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Adam Lambert Rips Fan - Get Off the Damn Phone

2/16/2010 1:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert put one of his own fans on blast yesterday -- in the middle of a live performance -- after the rude fan was caught yapping away on her phone while the "American Idol" alum was trying to sing.

Adam Lambert

It all went down while Adam was performing a song for iheartradio in New York when Adam heard the girl talking, stopped mid-song and said, "Can you get off your phone?! You're yelling into it ... wait, sorry, we're going to start over."

Lambert then continued to go after the fan saying, "Really?! Dominoes ... we deliver!" He continued, "You're not watching TV honey ... it's a live show."

Can ya hear me now?


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Flamer is right! Adam or rather uh Eve you sux!

1675 days ago


Hey Susie maybe they did announce it,does anyone know?? Secondly,you can't overlook a cell phone conversation when it is right at the stage and it was loud enough for Adam and the fans around him to hear.His response was very classy.

1675 days ago


I would be BORED too if I was at his concert! Good for her! LOL

1675 days ago


Those little girls and their cell phones, they always act like retards with cell phones in their hands these days !!!

1675 days ago

And thats the truth    

I am happy that he called her on it. I see so many people on their cell phones and texting while they are driving it is insane. I see people in stores talking on the phone, in the middle of the aisles and they will not move out of the way so others can pass. I have heard cell phones go off in a movie theatre! What I want to know is what can be so important to talk about while you are driving? If you are talking/texting while driving, you are not paying attention to the road! That is, in my opinion, like driving with a blindfold on.

1675 days ago


Just read on another blog that some DJs interviewed "cell phone" girl this am. Apparently she was on the phone so her mother back home could hear Adam sing. Others around her were doing the same thing. Doesn't know why he singled her out. Didn't realize she was loud. This is nothing new, it's done all the time. He should have ignored her.

1675 days ago


hahahhahhhaaa that is hilarious!!! way to go adam!!!!

1675 days ago


Really???? I don't even know who this dude is! He needs to sit down....for real. Go Away...

1675 days ago


Adam acted correctly. The woman was loud enough that you can clearly hear her talking on the recording. Bad enough that she was disrupting the concert for everyone around her, much worse that she was doing so at a show that was being taped! I thought he showed a very reasonable amount irritation.

1675 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, all you HATERS make me're lives must be so very boring and UNHAPPY. I'd feel sorry for you but I don't have the time or the inclination...and I must say, I'm pretty disappointed in TMZ for skewing what really happened at that event...I'm starting to think TMZ is a bit homophobic, too. WAY TO GO ADAM...glad you told that dork to turn her phone off...!!!!

1675 days ago


I don't care if it's Adam Lambert or a kid's 3rd grade play, it's the epitome of rudeness to be on the phone during a show.

1675 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Much to do about nothing. Adam did what any other entertainer would have done, and he was polite about it.

1675 days ago


Adam you rock! Way to go! I hate when I'm trying to do something and some idiot is being rude distracting me, you tell em Adam!

1675 days ago


There is a huge difference between texting/talking on a phone & YELLING into a phone. She was beyond rude to do that period, but this brainiac was right up front withouy any consideration for anyone else. Good for you Adam!!!

1675 days ago

Linda Ladden    

TMZ should have elaborated on this situation.

This acoustic concert was being recorded to be placed on 3 websites-, Q102 and z100, Philly and New York radio stations.

People were using their cells to record or snap pictures. The girl was in the FRONT ROW yelling, and she could clearly be heard on the cell phones nearby where recording the concert.

It was perfectly appropriate for Adam to politely address the issue as it was very distracting to him and the band who were performing.

The story needed clarification.

1675 days ago
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