical self if she desires it. Modeling is going to be a problem because she has so many procedures she will have a lot of blocks in the way because of them. She will be a novelty model most likely even though if she really looked like that she would have more jobs. I doubt she will ever be able to act, she doesnt seem to have that talent.

I think these false looks are going to prevent her from having a satisfying career in entertainment. It will be hard to get away from the "freak factor" even though she looks very nice cosmetically speaking. I dont think the public will ever embrace her unless she decided to speak out against surgery and how it harmed her life. I think that would be the only thing pointing to a real person emerging from this surgery.

1713 days ago


this is what happens when someone is so over the top miserable. Spencer you are a leach..Karma really is a bigger bitch than you can hope to be..I'm going to laugh when someone whom wants to have children swoops in and takes your meal ticket barbie doll away. This all started because he wouldn't have children with her..Heidi you are a hypocrite what do you think the bible says about what you are doing? Shame on you for embarrassing your friends, family, yourself and any supposed religious affiliation you have.

1713 days ago


lol...its the new heidi blow up this chick is just creepy

1713 days ago



1713 days ago


Heidi lost her complete identity when she had that surgery. She looks so plastic now and doesn't even realize it. When I say plastic, I don't mean barbie plastic, I mean a garbage pail kids plastic. How sad, she look like she is a 40 year old has-been who is trying to reclaim her beauty from her twenties. Only problem, Heidi "is" in her twenties. How sad.

1713 days ago
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