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Jen Aniston Goes Cruisin' in Style

2/23/2010 4:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston took her expensive gun metal gray Bentley out for a luxurious spin in L.A. on Monday.

Move over J.Lo, there's a new Jenny from the block.


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Politico Pablo    

As Elvis use to say; "What good is money if you can't spend it?
Nice car by the way.

1668 days ago


To good to buy American, hmmmmm? The least you could do is employ a driver.

1668 days ago

Grandpa Giggles    

It amazes me how a TV series and a couple crappy movies can allow these "celebrities" the ability to afford such items as this car! Brad and Angie too.

Who is paying these people all this money and why?

I'm glad I don't watch much TV or wear name brand clothing or go to the movies very often. I cannot stand seeing these people and their excessive lifestyles. It is so vulgar, especially in this economy and how we are viewed by others around the world.

1668 days ago


Good for her! She deserves it!

1668 days ago



1668 days ago


She should donate the car to help out the people in Mexico that she claims she SOOOOO cares about!!! Or is that another farce to promote another one of her crap movies!!! Oh yeah, she did donate to Mexico....She went there to have kids wave fans over her face while tanning her yoga body!!

1668 days ago


I bet brad Pitt would be happy to put angelinas head on jens body. Seriously thought, i feel sorry for jen b/c she lost her man to a hella beautiful woman and the bitch is popN out kids like crazy just to push the knife in a little deeper.

1668 days ago

Trooper Tom    

4. As I have said before... Jennifer Aniston is one of the biggest "covert" publicity whores in Hollywood.

I have said the same thing for a long time! I am done listening to her boo hooing about her movies, the paps and the fact she can't keep a boyfriend

1668 days ago


its her given right to buy whatever car or plane she pleases

its almost nauseating to see all you losers judging her because she bought a bentley

how dare u dictate what she can and cannot buy with her money,wow
most of you idiots put that money in her pocket by watching her movies,such retards omg

and to the cancerboy poster who screams she should have given it to charity,she has donated millions over her lifetime to charities,what have you done beside bitch and hate on others ?
i'll say it for you,nothing

jenn,enjoy your ride

1668 days ago


19. California requires front plates but I guess celebrities

are above the law as usual. Douche.

Posted at 4:14PM on Feb 23rd 2010 by JR

Unless the car is brand new and she hasn't received her plates yet--hence the sticker in the lower right hand side of her windshield. Douche.

1668 days ago


you r so right cancerboy.. i can not understand for the life of me how people can be so self absorbed. I would try to help the world if i was sooooo OVER PAID, they dont save lives! How do they sleep at nite.

1668 days ago


#44 I totally agree with you. Who cares what she does with her money, it's HER MONEY!

1668 days ago

Brian Key    

I'd like to see someone scratch that pretty car. Everybody supporting her, well, what did you get for that support?, Nothing, your still a working stiff, and she's a rich..

1668 days ago


Why don't you guys leave her alone she don't bother anyone. How do we know what she does with her money and who she donates to. Don't judge her she works hard for her money just like most of us do. She don't bother anyone. So instead of any of you guys going out and buying something like a tv or cell phone or a new car shouldn't because you should donate the money.

1668 days ago


I don't begrudge anyone their wealth- that is what immigrants come to this country to get. Opportunity and success. That's why we have schools. BUT this liberal woman is a huge hypocrite. The only Hollywood celeb who walks his crazy talk is that spitting maniac Ed Begley Jr. The rest of them are "do as i say not as i care to do" jerks. They want their perks and spend their money on huge houses and private jets but want to lecture the rest of us on the environment. To top it off- most of them SMOKE- so they don't even give a damn about their personal environment. I don't go to her movies because her talent doesn't outweigh her looks. But she is a hypocrite just like Brad Pitt, George Clooney and the rest of Hollywood is.

1668 days ago
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