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Conrad Murray's Call Before Michael Jackson 911

2/16/2010 6:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes before Dr. Conrad Murray realized Michael Jackson was in deep distress, he left a voicemail for a patient about his heart scan.

Conrad Murray's Call Before Jackson 911

News of the World published the voicemail, in which Dr. Murray informed Bob Russell about his heart scan.

Dr. Murray left the voicemail at 11:54 AM.

TMZ broke the true timeline story -- that Dr. Murray called his girlfriend from Houston at 12:03 PM the day Jackson died -- 9 minutes after he left the voicemail for Russell.

Sources tell TMZ the girlfriend told cops ... approximately 5 minutes into the call, Dr. Murray abruptly dropped the phone and she then heard him administering CPR. Dr. Murray never came back to the phone and the call ended at 12:13 PM.

Jackson's bodyguard called 911 at 12:21 PM, approximately 13 minutes after Dr. Murray dropped the phone.


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Melanie Hoyle    

Just because you're a doctor in the house does not qualify you to save a patients' life. If he was not responding to CPR he should've immediately got on the phone and call 911 and then resume CPR. Every minute counts, and the fact that he was continuing to administer CPR to a patient who was in cardiac arrest for 13 minutes before the call to 911 was made (and made a terrible job at that aswell) makes him an incompetant doctor. He should not be allowed to continue to practice medicine on other people.

1677 days ago

They were in it for the money    

I do not care what the attorney for this Dr. says about these phone calls. Background audio. Guess what? They have top notch investigative sound technicians who can pinpoint exactly what that sound is, where it came from and if it was from a TV, they will surely be able to pinpoint what channel and what time whatever program came on. You better believe it. Same holds true for radio. In all likelihood, someone contacted someone from the entertainment industry to check out this sound, and they'll link it, they sure will. Of course they also have the cell records, but even if it is from a tv, they will be able to even detect what cable provider was being used and there are a few different providers between a home in Santa Monica and a home in Holmby Hills. Going to be interesting.

1677 days ago


since I and someone else posted this the other day:

I have been told via someone else that karen faye says he was not
in pain from his feet and they did use playback and that the cameras was rolling when he was there and not there. She says the article is fake. Therefore, I wanted to pass this information on.

1676 days ago


If Dr. Murray was hired by Michael to be your doctor 24 hours, as Dr. Murray called one of his clients to talk about a bear result of their tests? And why only now appeared this recording? In my opinion, it is clear that this is a test devised to create this false idea that Dr. Murray was quiet and he can show it was not long without providing relief to Michael and also explain why it took so long to call the 911.
This recording is FALSE!

1675 days ago



1662 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

Old news..this has already been played on dateline!

1680 days ago



1680 days ago


For heavens sake let the creep rest in peace.

1680 days ago

sultry siren    

Is there no HIPPA in place here? How can we just tell Mr Russell's medical business?!$#@* He didn't kill Michael!

1680 days ago

Indrid Cold    

At least Murray tried to resuscitate him. I know a lot of people feel pity for Michael (As do I). I also know a lot of people believe Murray murdered Michael (I'm not ignorant enough to believe something so blatantly stupid). Michael has had a "problem" for YEARS and anyone who didn't know it was busy living in a cave praying to the fireflies.

Everyone ready for the SHOCKER..."Michael Jackson killed Michael Jackson". YES: Murray had a responsibility to say "no". And YES: Michael Jackson was gonna get his meds from SOMEONE!

If we hang Murray any firther than the Medical Board will hang him then what about Heath Ledger? River Phoenix? Brittney Murphy? John Belushi? Jimi Hendrix? And on and on and on and on...

1680 days ago


read more from:

1680 days ago


First page!!!!!!!!!!!!

1680 days ago


This is not Breaking News. This was already played on "Dateline" nbc over a week ago. It's also posted at "News of the World" british tabloid website. As far as Murray is concerned, throw his a** in jail. Where is the Medical Board of CA, not to mention Nevada and Texas?? Why is he still practicing medicine??? He is a danger to his patients.

1680 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Let it rest. The freak is dead.

1680 days ago

a fan    

Posted at 5:01PM on Feb 16th 2010 by Indrid Cold

Read more:

so we just keep letting this drug-pushers with a license keep getting away with this? i think not. until the law sets their foot down this will continue to happen. And like I said before. Michael Jackson wasn't the only one dancing to that dance that nite. Murray elected to dance also. Being negligent on top of it. Walking out of the room after putting a human being under. Goodness, where was his brain.

rip mj

1680 days ago
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