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Fantasia Barrino

High Alert

After Hate Mail

2/20/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino is under a self-imposed lockdown -- after the "American Idol" champ received a threatening letter.

It all started last night at the Pantages Theater in L.A. -- Fantasia was reading her fan mail after a performance of "The Color Purple."

Fantasia's manager tells us Barrino became alarmed over a disturbing letter loaded with racial slurs -- including the n-word -- and a line that read, "go back where you came from and die."

We're told the person who wrote the letter claims he used to work as a security guard for Fox while Fantasia was on "A.I."

Fantasia's manager tells us the singer immediately contacted theater security -- which then contacted the LAPD.

In the meantime, we're told the theater has "beefed up" security around Fantasia -- and all over the venue -- and will be screening anything sent to Barrino's dressing room before it gets to her.

Fantasia tells TMZ, "I will not be defeated by one isolated person's hatred."


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I dont care for her, but that is a sick man, such hate!!!!

1677 days ago


Not a fan,but I hate abusers/stalkers.So whats up with the investigation,of the racist thug.

1677 days ago


The good thing about the computer is that you can hide behind the screen and write all kinds of hateful things under the veil of anonymity. The bad thing about it is you can hide behind the screen and write all kinds of hateful things under the veil of anonymity. There is no age limit. I refuse to believe that some of the comments made here are submitted by adults. But the thought of children writing such hateful, disgusting and degrading things are just as disturbing. If not more. Fantasia you are a super talented beautiful young black woman. Keep reaching for the top and I know that God will guide your every footsteps and protect you. They are afraid of you so they make disparaging comments hoping to make you run and hide. You keep pushing forward because when the devil is this busy, your blessing is coming. Ignorant folks, haters, detractors, et al will meet their sticky end. For the measure they judge, so will they be judged. By the way the person who at 12:07 a.m. suggested that Fantasia "go back where she came from and die" you my friend will most likely meet death first. You should never wish death or ill will on another. You will surely get it faster. Just a little something to brighten your day.

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1677 days ago


Look at it this way. America has come so far that even the haters don't even bother to bring up Preciouses lesbianism. Don't let them get to you, Precious. You're bigger than that.

1677 days ago


Your true blessing is just around the corner girl. You will probably be able to help others who are being sent similar letters.

1677 days ago

John Poole    

This is a BS story. No celebrity would reveal this kind of thing (it happens all the time) because it encourages others who want to feel important and see something they have done effect the lives of a star OR EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY made the media.

SHAME ON TMZ for posting this and encouraging other nut jobs. Which by the way will not be hard given the direction TMZ has gone in becoming all about sensationalism and clearly just another low life group of paparazzi ... in fact the lowest form. If they just took pictures that would be one thing but now they print trivial items they call news and do little to verify the information. And when they don't have any real news (having lost most of their credible sources) they run with items that don't even come close to being news worthy.

And the quality of the product sucks as well ... including many times the audio on videos to their TMZ Live shots. As well as their inability to do things on time.

I used to come to the site multiple times a day and now visit once in a blue moon to see if there is anything of value and their never is. But what they have done is learn to obsess on one story or person. Now is the time of Tiger Woods because get this, he is a rich sports person and had lots of hook-ups?!?!!? In reality, it is harder to find a sports person who doesn't have a gal in each city they visit than one who is faithful.

But leave it to Harvey to see how he can milk a story to death and take on the holier than though attitude despite any impact on Tiger's kids or wife.

You are slime Levin and what is sad is you at one time had something you could be proud of ... now you desperately try to cling to pride (as first reported here) over worthless dribble you try to hype as celeb news stories.

And there is nothing wrong with Celeb news and gossip but when you start having to post things about models who smoke ... you are a lazy loser.

1677 days ago


John Poole, given your insensitivity, your mama should've named you Cess. You don't know what it's like to be black in America. I do because I'm blonde. One day it'll be our turn. One day we'll have Blonde History month. We walk down a very narrow path each and every day in our struggle, but we keep our eyes on the pies. I have a dream that one day little children will all play together and dirty old men won't automatically ask the blonde child for directions.
You don't think I feel the hate when I order a combo and they ask if I want fries with that? It puts a hurt on us real bad. It's like someone took the sprinkles off my valentine and replaced them with broken glass.

1677 days ago


Hey Nana should we all be responsible for our hometown's when we decide to move and do better for ourselves. Should I be beholding to my hometown where I recieved some aide for myself and children but DECIDED to move away so that I could live a little bit better. Should the members of the entertainment industry who more than likely were born in other cities and states, some probably from Carolina, High Point even send money or be tied to those cities or states because they happened to be born there? You sound absolutely STUPID, jealous and igonrant. Get it together, she is not responsible to High Point for anything. She is not perfect and neither are you. Get it together girl. Oh yeah, close your eyes from now on when you see a sign of her, that should remedy that sick, jealous feeling you're getting.

1677 days ago


Fantasia WHO ???

1677 days ago


Lisa, yes. I may sound stupid to you because I ALWAYS paid my own way and paid to raise my own children..That is the way it use to be done when people still had pride and self respect..So i am not the one to call jealous..Just proud of what i did on my own..Now so many want it just handed to them and i certainly do have a problem with that and always will..

1677 days ago


I never cared for her voice, she screams when she sings. She seems like a nice person and needs to take those letters serious because people are just crazy.

1677 days ago


It is not about talent, she is a human being....I myself am not a fan of her's but I respect her for being able to make a living and caring for her child...

No one deserves to be called names...

1677 days ago

Just Common    

I don't think there is an entertainer out that that doesn't get some hate mail. Her reaction seems over the top to me. Step up security, sure. Call the LAPD, sure. CALL THE MEDIA? No, that is just someone grabbing for the spotlight. I do not hate Fantasia, I am totally indifferent to her.

1677 days ago


Nana don't assume that people don't have pride and respect for themselves just because they recieve aide from state or government agency's. People do make mistakes; and some of us like Fantasia, when we can pull ourselves up and do better we do. All I'm saying is don't hate on her because she got an opportunity of a lifetime and had the good sense to move forward on it. Most of the people on here posting are hating on her SIMPLY because she is a brown skin sister with talent...Yes talent. It has nothing to with anything else. I am happy that you are proud of doing things on your own but I am sure that while you did not get help from the state or government, somebody along your path of life helped you. Come on now. Don't get md at her because she has been blessed with being able to do something she both loves and quite frankly is good at. I too have a problem with people who just want a "hand out" but that is not true of everyone. Don't be so quick to judge people. You only know what is being fed to you by the media and yes to some extent even the celebrities themselves. But please give Fantasia a break, she is a sweet, humble and loving individual, who is simply trying to live her life and provide for her family. Now what is so wrong with that? Is that a crime? Is that a reason to hate someone and write degrading remarks about. Again is she is not to your liking ignore her. The internet is so good that it actually allows you to navigate to and from the sites of your choice. The television has a on and off button, your radio lets you choose your station and your eyes have the ability to look in a different direction when you see something you don't like. Give her a break. I guarantee you will feel so much better.

1677 days ago


I never liked her. She shouldn't have won. She sounded like a mouse. Compare her voice to Kelly, Carrie or Jordan...YOU CAN'T.
American Idol should've dropped her once they found out she never got her diploma. Single mother living off the state who can't read and dropped out of school..That's an American Idol??
And yes I saw her dumb ass story on Lifetime..There's people who went through worse than that. I just don't like her and she didn't deserve to win..Diana was ALOT better.

1677 days ago
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