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Missing 'Growing Pains' Star -- More Clues

2/24/2010 4:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Missing 'Growing Pains' Star Andrew KoenigA man who lived in the apartment building where Andrew Koenig lived turned up missing and ended up killing himself -- this according to a neighbor of Koenig's and a handyman who works in the building.

It's an eerie set of circumstances. We're told the downstairs neighbor took his life approximately two years ago.

But the handyman tells us he does not believe the "Growing Pains" star is dead, noting that Koenig gave a 30-day notice before moving out and got his security deposit back -- something someone suicidal might not do.

A neighbor tells us Koenig left a new pair of running shoes on his front doorstep with a note that read, "These will make a world of difference."

The landlord of Koenig's building also tells TMZ Andrew and his mom did not get along.


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Worldwide satellite NET means there is NO drop N anythingzs HERE.Radar though the earth underground...Key words means U ID yourselfs via your own writtings DUMB DUMB got?

1681 days ago


If he did not get along with his mom that thats a reason why he doesn't want to be found. He may just be chilling and hiding out until he settles down.

1681 days ago


He prop dipped out like Alexander Supertramp. Done with it all...trying to find himself.

1681 days ago


We need yearly suicide rates published for the U.S.! Nothing has been published for maybe 5 or more years. Stop saying you care if you can't publish the statistics.

1681 days ago



1681 days ago


TMZ what a piece of work you are. How do you think your comment about the mother would make her feel. Thats personal information. The public doesn't need to know this. I think your standards stink.

1681 days ago

Your Mom    

I bet he took off and just started running like Forest Gump.

1681 days ago


It is obvious what this is. It's a kick start to a career that was lost. Keep this in the media long enough, with so many fellow actors pleading to find him. Somehow he reappears. Lot's of attention to this story. Some will feel sorry, offer scripts and next thing you know, he will be on stage accepting an Emmy or Oscar by the year 2012. He knows what he's doing

1681 days ago


So what's best - he's alive and getting an enemy or he committed suicide. They say any publicity is good publicity but I disagree (Mel Gibson, Balloon Boy, Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, etc.). Andrew was an activist for human and animal rights so this is not a publicity stunt. I really fear he took his life and is lost in a body of water around Vancouver.

1681 days ago


They haven't found the corpse yet? Dude must stink. By now, his body is in full blown rapid decomp. The freezing temperatures will slow the process, but he'll be even less fortunate as he satisfies the hunger of wild animals.

Maybe he's just a really good at Hide-n-Seek?

But I still say Boner is a stiffy...

1681 days ago


Isn't there more important news. . . . . like a cat stuck in a tree or something

1681 days ago


Ohwell needs to STFU Michael is not whacko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1681 days ago


You know, I kind of get why the TMZ guy hires people off the street instead of any kind of journalism kids, but some of them really shouldn't be working there.

How is the fact that some guy killed himself two years ago relevant to this? DId they even know each other? How is the fact that he gave a 30 day notice a sign that he's NOT suicidal? Suicide is MOST OF THE TIME premeditated. Some people think about it for years before they act on it. This little report is just dumb.

I hope the guy is okay, although it's not looking good. At this point he'd know everyone is looking for him. Very sad. So sad.

1681 days ago


i went to north hollywood high with this dude...

wow hope he's okay

1681 days ago


I've been suicidal all my life so tell me how getting back a deposit doesn't make him suicidal. When I finally get down to it, I intend on "selling" my things and leaving the money in a envelope for my family. Why throw money out the window? It's going to cost a lot to bury or cremate the guy, he's collecting money for a reason.

1680 days ago
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