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Andrew Koenig's Parents -- Why We Walked

2/25/2010 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew Koenig's parents claim they bailed on Larry King last night because they felt the show was being "disrespectful" by pushing back their live interview several times on last night's show.

Walker Koenig and Larry King Live

TMZ spoke to Walter Koenig who told us they felt Larry did not give them "enough time to do credit to what we had to say."

The Koenigs were supposed to do an interview from the Vancouver hotel room where they've been staying, while continuing to search for their missing son.

Well placed sources tell TMZ the Koenigs were told they were supposed to go live at 6:30 PM PST -- but the interview was pushed back after LKL decided to cover the breaking SeaWorld whale tragedy.

We're told at 6:55, after looking at his watch several times, Walter and his wife walked into the bedroom and asked the crew to leave.

Walter told us, "We felt it was disrespectful."


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Hates Conan like crap    

To the Koenigs:

It is behavior like you exhibited last night that made Andrew disappear in the first place.

1667 days ago


Never heard of Andrew Koenig or his family. Many people are missing. I am more interested in the killer whale attack. Larry King covered what was the #1 story of the day.

1667 days ago


I feel for the Koenig family but with all due respect their son is 41 years old and has had issues for quite some time now. I think more people wanted to hear about the whale and they went with that..I am sure CNN will invite them back.

1667 days ago


I am with the Koenigs on this. Put yourself in their shoes. They are already in an agitated, frantic state of mind. They had assumed they would have a certain amount of time to get their point across about their missing son. To have their interview pushed back to what I take to be a five minute window, plus King cutting away to tell us about the next day's show would be very frustrating. I am sure they would rather not be in the position of having to do the show in the first place for such a sad reason. Please give these people some understanding.

1667 days ago


You CNN-loving robots can shut your greasy Big Mac holes. Larry King's show wouldn't help the search. There are posters already out around Vancouver and the story's in the Canadian, Vancouver and Seattle area news and has been for some time now. I'd listen to CNN for reliable objective news like I'd listen to Bernie Madoff for investment advice or like I'd listen to Tiger Woods for advice about raising a good family home for children to grow up in. Walter Koenig doesn't need Larry King turning the predicament into an unfocused, pointless media distraction, right between the stories about whale slavery and what else, Whitney Houston's coughing?

1667 days ago


They should be happy that they were getting air time. Many people have family who are or have been missing never get a chance to speak out to the nation like this.

So they would rather not go on the air at all as soon as they could, just because they felt disrespected? I guess they really aren't too concerned about their son, as I know most parents, including myself, would be sitting there as long as I needed to, to get my message out there.

1667 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

9. CNN is reporting that it was Boner that got eaten by the whale yesterday....his parents should have stuck around and they would know this...

Posted at 12:33PM on Feb 25th 2010 by michelle

I guess the kids are home from school to play. Who else would write such a cruel and idiotic post?

1667 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    


I've had a cufflink missing for almost 3 months now.

I think I lost it in Denver.

Could you give me 5 minutes at the end of your show tonight? I would be very grateful.


1667 days ago

Chuck O'Connor    

I realize that he is their son and is important to them. But to the rest of the world he was "Boner", a third rate character on a poular TV show that hasn't done a damn thing since. They were lucky to get airtime on Larry King. So if anybody was being disrespectful it was them. It's not like their son is anywhere near a still current actor like Leo Dicaprio turned outv to be. I wish them luck finding him but they are idiots!!

1667 days ago

TV Gord    

I'm with the Koenig's on this one. That whale story was hardly breaking news. CNN first posted a story about it on their website shortly after 10am yesterday morning. Almost 12 hours later, it's no longer breaking news.

Why couldn't they put the Koenig's on at 9:30 and the whale story at 9:40 or 9:45. By the time Larry got to the worried couple, they would have had about two minutes of airtime, and how much of that would have been taken up by Larry's inane recap of the story and even more inane questions?

The Koenigs (who--by the way--had to listen to their name be mispronounced by King throughout the show), were seeing their time dwindled down to nothing, and they figured they were wasting their time with CNN, which was only holding them until the end to keep viewers hanging on until the end of the show. I mean, let's face it. Is the Toyota story going to keep viewers tuned in? All of that had already been covered earlier in the day. The whale story was old. Andrew Koenig was missing AT THAT MOMENT. It was closer to "breaking news" than the other two.

1667 days ago

dr cyclops    

maybe the killer shark ate his son,,who gives a rats as anyways,,the kid is a loser anyways and mr chekoff still thinks capt kirk is going to transport himself into the picture and save his kid..the tribbles ate him hee hee heee ,,what a non story,,who even remembers boner cept the one in my pants hee hee heee spock get out the tricorder and vector onto his kid and transport him to looneyland..hee hee heee

1667 days ago


What ego maniacs! I understand why their son went AWOL. Respect?
What NUTS!

1667 days ago


Hello- you aren't a star and don't get to demand that your story takes precedence over other breaking news. LK was doing you a favor by letting you appear on his show and your DIVA attitude got in the way. Shame on you for letting your ego take precedence over your son's safety.

1667 days ago


That is ridiculous drama. If they want to use the media to make contact with their ADULT son, then they should be aware that the media does not play by their rules. The tragedy at SeaWorld does trump the disappearance of a man who seemingly does not want to be found.

1667 days ago


It was incredibly disrespectful of Larry King's show to keep bumping them. Their son could still be saved/found/helped and it should have taken top priority over the other stories. I am glad they walked out. They can get their story out on better networks anyway. Larry King owes them an apology. Probably for the best though as Larry would have got Andrew's name wrong..

1667 days ago
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