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Nancy Kerrigan's Brother Finally Posts Bail

2/24/2010 11:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Kerrigan's brother Mark -- who has been locked up since he allegedly assaulted his father last month -- just posted bail moments ago.

Court officials in Woburn, Massachusetts tell TMZ Mark -- who faces one charge of assault and battery on an elder with serious bodily injury -- was released from the local detention center after posting his $10,000 bail.

Mark will now be allowed to live at his mother's house -- under house arrest -- and must wear a GPS device and submit to drug and alcohol testing.

Mark's father, Daniel, died shortly after their alleged altercation on January 24.

A rep for the family said they were "delighted" to have Mark back home.


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Nancy is such a classly lady shame she has to go trough this she is doing very with the olmipic coverage,

TMC ban these two itdots above. Block there ip address.

1702 days ago


Does anyone know if TMZ Live was on yesterday? I missed it and can't find it anywhere.

Nancys mom said her husband and son had a physical altercation right before cops were called. So, I don't understand why they are upset at the homicide ruling.

1702 days ago


I would be fearful for her mother if I was Nancy. She's blind and his temper is proven.

1702 days ago


1702 days ago


Shame on Nancy for not protecting her mother from this abuser. She is obviously a victim of domestic abuse. There is no excuse to place your poor mother in harm's way.

It doesn't matter if her brother intended to kill his dad, he is violent and dangerous. How many dead people do you need in one family before they get away from this guy?

1702 days ago


...and now the wait begins. He beat his ex-wife and was jailed, (the family defended him then too) so he has no issues assaulting women or the elderly.

1701 days ago

dr cyclops    

why mee why meeee hope the whole family gets cancer ..hee hee hee

1701 days ago


I used to like Nancy Kerrigan but there are a few things that she has done that has turned me off of her, and she showed no class at all. The 1st time was when she she was in a Disney parade after she won one of her medals and had the mic on. Well stupid her, she says to her Mom, "This is so stupid." Of course the mic picked that up. Ticked me off as I am a #1 Disney fan and nothing associated with them is "stupid." What a spoiled brat ( I think her Dad held down 2-3 jobs so this brat could continue to skate.) Then, the last medal she won, Oksana Baul won gold and was very emotional. Nancy came in second and was none too pleased and said to Oksana to "stop your crying, already." Then, she had an affair with a married man (per present hubby) and broke up the marriage. Although she and her hubby deny it, the fact she knew this guy was married and didn't care, what a b*tch. Since then, everytime I see her on TV I have to change the channel. Too bad she is covering the olympics. Michelle Kwan would have been a better choice IMHO. She's a classy gal and a better skater than Nancy. Oh well, guess they didn't ask me.

1701 days ago


I give it 2 weeks top before something really awful happens to Mrs. Kerrigan. Why doesn't the brother go live with Nancy?

1701 days ago


And I thought my family was dysfunctional.

Nancy should have her mother move in with her, quit enabling her violent brother and keep her mother safe.

1701 days ago

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