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Scotty Lago -- Apologize and Go ... Or Just Go!

2/21/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Scotty Lago didn't volunteer to leave the Olympics, he'd have been told to leave by the U.S. Olympic Committee ... this according to sources close to Lago.


Lago offered up an apology after a mildly suggestive photo of him -- using his bronze medal for snowboarding to score chicks -- popped up on the Internet. He agreed to leave the Olympic Village on his own accord, but sources close to Lago tell TMZ he received an ultimatum from the U.S. Olympic Committee: either say you're sorry and go ... or get ejected from the Olympic Village.

As for when we might hear from Lago himself ... we're told he's in a "blackout period" -- meaning he can't talk about the incident at all until March 3.

A call to the USOC was not returned.

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S No. 169 - totally agree with you. The kid was celebrating but TMZ had to make it look more vulgar than what it was and thanks to TMZ, he got kicked out of his Olympic celebrations but I think it also made him famous.

1668 days ago


Crazy, kids or young Olympic stars are held to such high standards. Yet lawyers, those who make our laws, turn into judges who are suppose to give us justice are never held to those same high standards. Fact is they should be held to even higher standards. Then those same judges and lawyers are stealing, lying and cheating everyone. This goes on right in front of us by judges like Aviva K. Bobb who presides over the Los Angeles Probate court. She's even allowed to kill seniors such as Lee Peters, you can see yourself at avivakbobb.com where this monster who parades around as one who helps the poor and protects our rights does this without fear. In fact as a judge, judges fear no one, so Scotty Lago now has to fear due to a silly photo that means nothing. It's insane as those who judge us should be judged themselves. Wake up people the judges do far worse then those they judge themselves.

1668 days ago


I thought a big deal was being made out of nothing until I saw the pictures. Obviously Scotty can so whatever he wants behind closed doors and if he was to disrespect the medal he just won, then its better done behind closed doors. The medal I believe is supposed to be worn around your neck. Kind of feels like a slap in the face as an american!

1668 days ago


What a bunch of hypocrites! They allow females Olympians to pose almost nude in swimsuits and then can't deal with a little fun at a party!

1668 days ago


No doubt the picture was taken by Canadians who are so jealous because their million/billion dollar "own the Podium" went bust!

1668 days ago


this is stupid. are you kidding me? do people have nothing better to do the find stupid crap to write about? let it go stop acting like you have never done anything stupid in your lives just let them live. the athletes are good at what they do. so good they made it to the OLYMPICS. here's a thought until you can do what they do and be as good as them. leave them alone they are only human. they are having fun.

1668 days ago

the ronster    

Harvey, what is this crap, "cut him a break, yes or no" you guys started this crap and have tarnished another young boys career. you think its all fun and games all in the name of $$$$$ until this. You guys are just A**Holes.

1668 days ago


Hey TMZ u guys should take a look at some of the olympic coverage thats being done my Much Music... because what Scotty Lago did i do not find worse then the type of coverage Much Music is doing.....( by the way... i love much music whoot!~!~! ) maybe the people in the U.S. Olympic Committee should really think about it and get their old bitty butts to back down ... The olympics is not for 40 plus people.... they are the best in their class and they are young... WTF do they want everyone to have tea and crumpits when they win...???

1668 days ago

Rip It Up    

TMZ did everyone a favor. Little Scotty was an accident just waiting to happen. It's obvious that he's just another dumb stoner lookin' for a good time. Well, his idea of a good time is to get freaky in public and look like the putz in the process. Now it's time for the punk to get his sorry butt outta town because the rest of the Olympic atheletes don't want to be drug down to Little Scotty's low life level. Hey Scotty, way to go....loser.

1668 days ago


Way to go TMZ for ruining a fine athletes Olympics. You guys can be pretty big jerks sometimes.

1668 days ago


Fine, TMZ might have sensationalized this incident a bit, but they did not "destroy his dream". Lago did that all by himself. I don't think everyone would be so supportive of him if it was THEIR daughter "servicing" him in that manner. Our "Girl's Gone Wild" mentality needs to stop!!! I would also be deeply embarrassed to have him for a son. He is representing not only the world, not only his country, not only his state, not only his hometown, but his family. Again, he is NOT a child, a kid, or a youth. He is a grownup and needs to act as such. When much is given, much is required. Now let's send this moron back home with his...errr...tail between his legs and pray he drops off the radar.

1668 days ago


TMZ are the losers here for publishing the photos. If it wasn't for low-life media bottom feeders like TMZ, who don't know or care about the difference between news and trash, this would have never been an embarrassment or problem for anyone. It would never have passed off as 'news'.

Like most people with any class, I have never paid any attention to TMZ or their website. I only came here this once because their trash-peddling needs to be condemned by as many people as possible. I won't be back. I can only say that I'm hopeful that TMZ and their paparazzi parasites get sued out of business so they will have to get jobs doping something productive instead of tearing people down and invading the privacy of everyone they can.

1668 days ago


I bet her daddy's proud..............lol

1668 days ago


Scotty spent years of hard work to develop his skill and was good enough to go to the Olympics and win a bronze medal, then he turns around and does something stupid like this.

No way he deserves a break. He has to learn a lesson. I know he's young and wanted to blow off steam but he picked the wrong way to do it. He has to learn respect for himself and for the medal he won for his country.

If he has a chance to go to the Olympics again, I bet he won't pull that stunt or no other stunt to get him sent home. I'm sure his parent are so disappointed.

1668 days ago

pat schmac    

First of all I blame TMZ for this, someone just winning the prize of his life should be allowed to let off steam and have fun. At 69 I do not think this was offensive to the majority, like I said I'm 69yr old woman. I more offended by Tiger wood making all that money and if there are pictures lets see them and John Edwards too.
TMZ use your good judgement you just ruined this young mans Olympic experience. Hope it was worth it and did you make money off of the pictures.

1668 days ago
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