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Adam Lambert Rips Fan - Get Off the Damn Phone

2/16/2010 1:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert put one of his own fans on blast yesterday -- in the middle of a live performance -- after the rude fan was caught yapping away on her phone while the "American Idol" alum was trying to sing.

Adam Lambert

It all went down while Adam was performing a song for iheartradio in New York when Adam heard the girl talking, stopped mid-song and said, "Can you get off your phone?! You're yelling into it ... wait, sorry, we're going to start over."

Lambert then continued to go after the fan saying, "Really?! Dominoes ... we deliver!" He continued, "You're not watching TV honey ... it's a live show."

Can ya hear me now?


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Well, I see the 4h(hideous, hateful, hypocritical, homophobes)club is out in force as I expected they would be. Any excuse to hate on Adam is better than none I guess. I have come to expect it from ignorant american homophobes, but what always shocks and saddens me the most is when jealous, self loathing, classless, nasty little queens like GAY GUYS RULE go out of their way to rip apart someone truly talented and nice to make himself look better or maybe like more of a man because in reality he is nothing. Adam would never say those things about anyone GAY GUYS RULE. That is why he is up there and you are leading your nothing life down in the gutter where you belong.

1706 days ago


I think it was in very poor taste for Adam to stop the show to chide someone about being on their cell phone. This strikes me as very "Diva" "how dare you do something else other than focus 100% of your attention on ME?!" Adam needs to get over himself. He isn't big enough for these kinds of of antics yet. Dude is still relatively unknown. I get that many cell phone users are rude but to interrupt the show? He interrupted the show more than she did.

1704 days ago


The chick on the cell phone was RUDE! Turn the damned things off! They are agro to everyone and for my money I'd throw you out if you use one in a live performance - So.... Adam was right on! He's got a great voice and No... I am not gay and not young but I do know great talent when I hear and see it -
Cell phones do NOT make you important and frankly having one plugged into your ear 24/7 does not make you special - it just makes you rude and stupid -

1689 days ago


It's a shame the artist had to be put in this position. There should be multiple levels of 'no-phones' instruction: Handbills, wall signs, on-stage instructions from the promoter right before taping, & security keeping an eye open.

1687 days ago


Isn't his/her 15 minutes up yet?

1710 days ago


FAKE! this guy is an attention whore, he has mental issues. It's fake!

1710 days ago


This is - uh - news?! Really?

1710 days ago


who does this d-bag think he is? he needs to go away.

1710 days ago


Good for Adam! People should not be on the phone during concerts!

1710 days ago


Maybe if Adam was interesting she wouldn't of been on the phone?

1710 days ago

grossed out.    

Good for him! People who think they need to be on their cell phones all the time are pathetic and glaringly rude!

1710 days ago

Better Than You    

The person in the audience was probably calling the venue's management to complain about Madam's horrible performance.

I say, well done!

1710 days ago


What a joke..its those fans you disrespect that put you up on that stage. You'd do good to remember that ingrate

1710 days ago


The fruit has rotted, the career is already over.

1710 days ago


Adam was/is CORRECT in asking her to get off her cellphone. And he did it POLITELY, which I more than I would have done.

You teeny boppers with your cellphone lives need to realize that not everyone within 50 feet of you wants to hear the sorted details of YOUR boring lives. Go home, get some good old "smarts" from your parents (if you even know where they are), and then you'll realize how RUDE you and your precious cellphones are.

1710 days ago
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