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John Mayer Uses His Head ... Not the Racist One

2/15/2010 11:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer didn't say one word about his racist penis this weekend -- in fact, the singer didn't say one word about anything.


After all of last week's drama -- and his subsequent teary-eyed explanation -- Mayer kept his head down and his mouth shut as he waded through a sea of paparazzi on his way out of his hotel in Canada.

As for the penis -- no comment from Lil' David Duke either.


No Avatar


hes ugly and talentless.

1669 days ago


his tiny n skinny d ick is not good enough to attract black women and he knows that.

1669 days ago


his music sucks and hated when he played at MJs funeral.hes too ugly if he wasnt famous hed never get having s e x w J. simpson.

1669 days ago


Hot, hot, hot.

1676 days ago


I used to be a fan of his, but, no more - no support to him on anything - see ya John.

1676 days ago


any guy who would declare his penis racist is not, not, not hot #1. He's an idiot. Be a man and just say you prefer this type of woman. There is nothing wrong with that.

Idiocy does not equal hotness.

1676 days ago

Kristi Jo Dee    

gIVE HIM A BREAK. So he says odd things and dated tone deaf Taylor Swift...I forgive him. Maybe he could date a very tan white woman and then every1 will love him again. I kid I kid. His music is good and his comments are entertaining...

1676 days ago

chicken head    

so much for freedom of speech--
if it wasn't for those so called gangsta rappers no one would be hearing ni*ger much - sorry the N word
I like to thank the black community for this

1676 days ago


He is a disgusting db! Of course they want this to blow over so they can go back to taking money from the public and he can go back to his db self. He needs to get lost for a long time. I don't see how his band can stay with him. They must need money really bad.

1676 days ago

Common Sense    

The white race can be mocked by any other and it is ok, But if it is the other way around we are racist? Why are whites the only one's that are racist? Look at all of the black institutions that do not allow people of other color. Heck, even the President belonged to an all black church. Blacks are like muslims, they can not take any criticisim. And TMZ plays right into it, are you listening little Harvey?

1676 days ago


Classic.... NOW he's going to keep his mouth shut. 'Smart'...every pap in the world will be chasing him around 24/7 trying to get him to talk. He's not so dumb, just sick.

1676 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I think he was just trying to be intertaining and outside the box in his Playboy interview. Looks like it back fired and he's done his last interview with Playboy. Next question.

1676 days ago


I see he and Taylor Swift must have had a lot to talk about.
Nothing worst than people thinking racist thoughts.
Why can't he take responsibility and say he is sorry with out blaming others for what he said.

1676 days ago


well think god for once in his career he has learned what he should have been doin all along he shut up he is the biggest dumb$$$ ever the only time he should ever open his stupid mouth is when he "sing's" thank u john mayer 4 sparing us of your stupid thought's

1676 days ago


It's for the best. Until he gets his pschye together he needs to remain silent. Although the racist comments are getting the most publicity the entire interview was wack. Only little boys kiss and tell. That interview was a locker room conversation with your boys not an interview in Plaboy. When he gets his filtering system in place, then maybe you can go back to giving interviews. I don't see why any self-respecting celebrity would want to deal with him since he can't seem to keep his big mouth shut. Very immature.

1676 days ago
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