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OctoMom Goes Clubbin' in NYC

2/25/2010 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman celebrated cracking up on "The View" by hitting the NYC club scene on Wednesday night.


While someone else watched her 14 kids, the 34-year-old OctoMom did her best "Sex and the City" impersonation and partied with pals at some hotspots in the Meatpacking District -- including Tenjune and Greenhouse, where this photo was taken.

Octomom: Click to watchWe're told Octo partied way past 2 AM -- and the DJ kept shouting her out in the middle of the club.

Sources inside Tenjune tell us Octo was pretty quiet inside the joint -- no drinking, no dancing.


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Is that arsenio hall she's pictured with?

1664 days ago


WHERE are her kids???? Is she aware that she has 14? After The View interview...someone may want make sure she is "tuned" in to that fact....sorry, but as a mom who actually takes care of her kids..this lady is a LOSER.

1664 days ago


Put the blame where it should be...The State of California!! On Dr. Phil, Gloria Allred, Radaronline and all the other enablers who continue to promote this disgusting worthless pigs life. But is she really any different than any other welfare roach? They all do exactly what she's doing. Lie to the system, keep having babies and party off the welfare check!! This is nothing new, the only difference with this one, is she had a u-haul litter full and the state paid for it and will continue to pay for it....with the California taxpayers forced donations. How many homeless people and families are out there living in the streets because they lost their jobs? Yet, welfare roaches who have never worked and never plan too, get paid to sit on their lazy asses, have kids and support their partying/drugs/name brand clothing and their boyfriends or "baby daddy's", free healthcare & housing? But the lady who just lost her job 3 months ago is homeless with her two children living in shelters or abandoned buildings or in her car! How in the hell does that work? And we wonder why California is broke! Cut out welfare/medicare & housing to these roaches and give it to the people who have worked all their lives and lost their jobs because the state is broke and the economy is suffering. Why make taxpayers & hard working people pay for the idiots who know how to work the system, but can't for whatever reason get a job & take care of the children they had with 3/4/5 different men, make these men responsible for the financial support of these children!

1664 days ago

So What    

So what if she had 14 kids. My grandma had 12 and no one thought anything of it back then.

1664 days ago

Lippy Loo    

It's FRANKENFISH LIPS! She is such a freak and she cannot even keep that big fat ugly mouth shut, because of too much crap injected into those slug lips. This creature should be at home with her 80 million kids. Not out clubbing, doing talk shows, working out, shopping, etc. etc.

1664 days ago

I'm just sayin'    

Of course she didn't dance....she can't....her uterus will fall out!

1664 days ago


Bothinside and out (well, especially out! Gross)

1664 days ago


She's just nasty. No way I'd hit dat, even wit a stick. Sheeet, der isn't enough drugs in the world to cure what that Ho would give you.

1664 days ago


She's not even pretty but thinks she is. She's a psycho.

1664 days ago


This f'n btch looks like a retard on that picture with her tongue sticking out. Btch get back on your short bus

1664 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Good ol' Fraudya! Yes she be havin that drink in her grubby hand. She didnt dance or nuttin cuz she is backazzwards, she dont know how to be socially acceptable. Wallflower, couldnt even get preggers the natural way. Wallflower user pyscho babblebutt

1664 days ago


I cant stand her! but, as a mother, there's nothing wrong with going out every now and then and finding a babysitter to watch your child.

1664 days ago


Wow....14 kids and she still can make time for partying...I had 2 and I stayed my ass home! Must be nice to have someone else doing the hard work of raising your kids you skanky bitch!

1664 days ago


Why would Nadya and other celebreties hide their face, when everyone knows it's them?

1664 days ago


What's up with the tongue? Is that her come on look? Gross.

1664 days ago
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