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Paparazzi to Tiger Woods -- We're Shuttering

2/19/2010 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We just called multiple paparazzi agencies who have camera people on the ground in Orlando, and they are all of the same mind, in spite of what Tiger Woods said: They will absolutely continue photographing Elin Nordegren.

One agency put it this way: "He dug his own grave. It became a huge story because of him."

As for taking pics of the kids, the agencies all said the focus is Elin -- although they say the prize shot is now Elin and Tiger together.


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If he so called "dug his own grave" and if "it became a huge story because of him" then it should be about HIM NOT HIS WIFE and certainly NOT HIS KIDS! What a stupid comment by this agency. Elin did not make this bed so she should be left out of it given that she and the kids are victims in this whole dam situation that he created.

1707 days ago


I don't want to see any pictures of Elin, by the way.

1707 days ago


She knew who she was marrying. Along with the money comes photographers, it's a trade off. Not so with the kids though.

1707 days ago


if he wants people to stop following and taking pics of anyone in his family then he should stop taking money for endorsements otherwise he is a hypocryte.

1707 days ago


Sorry for saying that but i see that gossip is the US is crazy!!! I'm italian and here no pap would ever take a picture to a child... If someone under 18 y/o is present, his/her face must be completly covered otherwise it would be illegal.

1707 days ago


She had to of known going into the marriage the paparazzi would always be around no matter what, so she can handle it like an adult. The kids dont deserve this negative attention, leave them alone.

1707 days ago


I wouldn't promote abusive approaches by the press, but I haven't yet seen photos that indicate Elin has been unfairly approached. It was certainly NOT good to have the media say anything about the kids school. But Tiger needs to lay off the paranoia, I don't think Elin's been harassed. She's an adult and there had been complete silence from Tiger and Elin, so what is the press to do? It's Tiger's fault, and many have agreed publicly, that Tiger waited far too long to respond openly. Elin will have been given lots of guidance by her lawyers by now. Tiger's the one who is the proven loose wheel, not Elin.

1707 days ago


So, PolarBear, he waited too long to speak publicly - should he have busted out of rehab? Would that have made him look better to you?

1707 days ago

Use your head    

The only way to get the paparazzi to stop is to not buy any magazine, or click on any articles that have any pictures of Elin. The public is the only ones that can stop this -

1707 days ago


Cheese And Rice When will they figure out nobody cares!! We know what happened, we heard his big announcement so why the heck is it important for us to see him jogging or for that matter his wife going to the grocery store?? I love it when the most entertaining news stories consist solely of celebs doing the same crap regular people deal with and do everyday only they wear much bigger SUNGLASSES.

1707 days ago


No keep her harassing her for the transgressions of her husband. It's her fault for marrying a man she had no idea was an adulterer. She should spend the rest of her life wondering if the guy in her bushes has a camera or a gun.

You people are gross.

1707 days ago


She seems to like it

1707 days ago

Tiger the slut tells us to stop taking Elin's photos, so we better cut it out...Ha ha ha ha!!...........

~ The Paparazzo

1707 days ago


They all run to rehab when they get caught doing something they shouldnt. what it all comes down to is he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. what a crock, I dont think he has a sex addiction i think he just likes to party and party he did with alot of women he was King, Sorry I just dont buy it.

1707 days ago

TMz sucks    

kill all papparazies with a bullet to the head.including everyone at TMZ.

1707 days ago
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