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Andrew Koenig's Parents -- Why We Walked

2/25/2010 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew Koenig's parents claim they bailed on Larry King last night because they felt the show was being "disrespectful" by pushing back their live interview several times on last night's show.

Walker Koenig and Larry King Live

TMZ spoke to Walter Koenig who told us they felt Larry did not give them "enough time to do credit to what we had to say."

The Koenigs were supposed to do an interview from the Vancouver hotel room where they've been staying, while continuing to search for their missing son.

Well placed sources tell TMZ the Koenigs were told they were supposed to go live at 6:30 PM PST -- but the interview was pushed back after LKL decided to cover the breaking SeaWorld whale tragedy.

We're told at 6:55, after looking at his watch several times, Walter and his wife walked into the bedroom and asked the crew to leave.

Walter told us, "We felt it was disrespectful."


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Well I think they were right to be upset that Larry King wasted their time that they could be getting help finding their son. I think looking for the person who may still be alive takes priority over someone that had all ready passed. No disrespect to the trainer being drowned. My heart goes out to both families for the tragic loss of their children.

1700 days ago

justsaying's nice to know they have their priorities in order. Treat me with respect and THEN....AND ONLY THEN....will I worry about the safety and security of my child. I wouldn't have cared if they held my interview at one a.m. in a bathroom, just as long as I got word out about my missing son.

1703 days ago


Clearly Andrew Koenig's family doesn't understand that the general public has a fascination with while stories. That in mind perhaps next time their kid decides to go on a walkabout of Vancouver he may consider bringing a whale with him if he expects a better slot on Larry King for the seven viewers who watch the show.

1703 days ago


Larry King needs to get off the air. The Koenigs are trying to find their son who is missing. The whale, who has killed in the past, killed a staff member of the place that's making $$ off of the KILLER whale.

1703 days ago


Larry's show sucks anyway. You could prop a dead body up there and get the same show...terrible! Time for him to find his rocking chair.

1703 days ago


...Bumped, and for a fish, drag ...


1703 days ago


Good for them! LKL should have kept their schedule and then announce the death of the Seaworld trainer which was not "breaking news" It was known HOURS before LKL. The parents are under enough stress without having to wait and wait and wait just to be given a couple of minutes of air time.

1703 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

How dare Larry King consider the story of a whale killing a trainer more important than a missing 41 year old man. How dare he!...NOT

C'mon Koenigs, how much more arrogant can you get? You should get down on your knees and kiss Larry's pinky ring for even doing two minutes on your missing son.


Andrew is 41 years old.

He gave 30 days notice on his apartment and got his security deposit back.

There is no evidence he was abducted or that he went to Vancouver by force.

Andrew has meddling, controlling parents who he is desperately trying to get away from. His depression, if he really has any, is no doubt caused by his parents trying to dictate every moment of his existence.

I can hear the Koenigs now, "Honey, Andrew hasn't called us in almost two hours. We need to contact the media and help us look for him."

"Good idea. Let's say we think he's suicidal. The media loves to jump on a suicidal celebrity story."

1703 days ago


I agree, Larry was disrespectful to their feelings and situation. I would have been angry if I was going to talk about a missing family member and got pushed back because of an accident at Seaworld. The Koenigs did the right thing.

1703 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

I guess Death trumps Missing?? ... Anywayz ... Back to ME!!! .. Me me me and who? ME!! ... I'm the greatist star... I am by far but no one knows it .. Who? ME!

1703 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Clearly these people were not thinking rationally. Larry King was giving them time to appear on tv to help them find their son. They should have waited patiently. I would do anything to help locate my missing child.

1703 days ago


Five minutes on Larry King Live would have reached millions of people. I guess their egos are more important than the well being of their son.

1703 days ago


Their ego was more important than the son. I agree with Justsaying #1

1703 days ago


The death of this poor woman should be heard FIRST!!! This kid is only missing...come on people!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your priorities straight. Larry did the right thing in putting the whale story first. Have some compassion for this woman and her family.

1703 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

If I was missing would you look for me?? .... *I thought not.

1703 days ago
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