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Fantasia Barrino

High Alert

After Hate Mail

2/20/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino is under a self-imposed lockdown -- after the "American Idol" champ received a threatening letter.

It all started last night at the Pantages Theater in L.A. -- Fantasia was reading her fan mail after a performance of "The Color Purple."

Fantasia's manager tells us Barrino became alarmed over a disturbing letter loaded with racial slurs -- including the n-word -- and a line that read, "go back where you came from and die."

We're told the person who wrote the letter claims he used to work as a security guard for Fox while Fantasia was on "A.I."

Fantasia's manager tells us the singer immediately contacted theater security -- which then contacted the LAPD.

In the meantime, we're told the theater has "beefed up" security around Fantasia -- and all over the venue -- and will be screening anything sent to Barrino's dressing room before it gets to her.

Fantasia tells TMZ, "I will not be defeated by one isolated person's hatred."


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Jina P    

I am so sick and tire of people always ready to make accusations about someone that is trying to do something with their lives. I think fantasia is beautiful and has a great voice.For everyone ointing a finger, there are three more pointing back at you. Remember this. She has conquest her struggle with the language barrier. So let her be. Some people don't even try but she did put some effect and did it. This youong SISTER HAS A BRAIN AND IS USING IT. SO WHAT ABOUT HER AFFAIR, IF IT WASN'T HER IT AS GOING TO BE SOMEONE. YOU IDIOTS ARE JUST THAT IDIOTS. LET THE SISTER LIVE HER LIFE AND LEAVE HER THE F--K ALONE. MIND YOUR OWN DAM BUSINESS. GET A LIFE, DO WHAT YOU SUPPOSE TO BE DOING. YOU SICK ASS PEOPLE. GO FANTASIA AND DO YOUR THING LIKE YOU ARE DOIONG. PEACE TO YOU LADY. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP AND SMILE THAT BEAUTIFUL SMILE THAT YOU HAVE. YOU ARE TRUELY A STRONG BLACK WOMAN WITH A MIND OF YOUR OWN.DON'T LET ANYONE STEP ON YOUR PARADE. GO GIRL, GO

1708 days ago


I cannot STAND her voice.

1708 days ago


Who would remember she even existed if it weren't for fake threats?

1708 days ago

Forever Thieves    

Someone check John Mayer's hard drive. My money is on him as the culprit.

1708 days ago

Forever Thieves    

107. I didn't know this bitch could read. I thought she was illiterate!

Posted at 9:34PM on Feb 20th 2010 by Idolhater


Know what she reads really well? Her BANK STATEMENTS, and they DWARF that chump change you bring home rom your job at Pizza Hhut.

1708 days ago


What is the deal TMZ?? Why no stories other than this crap today?

1708 days ago

Mike Hunt    

Minimally talented Drama Queen desperately seeking publicity alert!

1708 days ago


Go away Fantasia- you and your family are a bore and do nothing more than embarrass yourselves everytime you make a tv appearance. I know you are illiterate-but read between the lines and figure out you are not an entertainer, just an average singer who might be popular in an Atlanta karaoke bar (big might.)

1708 days ago


Personally i think her singing sucks guess it goes with her big blubber lips.

1708 days ago


this isn't surprising at all. her show on vh1 does not make her look good. im surprised she's only got one racially charged letter.

1708 days ago


Are you kidding me... this is just to get her name out there.... this is and was the worst american idol ever! why is such A big deal being made out of somthing she had someone do! oh boo hoo! you suck! move on! and why do people always bring up race? I hardly ever has anything to do with your race! it's your NON talent!

1708 days ago

blanket jackson    

her 15 min of fame ended 2 hours ago. this is a desperate grasp at publisity. in 5 years we will be able to starve her to death by hiding her food stamps under her work boots.

1707 days ago


If anybody thinks that "some guy" wrote this letter, if indeed there was a letter, you're more pathetic than "some guy." This is a clear case of publicity stunt. If there was indeed a letter it was written by Fantasia's "handlers" to drum up interest in their overhyped hack of a client.

1707 days ago

deborah patterson    

Maybe the message was from the married man's wife or did he come to his senses and leave her alone???Fantasia is a hypocrite she supports her family encourages her daughter but failed to lead by example get your G.E.D.(general education diploma).Your brother Tiney is a hot mess and you enable him I am so sick of you showing yourself spending money as fast as you make it.Then you go on Bobby Jones Gospel singing "If the LORD never do anything else for me HES done enough"...LOL stop hollering,put your shoes back on or wear some comfortable ones to begin with and know they talked about JESUS CHRIST who are you to be exempt????

1707 days ago
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