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Edmonton Oilers' Goalie Popped for DUI

2/17/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Edmonton Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin was popped for DUI earlier this month in Scottsdale, Arizona -- after cops allegedly clocked him going way, way over the speed limit in a badass black Ferrari.

According to the police report, Khabibulin -- who reportedly signed a 4-year, $15 million deal with the Oilers last year -- was initially pulled over around midnight on February 8 for going 70 MPH in a 45 MPH zone.

In the report, cops say when they asked the 37-year-old how fast he was going, he said "80" ... and later admitted to drinking "one glass of wine."

Cops conducted field sobriety tests, then arrested the goalie for DUI, having a blood alcohol level of .08 or more and exceeding the speed limit by more than 20 MPH.

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He has to drink since the oilers are the WORST TEAM! What else can he do while watching his team fail...

1675 days ago


SPORTS guys get paid way to much money. NO WONDER its so expensive to take the children to a hockey game.

THERE playing a sport. Yes training and travelling is abit of a hassle but OMG people. Hollywood actors and sports are way over paid. Its sad. How many people in this world are suffering and malnutritioned. This guy is driving drunk in a ferarri luckily did not kill anyone.. Go back to your family's country habbbbbyboo.

1675 days ago


Poor Nik. First he gets off the Olympic team and now this... Well at least he's getting paid millions of dollars to watch Jeff Droin-Deslauriers take his place as the Oilers starting goalie.

Also, I'm a little surprised TMZ is jumping on this and not on Chris Chelios when he got his DUI back in December.

1675 days ago


I will always LOVE THIS GUY cause without him our team the 'TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING' would never have won the Stanley Cup!!! Go Khabi, He's 'The 'bulin' WALL!!

1675 days ago

Miss Bu    

70 in a 45 LMAO it was a Ferrari Jon Gosselin drives faster then that.

1675 days ago


Hey Jerry,
THEY'RE playing a sport which yields the owners of these teams hundreds of millions. Do you realize how much money movie studios make off the work of all the 'overpaid' actors? Maybe if you payed attention in school you would realize this, know the difference between there and they're, and have a decent enough job to not whine about what other people make.

1675 days ago


too bad he blew...Chris Chelios back in Chicago did not blow when getting pulled over, even though he was obviously drunk--it was 4a.m, he was weaving, speeding, had blood shot eyes, and slurred his words, as well as failing the field sobriety test---all on video...yet he is about to get off...

Rule number one--never blow...he didnt and now the judge is throwing out all the over evidence because according to him, the video and other facts werent enough to arrest him, thus it was a false arrest and now its going to be thrown out.

If he blew and it was above .08 he'd be guilty---now he is not...never ever blow...too bad the russian goalie bulin wall blew---they'll run him out of Edmonton now. Get him on a morality clause.

1675 days ago


The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff.

1675 days ago

Eric in Indiana    

LOL.....Now Chicago Blackhawk fans get the last laugh. What is the problem with these multi-millionare athetes, tv/movie stars, and musicians forgetting to call a personal assistant or taxi for a ride home. If he was driving that fast throw him in jail for the next 6 months, lifetime engine interlock device, and remember he could've killed someone.

1675 days ago


The Bullin Wall is crumbling.

1675 days ago


Kooky, you've been blacklisted, so take a hint, and a long walk on a short pier.

1675 days ago


HAHAHAHA!! Kooky your HILARIOUS! Love ya!

1675 days ago


To poster #4 - John

- You may want to get your facts straight...Khabibulin is not and has not been benched for Jeff D. He just had surgery last month for a herniated disc and is out for the season. Which is typical Edmonton Oilers bad luck.

But no matter how bad they are right now, I am and will always been an Oiler fan. GO OILERS GO!

1675 days ago


One glass of wine = .08 percent BAC? Wow, that's certainly stretching it, unless of course the wine is maybe vodka. The funny thing is, all these stars and athletes make oodles of money but they still continue to drink and drive. What's a cab fare or even a driver or designated driver compared to A DUI charge (and potentially fatal accident)?


1674 days ago

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