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Adam Lambert -- I Sucked Face with Ke$ha

2/19/2010 2:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert apparently has a thing for blondes, and they don't always have to be men 'cause dude just claimed he had a full on make out session with Ke$ha last week.

Adam Lambert: Click to listen

In an interview with BLI In The Morning, the gay "American Idol" runner-up revealed he recently played tonsil hockey with Baby Gaga herself.

Maybe she thought he looked like Mick Jagger.


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It's fine with me if Adam kisses or sleeps with a woman. We respond to individuals, not certain groups only. What is troubling is Adam's attitude about fur, "I didn't kill the animal" is short-sighted. Adam is intelligent enough to understand that buying and wearing fur supports the cruel suffering (being skinned alive) that animals endure in the fur trade, so I hope that he'll refrain from wearing fur himself. I realize that leather is an integral part of Adam's costume, but it is possible to use fake leather, as it is to use fake fur.

1705 days ago


I think Ke$ha looks dirty and 'stanky' but I am very JEALOUS of her getting 2 make out with Adam, my boy toy fantasy!!!!

1704 days ago


All you whiners could try to be a little more original with your Adam bashing. You've all repeated this same boring crap about Adam's 15 minutes of fame for a year now. What? Do you copy and paste your same comment for every blogger who mentions Adam? Adam's here to stay. Hate to interupt your booger eating, but try removing your fingers from your noses and find a purpose in life. Cry baby weiners.

1704 days ago


he has admitted in the past that he likes to make out with girls and finds them really pretty, I think he might be bi or he really is 100% gay and just is friends with girls and then shows is affection by making out with them? who knows

1704 days ago


Just because some of us mention or bring up the fact that he is gay, does NOT mean we are Homophobic. We bring it up because it's RELEVANT.

In the beginning he wanted to be seen as a singer and not a GAY one. Then when he officially came out, it was 'gay this' and gay that'. Suddenly it was all about his sexuality and HE was the one who kept bringing it up.

Now that the hoopla has died down, he's doing something else to draw attention back to him.

Again... Pathetic.

1704 days ago


My computer's being weird and I can't listen to the audio - can someone please tell me what he says in the interview?

1704 days ago


Two talentless dumbasses making out? Thank god they dont have any staying power. Move along and let REAL musicians shine.

1704 days ago


Why does everyone have to get so (negatively) personal concerning these artists? I would wager that none, who have posted, know any of these entertainers personally. Either you enjoy their music as an artist or you don't... and if you don't, you are not obligated to listen to it.

1704 days ago

Annie D.    

How can Adam not know that killing animals for their fur is the direct consequence of buying fur? He can do what he wants but I didn't know he was that stupid!

1704 days ago

catherine turley    

adam is clearly an original. he does what he wants without apology. i'm sure he didn't do it for publicity, but it does give every straight girl out there renewed hope in the fantasy conversion.

1703 days ago


I'm jealous of Kesha...

1687 days ago



1705 days ago


This guy is such an obnoxious, disgusting queen! Isn't his 15 minutes of fame over with? His parents should be ashamed of him!!

1705 days ago

Tom C.    

2 parts yuck = 1 massive grossness?

1705 days ago


EWWW! How disgusting. Hope he doesn't infect the female population with diseases. Sick of this "it". Your 15 seconds of fame is up, next. Come on tmz, you have got to be kidding putting this piece of white trash on here.

1705 days ago
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