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Paparazzi to Tiger Woods -- We're Shuttering

2/19/2010 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We just called multiple paparazzi agencies who have camera people on the ground in Orlando, and they are all of the same mind, in spite of what Tiger Woods said: They will absolutely continue photographing Elin Nordegren.

One agency put it this way: "He dug his own grave. It became a huge story because of him."

As for taking pics of the kids, the agencies all said the focus is Elin -- although they say the prize shot is now Elin and Tiger together.


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Tiger Woods can be invisible. Leave the game, love your family, mentor youth.

Tiger Woods can spend the rest of his days like champions from days gone by, with dignity. He might have to research the word "dignity" because he certainly didn't know the meaning by his disgusting past.

Tiger probably was trying to live up to his name WOODS !

His whores are one problem.

Defrauding the public with his phony image is another problem.

Tiger Woods's ego is probably his biggest problem. Everything he does will flow from his ability to manage The Ego.

Tiger, what do you see when you look in the mirror?
Liar, cheat, fraud, scammer, aloof, self-centered, arrogant, dictator?

1673 days ago


hang on TMZ, how did he dig his own grave??? He did not brake any laws, he cheated on his wife thats it! thats between him and his wife only no one else. The fact that he has to give an apology to the world and media doesnt make any sense...he didnt do anything wrong to anyone beside his wife and kids. There is no reason to follow his wife and kids, our media these days are out of control. He doesnt owe us anything its not mine or your business

1673 days ago


It might not work out well for a pap who runs into a concerned citizen with pent up rage and unemployed for the last year, who happens to live in the Orlando area. Just saying.

1673 days ago


It's totally irresponsible to stalk children. Women carrying children to and from preschool do not need to be hounded by the pap. There should be a law against this sort of thing. All who have children I'm sure are able to respect this.

1673 days ago


The controversy surrounding anti-paparazzi legislation is the question of where to draw the line between legitimate newsgathering and invasions of privacy. If laws are left as they are, a celebrity's privacy and, in some cases, his or her life will continue to be endangered by the ruthlessness of some photographers. On the other hand, if the laws become too restrictive then the freedom of the press could be jeopardized. The solution remains unclear.

So the question arises -- what is the source of the problem? While the tactics of paparazzi are repellent to most people, the same people clamber to buy magazines that carry such photos. Are paparazzi the problem or merely a symptom of a voyeuristic society?

1673 days ago


She didn't seem to mind them shooting her in ALL the Nike gear...

1673 days ago


14. It might not work out well for a pap who runs into a concerned citizen with pent up rage and unemployed for the last year, who happens to live in the Orlando area. Just saying.
Posted at 1:13PM on Feb 19th 2010 by kromen

Yeah... if something like that would actually happen, wouldn't you think it would have ALREADY happen, kromen?

And, BTW, I bet you anything you want that, wherever Tiger and Elin hang out, there is no one around them that would have suffered unemployment... Just sayin'.

1673 days ago


Major and reputable media organizations have reported that Elin became violent with Tiger. I think that's the truth. No one has explained how the passenger side rear window was broken on the Escalade. Photograph the kids, and publish every bruise.

1673 days ago


It is acceptable to follow Elin as she is a celeb in her own right but as for the kids, the paps shouldn't be allowed to photograph them they are innocent and no matter what Tiger did they don't deserve it.It makes me sick when the media says he dug his own grave...his no.If another Mike Tyson incident happens and a pap gets smacked around by a bodyguard or something it's their own fault.

1673 days ago

Jim Davolt    

That's just pathetic. Yes, Tiger may have dug his own grave but his wife and children didn't ask for this. I think I just lost my appetite for celebrity news and gossip after reading this bit. What a bunch of losers.

1673 days ago


ohhhh sooo now he cares about her feelings.... please!

1673 days ago


Gee, maybe they can run Elin off the road like they did Princess Diana!

1673 days ago


I hope he gets Getty to take the first pics of him & Elin...

1673 days ago


she is too hot to stop taking pictures of her.

1673 days ago


Real classy guys. He dug it...but she didn't. You guys suck.

1673 days ago
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