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Charlie Sheen Will Dodge Bail Bullet

2/24/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen Will Dodge Bail BulletCharlie Sheen could go back to jail because he has violated the terms of his bail -- specifically by using drugs or alcohol. But sources tell us Charlie's people are confident they will dodge this bullet.

As we already reported, Charlie has not been clean and sober recently. But proving he slipped in a court of law is a whole different matter, and Charlie's reps are now confident info about his alcohol and drug use will remain under wraps.

We reported last night that the delay in checking Charlie into rehab was to make sure his legal position was not compromised in the criminal case.

The prosecutor in the case sounded surprised when we told him that last night, but Charlie's people are confident information about the "Two and a Half Men" star has been contained and will remain private -- at least in terms of admissible evidence of drug and alcohol use.

As for his show, sources tell us Warner Bros. can deliver the remaining 6 episodes to CBS, provided Charlie is back on set in two weeks from next Monday.


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Number 19..Thanks but I meant when Harvey and Mike answer our questionsm on TMZ Live. I can't find it from yesterday.

1647 days ago


Charlie Sheen is an idiot, not to mention a repeat domestic violence offender. Chris Brown is an immature kid that was crucified for his one (horrible) offence. Charlie gets break after break from the press, TMZ included. Putting a knife to your wife's throat and threatening her life is creepy. This loser is a tough guy wanna be who should spend time in the can. Chalie Grow Up, rehab to escape jail, whimp!

1647 days ago


i don t think so...

1647 days ago


If I was his parent, I would take a cast iron frying pan to the back of his head until it hurt. His parents have to be so tired, truly tired to the core of all this drug business. Knock it off once and for all Charlie - you are too damn old to be such a screw up yet. I feel bad for his parents.

1647 days ago


Why is he famous again? I know his dad is but why is he? Besides the sex, drugs and beautiful wives he beats what is his contribution? Oh the druggie in the police station from Ferris Bueller! Thats right! Sick of hearing about this guy his life sounds as sucky as mine lets move on!

1647 days ago

terry scarborough    

I just wish the Liberal dumbass would OD and die.

1647 days ago


Get well soon Charlie, this show is so funny, I hope it will
continue, all the characters great, I hope they bring back crazy
Rose. I hope the show doesn't end or it will be the end of sitcoms.

1647 days ago


How can his drug/alcohol use be kept under wraps when TMZ puts everyone's business on the internet for the whole world to see? Nothing like loosing your kids because TMZ was there to put ones life on blast.

"...and Charlie's reps are now confident info about his alcohol and drug use will remain under wraps." Good luck with that Charlie's defense attorneys!

1647 days ago


Anyone else would have been in prison since he shot Kelly Preston. Since then, he's only gotten more violent, and more arrogant, thinking he can buy his way out of ANYTHING.

1647 days ago


Can't believe that people are not more hard on this man, if he was a man of color like Chris Brown he would be treated much differently. Shame on you America!

1647 days ago

phycho babble    

Am I the only one that hates his outdated hair cut?

1647 days ago


Your voting box should really read: "Celebrity INJUSTICE" b/c THAT is what this really is.

Any other Average Joe would be hauled off to jail b/c they wouldn't have the $$$ to pay off the lawyers(i.e., the legal system) to keep them out of jail.

What a bunch of CRAP.....

1647 days ago


Love is the value, eternal, of a community/culture. Sex and violence are the antithesis, destroying values including family. Family observers, several times, have shared in community that "Two and a/half men" has portrayed child-youth sex in ""strip clubs" and other situations insulting and Not respecting the community. That is the production Mr. Sheen takes his celebrity from at this time. The specieshuman can't know the spirituality of another "we as sheep have all gone astray."
The Creator examples "The Prodigal Son," (&others) as the MINDset change for positive Valued behavior--repentence. Not confusion or temptation--but the communities Love will surface or not; amoral, "anything goes" destruction has its delusional temptors. (2 gates;Mt ch7)

1647 days ago
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