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Brad & Angie -- The Face Sucking Continues

2/23/2010 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie took a break on the set of her latest film in France earlier today ... to remind herself what the inside of Brad Pitt's mouth tastes like.


And action!


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To all of you who said BP is homeless blah.. blah.. blah.. here's to all of you!!!
AJ freed BP from playing Ken DOLL to wanabe Barbie JA with all her diet and all her PLASTIC surgery!
Thanks to Angie, HE HAS MATURED in to a man in His own right, and DO NOT CARE WHAT THE REST OF THE WORLD THINK.. how HE look.. as long as the women He LOVES 'ANGELINA JOLIE" Loves Him!!! She accepts Him the way He is.. instead of trying to FORCE Him into a Therapy and meaningless lifestyle of facations to MEXICO!!!!!
So keep melting down HATERS!!!! you morons had such a high hopes... yes I am still laughing!!!!!!

1645 days ago

joann bosley    

theyre both losers....god knows they deserve each other...but believe me their story will have a horrific conclusion...those poor kids....2 very very sick parents

1645 days ago


I used to think Brad was a normal guy, but after taking up with Angelina I realize this guy is weird and has problems. She is a skank and I don't know how he can stand her, which says alot about him! Hasn't he ever seen the video where she is sucking face big time with Billy Bob..... It was utterly disgusting. Brad is getting old too, so he won't keep her attention long... so adios Brad. You'll be old, gone and forgotten!!

1643 days ago


WHO CARES YOU LOSERS! Get a LIFE. Watching two thespians kissing. PLEASE!!!

1648 days ago


Brad wants to pass his hepatitis C to Jolie.

1648 days ago

kjih-tv media    

She's a man-stealing SKANK. They should just k i l l themselves.


1648 days ago


Angelina is filming a movie, they are going on about their lives. Who are the ones making money off these photos? The photographers, websites and tabloids have a CHOICE. Leave the family alone, but they won't cause it's all about MONEY, copies, hits and ratings.

Congrats to Angelina,0,6807816.story?track=rss

1648 days ago


aww thats cute!!

god bless them.

1648 days ago


Why does it look like she has 7 fingers? LOL

1648 days ago

kjih-tv media    

6. Why does it look like she has 7 fingers? LOL

Posted at 3:13PM on Feb 23rd 2010 by loni

Read more:


DUH! She probably stole THAT from Jennifer Aniston, TOO! Her "soul" is as black as tar!

1648 days ago


I love this family! They are a great couple! Nasty haters please go away! I wish you would go read something you enjoy! If you don't like the JoliePitts, who is forcing you to read about them. Please go away!
For those of you who love the need to visit this site , very positive!!!

1648 days ago


Enough of this!

I'm starting to think that he has been the problem all along.

He also enablers her to do stupid sh*t too.

No wonder he does drugs!!! LOL!

1648 days ago


hmmmm, she has 7 fingers on that hand.

1648 days ago

Dick Face    

Jesus, for a couple of beautiful people it sure is gross watching them kiss, I guess, I thought, I would be more turned-on or something.

1648 days ago


Haters keep on bitching about sh!t that happened almost 5 years ago, which is pathetic... meanwhile, Brangelina keeps on trucking. Good for them. Truly hope they can make it last.

1648 days ago
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