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Charlie Sheen's Wife Has the Kids

2/23/2010 7:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke MuellerCharlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, currently has the couple's two children at the rehab facility she's at ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources tell us Mueller's rehab facility allows children, and Brooke's kids are with her right now, along with the nannies and a counselor.

As we first reported, Brooke is now in a private home that offers high-end rehab services and allows patients to bring children and staff. She checked out of The Canyon in Malibu after an alleged security breach.

Up to this point she was sharing custody with Charlie -- in other words, she did not have the kids full-time.

We do not know if Brooke will have the kids full-time now that Charlie himself is in rehab.

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Hates Conan like crap    

It's wrong to let kids into a rehab center.


Very very wrong.

1681 days ago


What prevented the shared-custody agreement from continuing while they are both in rehab? This is an important time for the family members to be together.

1681 days ago


OMG!!!! Those poor children, instead of having to only deal with two wacky parents,now they have to deal with all the wacky people in Rehab too.

1681 days ago


You know... some of this stuff really crosses the "It's none of our business" line. Gossip is one thing, people's private lives are another. Especially when children are involved.

1681 days ago


Harvey and Mike,
There is a fine line here between entertainment
and news. I enjoy you on more the entertainment side.
Whatever was so huge that you could not sit down this afternoon
and chat must be right up there with Michael Jackson's death.
Charlie Sheen going to rehab is just not that news worthy.
Are you guys maybe taking your selves a little to seriously?

1681 days ago

Goodys Mom    

Isn't there anybody on either side of this family who could take temporary custody of these two little boys until at least one of the parents is able to take custody? Grandparents, aunts, uncles, somebody? Rehab is no place for small children.

1681 days ago


I wonder what these people would do if they didn't have luxury rehab facilities to go to. God, Tiger for sex therapy and he takes a private plane and you can bet that he isn't in the same therapy group as the rest of the population. Neither is this woman.

With all these exceptions they never really get to the work that needs to be done for change.

Rehab for the rest of us is a very expensive thing and our families suffer for it. We don't bring our kids, nannies and staff.

The rehab ends up being more of a vacation than work when your every need is met.

This is not going to work.

1681 days ago


It's absurd to let a child stay in rehab! It isn't healthy for anyone. There has to come a time when enough is enough and the kids get taken away. They keep going into rehab, hence there's a problem so the children should atleast go to a family member until they get their stuff together. If it were a normal couple, the kids would've been taken right away.

1681 days ago


These two would never be able to adopt a dog, but anybody can have kids. Things need to change.

1681 days ago

TV Gord    

Awwww, the babies' first trip to rehab. Kinda gets you (fist-bumping my own heart) right here, doesn't it?

1681 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Scientology clinics are great for children!! :D

1681 days ago


I wonder what would happen to these kids if they belonged to any of us out here in the real world? You bet they would take our kids away and turn them over to the state. And, It's true. Do these people not have willing grandparents to take care of these kids? Martin Sheen is always spewing his liberal crap. He needs to worry about the losers that he has for sons such as the Older son the Moocher that no one talks about and Charlie who obviously is never going to change! He has kids all over the place and still prefers to seek out out the company of hookers and not take care of these kids he keeps having. And I thought Denise was bad. Cheez.....I don't blame her. At least she's not a dope head like Mueller. both of these people are sorry excuses.

1681 days ago


Charlie Sheen going to rehab is SO newsworthy. He is the highest paid actor on TV. His wife is also in rehab. One where you get to bring your babies. Ah, to be rich and famous in the good old USA. If only these people could get their damn acts together and realize what they have.

1681 days ago


must be a jugggling act coordinating both their rehab schedules and figuing out who will take care of the kids. guess they have a spreadsheet.

1681 days ago


Good luck to the kids! But I bet its set up where they are not exposed to anything bad!

1681 days ago
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