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Tiger Woods' Street on Lockdown

2/18/2010 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' street is abuzz with activity: Elin was there, security is all over the street -- there's even a jet ski patrol in the lake behind the house ... sources tell TMZ.

Tiger Woods: Click to view!

Elin showed up in the AM, took the dogs for a walk over to the bungalow she and Tiger own. And get this: You know the androgynous person Tiger was running with yesterday? He was following behind Elin in a golf cart.

Two black SUVs have been stationed at the end of Tiger's street and there's a jet ski patrol person in the back lake doing circles behind Tiger's house.

Tiger hasn't left the house today -- at least, so far.


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Tiger is a loser. I hope he cries like a little girl tomorrow!!!

1678 days ago


Sounds like Tiger is attempting suicide.

1678 days ago


I hope Tiger is picking up the bill on all this security around his house and the lake he lives on, or is he just going to be a cheap A** and let the city pick up the tab! LOSER

1678 days ago


Who cares?

1678 days ago


Excellent. Tiger has control over the situation.. There won't be any stupid paparrazzi harrassing him, his wife, or his neighbors.

Good for you Tiger. We look forward to having you back in golf! It's been boring watching it without you in the tournaments.

1678 days ago


Androgynous? What the hell are you talking about; it's clearly a dude. Relax there, Gina, it's a private development with private security; the city isn't paying for anything.

1678 days ago


So Tiger Woods is officially bigger than Michael Jackson right? it's been all about him. Damn!

1678 days ago


Icebaby, Tiger is bigger than even Jesus!

1678 days ago


Who cares what Tiger has to say, he's a LIAR. His whole life has been a lie so who cares what he says, whatever he says will be to try & benefit him. He's a total self centered awful person. How Elin can stay with him is beyond me.

1678 days ago

Tyrone Jefferson    

This is so exciting! What will happen next. Will Tiger come out of his house?! Will he get in a vehicle? Thrilling stuff man!

1678 days ago


Why is everyone treating TG as an iconic figure deserving respect, when he clearly has lost it! He digged his own grave! With news of TW dominating the TV stations, it only makes him more 'famous' and dominating!

1678 days ago

Timothy Nicols    

Shaun White Dominates Tiger Woods

1678 days ago


Was the security hired by Elin - or the PGA - to keep Tiger in and under control???

1678 days ago


When Tiger holds his 'press conference' you will know when he is lying because his mouth will be moving !!!!

1678 days ago


First of all, Tiger is NOT the only famous and rich person to have FULL on security to get the damn paps away! YOU WOULD TOO IF THEY INVADED YOUR PRIVACY LIKE A BUNCH OF CRAZY DOGS! He's a cheater, but still has the same rights to his personal life as any human being out there! If you don't think so, then you are a F****** IDIOT! You can hate him all you want, but things will die down and everyone will NOT care anymore! FYI, I've talked to many people out there and majority said they still supported him and didn't care about his personal life, just his professional life that they were more interested in! I'll wait and see how you idiots react to another cheating athlete in the future...probably the same psychotic way you've reacted to Tiger's situation because clearly you ALL don't have a life of your own! If you are so self-righteous and such a saint, why don't you go on TV and be a role model then...SIGH! Go Tiger and Elin! Get back to kicking more asses on the golf course and break the record, TIGER!!!

1678 days ago
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