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Michael Jackson's Dad Gets Medical Records

2/19/2010 7:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Dad Gets Medical RecordsJoe Jackson is entitled to get copies of Michael Jackson's medical records ... according to the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case.

According to the judge's ruling, Joe Jackson is only entitled to records from UCLA made on the day Jackson died.

Joe Jackson wants the records for a possible wrongful death case.

UPDATE: Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the estate, tells TMZ, "The estate has no problem with the Court's ruling which substantially limits what Mr. Jackson was asking for."


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That Conrad is lying too. That timeline is so busted. No way it happended the way he claims it did. Why in the world is he giving the med at 10am? Sleep time is over! He had rehearsals that day. Think he gave it to him that night and forgot about it because he took for granted its no big deal because of the other times it was done. Where was the monitoring devices? Alarms that would sound that his heart stopped or his respiration were slowing down??? Conrad got rid of all that stuff. Why did MJ's blood pool to the bottom of his body if it just happened? Was his body cold!!! This is what Joe could see in the records, body temp, condition of his body when they arrived, etc would be in those records. Go Joe!!!!I dont believe AEG had anything to with it after watching "This is it" SO much more $$ would be made with him living and not to mention a US tour, awards, his comeback, etc. Much more than in death I believe. Wonder did AEG have knowledge that this was being done to help MJ sleep? Seem like to me, they would want to know about their investment and preservation of his life. Why did they not hire a nurse and other medical team to assist MJ, I know MJ requested Conrad, but still. Sorry, but there are certain scenes in "This is it" that looked like MJ was high or coming off something especially that underhand flipper move he was doing to "Human Nature" Also, the filming helps me to believe AEG did not have anything to do with this, it would have been more complete, they did a great job putting things to gether and it really helps fans to grieve better.

1672 days ago


It's not Propofol the real cause of Michael Jackson's death.The responsible of his death is something stronger than any medicine or weapon...Michael had started dying a long time ago...

1672 days ago


Joe, when you got the medical records, was Michael still DEAD, stuffed from head to toe with all kinds of dope he begged for?

1672 days ago

kathy 40    

People, please. I'm not a Joe jackson fan, but the man deserves some credit that he's trying to find out the truth about his son's death. When Joe was trying to get through to MJ, his entourage would not let him trough, remember? Then people start blaming the Jacksons for not intervening to get him into rehab, but they DID try. Now his father is doing something good for a change, trying to get the truth out and everyone is on his case. If you are real MJ fans you should be able to forgive his father's mistakes.God knows MJ DID, many times over.

1672 days ago



Posted at 12:48AM on Feb 20th 2010 by 1939 OZ clap of thunder

At night when the streets of your cities and villages are silent and you think them deserted, they will throng with the returning hosts that once filled them and still love this beautiful land. The white man will never be alone. Let him be just and deal kindly with my people, for the dead are not powerless.

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Dorothy dropped the house on her...

1672 days ago


Joe Jackson can sue anyone he wants, but the TRUTH is that this is nothing more than another scheme for him to get $$$ from the estate. Notice how he came up with the idea that the estate would sponsor a wrongful death suit ON HIS BEHALF after he was denied an allowance. Who do you think would benefit if there was an award and why should his wife/grandchildren sponsor his disgusting dog and pony show?

I think certain Jackson family members came up with this conspiracy BS for publicity. The Jacksons have never been very interesting without Michael and they're still trying to use him to benefit themselves. He used dangerous drugs and he died. The end.

1672 days ago


my sweetie who killed my sister from the east.REMEMBER THE RUBY SLIPPERS,i loved her so,so sleep sleep the sandman walks in the fog my child.lolpm

Hey, who dropped that house on me?

1672 days ago


I am really not sure how Michael's medical records from the hospital
pertain to Murray. Unless Joe & Oxman are contemplating a law suit
against the hospital along with the EMT's for failure to transport in
a timely manner.


1672 days ago


brigha uk, i just wanted comment on that pic you just posted, to someone who knows what michael went through as a child with his father, i too had a joe for a mom, and i can tell you people may look at that pic and think it is just a joke , but to michael and joe and i am speaking from experience that little bit of affection that they showed by holding hands meant more to them, than you could ever imagine. those were moments in michael and joes life that they will never forget and it would always be a defining moment in both of there lives!!!! thankyou for sharing that pic. sue from tampa

1672 days ago


#13 they don't, and won't be able to tell the time of death to too much accuracy..the room he was in was described as "sweltering"..this affects the core body temperature..rigamortis would be an indicator if there was any, but there has been no mention of it..probably wasn't any if we are talking about an hour or so..they will go heavily on Murray's original statements to the police..and then make a big deal about changing his statements later

1672 days ago


I agree that Joe leaves something to be desired as both a father and a human being. But sorry, I just cannot believe that Joe is 100% the devil incarnate, and I sure as heck don't believe that he wished ill on Michael. I agree that Joe loves money, but I also believe, that in his own way, he also loved Michael. Yes, he often had a funny way of showing it, but deep down, I think the love was there.

I believe Joe loves all the members of his family. I also believe that Michael loved Joe - perhaps more than any of us will ever know. All Michael ever wanted was a good relationship with his father, and in fact, he could never stop talking about him! If you believe some reports, Joe's name was on Michael's lips up until the very day he died. Even in "This is It", we see Michael expressing love for both Katherine and Joe from the stage. The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. And Michael was anything but indifferent towards Joe.

Human relationships and emotions are very complex. Life isn't just black and white. Joe certainly isn't a saint and never was. But then again, neither was Michael. They both had their flaws, especially when it came to how they related to each other. But that doesn't mean they didn't love each other. Michael himself acknowledged that Joe had mellowed in his later years, and I believe La Toya when she suggests that Joe and Michael had come a long way towards mending fences between them.

In addition to the hand-holding picture posted by brigha above, there is also a clip of Joe and Michael leaving the courtroom on the day MJ was aquitted in 2005. They are in a crowd of people, but you can see Joe with his hand on Michael's back the whole way. You can see Joe make the same gesture on the day that Michael thew his back out and walked into court in pajamas. Now does this make up for all the verbal and physical abuse in the early years? Of course not. But Joe cared for his son and was proud of him, and had love for him that had nothing to do with money. I don't think Joe ever stopped wanting good things for his boys -- for all his children. He certainly didn't want to see Michael end up in a casket at age 50.

So sure, there's no denying that Joe is probably eager to get some money out of whomever he can. He's been like that his whole life. But I don't think money is his only motivation here. No matter which way you slice it, Michael was Joe's son, his golden child. Michael died about 30 years too soon and Joe wants to find out why and how it happened. I cannot blame him for that. And in the same unrelenting way he drove his boys towards stardom and away from the poverty-striken life of Gary, Indiana, he'll pursue those shady characters who enabled Michael on the path to an early grave. If nothing else, he'll certainly make their life unpleasant, and he'll guard Michael's legacy and reputation in that pitt-bull way of his. I say go for it.

1672 days ago


cathclassica87--very good post!!! sue from tampa

1672 days ago

MJ's PYT Superfly Sista    

Da*n skippy Cathclassica87.... Very well written post.

1672 days ago

brigha UK    

172. cathclassica87. I agree with Sue from Tampa, a well written, thought provoking post. Thumbs up!
I'd be interested in knowing what you both think about my comments regarding the will?
I was quite reluctant to affiliate with the 'conspiracy' brigade, as most of them also seem to beleive the 'death hoax# theory. However, am I in the minority in thinking that it seems a little dubious?

1672 days ago


have a great day everyone!!! sue from tampa

1672 days ago
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