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Katt Williams Put on D-Fence by Construction Co.

2/24/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katt WilliamsKatt Williams may have seriously fenced himself in this time -- and it's all over a pile of cash he allegedly owes a construction company.

Extreme Fence Co. filed a lien against the comedian last month, claiming they installed an electric motorized gate and 106 feet of wrought iron fence at his Calabasas, CA home back in October ... but never got paid for the job.

EFC claims the bill came to $8,900 -- and now they want their money, stat.

Katt's reps did not return e-mails.


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Simone is a dumbass bitch

1665 days ago



1666 days ago


IM NOT FIRST OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GONNA KILL MYSELF NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1666 days ago


This guy's a pig. A vile, foulmouthed, unfunny pig. He adds nothing of value to the world.

Now THAT adds value to the world.

1666 days ago


best katt line ever....I DONT EVEN WANT NOTHIN NO MO! every time it smells like pine cones in here daddy be trippin! lmao LOVE YOU KATT TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!

1665 days ago


#7 Ur killing me plz get help...Whats with all these celebs dont wanna pay us working class folks the money thats due to them??? Boycott all U dead beat celebs that think your to good to pay the blue collar working class bottom feeders for their hard work becuz we just happen to be the ones buying tickets and watching ur stinky asses on the big and lil screen!!!

1665 days ago


This guy is funny as hell but it sure seems he's a bit of a whack job.

1665 days ago

Blanket 50    

Dude is crazy! He is long gone.

1665 days ago


Isn't this the sm@rt@ss with the really MEAN-spirited jabs he took at MJ on a routine basis?? I tried to watch some of his routine & thought he was totally 'unfunny'. Not just the MJ jokes in poor taste but all of his cr@p; totally UNFUNNY:( By the looks of the articles posted on him of late, he seems to be 'circling the drain' & not just 'professionally' either. Hmmmm...let's see, weapons charges, assault, defaulting on debts, & just generally running off at the mouth being a complete douchey-d!ckhead?? Yep, a 'thug'....more specifically if I ventured to take an educated guess....a 'thug on drugs'!

In a word...F*CK THIS @SSHOLE!

Looks like he didn't pay his bills either, just like Mike!

Seriously tho' it was BS he didn't 'support' a fellow entertainer but instead chose to use MJ's personal trials as 'joke material' and he wasn't even 'good' at it. Just came off sounding like maybe, like some of his fellow comediens were, he was NOT considered a 'friend' of MJ's & he seemed just 'mean-spirited & envious of MJ's wealth & success'. Why are some people so THREATENED by someone elses success's in life? Why would you not, as a fellow entertainer, choose to be happy for that person? Probably because if it's not 'about them', then it shouldn't be about 'anything at all'. God, I h@te narcissists!! Narcissists & Sociopaths: probably the most non-contributory & worthless people on the planet. Good for creating drama, grief for others, & 'taking' FROM other people because they walk around believing they are so f'kn ENTITLED! That's about it really. Just here taking up oxygen for all the use they are to other people. They suck & I think both of these groups of 'worthless lumps of flesh that happen to have a pulse', should be rounded up, taken up in some big @ss 'space shuttle', built especially for this purpose btw(so what? NASA's got money!) & either exhiled to the space station or better yet, simply EJECTED INTO SPACE:)

1665 days ago


5. This guy's a pig. A vile, foulmouthed, unfunny pig. He adds nothing of value to the world.

Now THAT adds value to the world.

Posted at 12:41AM on Feb 24th 2010 by Kendra

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Just saw your post. Congratulations for saying in 17 words what I couldn't manage to convey in 500:) No redeaming qualities in this j@ckass whatsoever. Not even 'funny'. E.Murphy was sometimes nasty, foul-mouthed, & yeah..a pig but AT LEAST HE'S A 'FUNNY PIG'! LOL

1665 days ago


What, another hollywood type wont pay his bill? F@c@ing tard, he looks more like a PART-TIME pimp with fat hoes.

1665 days ago


You would think fencing is something he'd understand.

1665 days ago


dont be a hater because hes better then all of you !

1665 days ago

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