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Judge Joe Brown Sued in 'Nookie' Case

2/22/2010 8:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TV's Judge Joe Brown is being sued by a man who was once a plaintiff on the show -- a man who claims Joe falsely accused him on the show of trying to pay a woman for sex.

The plaintiff, Mark Schweninger, sued a woman on "Judge Joe Brown" for $7,500, claiming he loaned her money but she didn't pay him back. According to Schweninger's lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Brown said on the show, "You were just trying to get nookie."

The suit goes on to define "nookie" as "an indecent sexual term for a woman's private parts and for sexual intercourse."

Schweninger also says Brown called him a "sucker," which he claims drew catcalls from the peanut gallery.

In addition, Schweninger alleges he was defrauded because he was led to believe Brown was a real California judge ... but he is not.

So far, no comment from His Honor or CBS But we know it's SOP in court shows to have litigants sign a binding arbitration agreement in which litigants on the show give up legal recourse once the gavel goes down.


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I thought they were just releasing that the plantiff could not resue the defendent after signing the contract. Does the contract say anything about sueing the judge or the show for defermation? (i am not a swift speller. sorry)

1702 days ago

Bruce McDonald    

I've watched Judge Joe Brown for years - I have found him to be be fair and honest cosidering most of the cases he get are crap -
Good job Ole Joe!

1651 days ago

Marilyn Sullivan    

Whats with all the negatives about Judge Joe Brown. If I don't like a program, I tune it out. (Maybe they don't know how to use a remote, or can't read the numbers). If he's not a bonified JUDGE, why do every judicial system in every state accept his rulings as legal and binding? Hmmmm! Go get 'em Judge Joe!

On another note: I have seen some court cases where a sweater was given, (required to be worn), to a woman whom forgot, (did'nt know), to dress properly, (cover-up the grande canyon), for court. Maybe a 'hairy' piece of crao would teach them a lesson.

I'm 70 years old and white. I still love him, and his rulings are great. Stupid people are stupid whether they are white, black, or polkadot.

1650 days ago


Something is wrong with Judge Joe Brown, I thought on these types of court shows both parties have the right to speak and have their say. But not in his court room. He is a very 1 sided judge, and I will be glad when his show is off the air..........

1610 days ago

Peppermint Patty    

This may shock everyone. So hold on to your mice. But Judy, Brown, and The People’s Court are not court. It is arbitration. Any idiot can be an arbitrator.

All of these “court” shows follow the same formula:

1. Make your show appear to be legit
Hire former judges or attorney or government officials and portray them as judges. On the show they are not acting as judges. They are arbitrators. Judges have legal power - arbitrator are just supposed to be impartial and decided what is fair (judge like - but not a judge).
2. Appear to listen to both parties, and often allow them to act as foolish as possible.
No judge would allow the conduct of the litigants that occurs in any of these court shows.
They yell, talk back, talk over, interrupt, and argue with the judge and other litigants. All of this rudeness persists only to satisfy the viewer. If they were ejected from the court the show would end.

3. Before rendering a verdict, the judge gets to lecture to or berate the parties.
The contestants rudeness often is rewarded with greater rudeness from the judges ....I meant arbitrators. Sweet justice.

Judy with her snarkyness and mean face and Brown’s long winded speeches about responsibility and protecting women amongst other tired things he always says.

4. When rendering the verdict, if the defendant is wrong he will pay the plaintiff. Justice served.

The show pays. This is actually the case with Judy and Brown.

You would think that after all of the fussing some of the defendants put up on these shows, that they would walk off the set a little more upset after losing money and being made a fool. If you watch the end of Brown’s show the defendants always seem so calm.
That is because if the defendant is at fault the show is paying the plaintiff. The defendant is appearing on the show because he/she knows the debt will be paid by the show if they lose. All they lose is a little bit of dignity.

Often I’ve wondered if Browns supposed decisions are influenced by the producers. “Decide against him. He owes $5000.”

Joe Brown doesn’t even listen to the parties. He has already decided the cases well before he puts his arbitrator robes on. He has all of the their statements and evidence in his hands during the trial. Judge Brown barely gives the appearance of have any kind of serious hearing...he doesn’t even listen to them. He just want’s them to hurry up and stop talking so he can start spewing silly lectures and observations...........
......every thing he does once the cameras starts rolling is purely entertainment shock value. To allow him to pontificate to the litigants who were dumb enough to think they were not going to be clowned on national television to the delight of gullible viewing audience who actually thinks this show is real.

Many of Brown’s cases shouldn’t even be heard by an arbitrator or in court in the first place. Usually these cases involve something tawdry, like strippers, lesbians, or some thug refusing to pay his girlfriend bail money back.

1602 days ago


I just tried to watch another Judge Joe episode. This grown woman with a child has leeched off of her father, didn't pay her car note, and even had to move back in with him (she is 35). She owes her father for her masters degree because he paid for the bachelors and she lied and said she would pay for her own masters, which she should do. After all, look how old she is. Judge Joe Brown ruled in her favor and said her father should pay for her masters degree. What kind of idiotic ruling is that? I was not surprised because this judge rules, not by the law or what makes sense, but he rules any doggone way he feels like it. Why is there no law against this? If you represent yourself as a judge, then you should follow the rules of law set down for a judge. I'm trying to get him thrown off TV. If anyone can help me, please reply. I'm sick of his foolishness, and I am black, so don't play any racist cards with me. His time is up and he should retire.

1597 days ago


Judge Brown is a joke. Always rude to both plantiff and defendant.
He runs is mouth too much and constantly interrupts the people.

1589 days ago

Steven B    

Judge Joe Brown is an idiot, he is very one sided and rude. I often wonder if it is for real or rehearsed. This dude is a jackass at best, if it's real court. All he does is grand stand and looks like a fool doing it.

1532 days ago


Why is everyone crying about the Judge Joe Brown show? Is this the only channel you get? Stop the bitching and just change the damn channel!

1500 days ago

Bill Reynolds    

a) Response to #50...excellent comments. You must be an attorney, or a tv show producer. You touched upon all key elements of the show. Key point, the court tv show is an entertainment show. Posters should keep that is mind when posting their comments.
b) Response to #36..I don't want to sound disparagingly to you, however, it's not "what is SOP mean?"'s "what does SOP mean?" The long and short of the meaning of SOP is standard operating( or operations ) procedures.

I've watched the Judge Joe Brown show for about 8 years,( and yes, is was a former real Judge for the state of Tennessee). The only minor negative observation I can make, is that he gets smitten by a pretty litigant. He invariably directly or indirectly "hits" on the pretty female litigant.

Otherwise, he has done a pretty good job overall. Lets not forget, he has been on the air now for quite a number of years. The test of a good tv show, is its longevity. Apparently enough viewers ( to satisfy the ratings folks ) continue to tune in.

1500 days ago


This sister is tired of Judge Joe Brown. I thought it was about time to get this jive-talking, loud-mouthed person off the air. He is into nothing but drama, not dispensing a fair judgment for litigants. I can't even watch him anymore because it's a full-ring circus in his courtroom, with him allowing the litigants to talk at the same time he is talking. He needs to take a courtroom course from Judge Judy. She's the baddest judge in tv land! She would not put up with all of that mess!

1499 days ago


Today I watch him insult this lady for not being able to find a job. I don't like it when he speak to people as if they are dogs and calls them names. I don't know if he is a real judge or not but, I feel he should carry himself in a better way. No one no matter what they are on his show for deserves to be slander or treat with disrepect. Maybe if we stop watching him they will take him off the tv but as long as he gets ratings they will keep him on.

1475 days ago


Judge Joe Brown is a lying, racist fraud. He talks to people who go his show like dogs. He's only good at embarrassing and belittling people. He thinks because he's a fake judge that his rulings are right, and he gets a kick out of making helpless people feel and look bad. I have stop watching this show and hope that people stop going on his show and watching it. I'll be glad when his crooked show ends!

1447 days ago


I used to like Joe until I saw a recent show where he kissed the ass of a sadsitc smirking trust fund baby (TFB). Called the poor girl who unfortunately spent time with the TFB "one of a hundred like her" Joe said. Even after she tried to explain the guy was a sadist....he beat his dog bloody because it went on the floor joe shut her down.
She said tfb came out of another room after beating the dog bloody. tfb had blood on his hands. joe ignored it. He smiled and laughed.
TFB was all polished, in a suit, and joe ignored the girl's assertion of tfb's brutality, which she'd be a victim of, too.
TFB said, "It's my ****ing dog!" right in front of joe.
joe contined to joke and laugh with the guy.

Joe could not kiss this guy's ass enough after he found out he was a TFB. joe made fun of the girl, put her down all throughout the show and joked around with the smarmy assed-bastard who claimed to be an "electrical engineer." Yea, right.

I lost all respect for joe. I will never watch the show again. He makes me sick. Throw a few potential bucks in front of him and he's yours for a dollar or two.

I tried to complain on his website, but there's no contact info because he is a coward. He only wants to hear the good stuff.

I bet joe is a Friend of Mike Vick's on Facebook.

Isn't there some decent AA judge we can hire for TV entertainment? This guy ain't it. He's a smoking joking fool who is an embarrassement to educated Black people. He is the equivalent of White trash.

1433 days ago


Whay a joke for a black ma. In has no respect for women. And please do not be black and appear on this show. What kind of man is this oh no man .He is a short dyed hair dumdb ass negro. he reminds me of black people that are afaird of the white man.How can you get on T.V. and talk to Black women the way you do. Is that what your mother taught you to not like black women,or was she in the streets like you treat other black women. Just do not go on his show.

1413 days ago
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