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Simon vs. Ellen - They Don't Idolize Each Other

2/25/2010 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres flat out don't get along, and the tension is building ... this according to multiple "American Idol" sources.

Our insiders say Simon and Ellen aren't even trying to hide it. Ellen can't stand what she believes is Simon's cruelty toward contestants. And, we're told, Simon actually enjoys pissing Ellen off with his blistering critiques.

People working on the show last night tell TMZ ... it was apparent on and off camera ... Simon's tolerance level for the contestants was at an all-time low, and he knew it was making Ellen uncomfortable but clearly didn't care. As one insider put it, "He was intentionally pushing her buttons."

It all started badly ... as Deadline Hollywood first reported .. when Simon showed up late for Ellen's first week of "A.I." taping and made her wait around. Producers separated the two -- who began the season sitting side-by-side -- but the tension has gotten worse.

But business is business. "A.I." is beating the Olympics, and ratings for Ellen's show skyrocketed last week. In Hollywood, contempt has its upside.


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Kim Becker    

We're not watching AI anymore because she IS on it!

1647 days ago


She is absolutely the pits. She brings nothing to the show. I'm looking forward to more damaging comments to the contestants from Cowell. The show will die when he leaves. The talent is horrific this year. The only reason to watch (and by watch I mean DVR it and fast forward to the comments from the judges only) it to listen to Cowell. Dioguardi is pretty bad too.

1647 days ago

told ya so - TEAM LENO    

Ellen, you have NO BUSINESS on the show anyway.

Simon is the person who makes the show.

Once he is gone, so is American Idol.

1647 days ago


People should listen and listen well to Simon, how many "Star Talents" has Ellen produced? Simon has a gift for recognizing talent and his comments are spot on. Ellen is just having one of her Temper Tantrums.

1647 days ago


I cannot stand Ellen and Simon does no one any favors when they suck to make it seem any different. Lastly, the producers decide what they want in the current year for a 'winner' and tailor the show that direction. I can't be the only one who sees this. I like TMZ or I wouldn't have bothered to post this, at all. lol

1647 days ago


you forgot the no team option on your poll.... Because they both are stupid and i don't think anyone cares

1647 days ago


Really people, who gives a flying potato?

1647 days ago


We know simon and know what to expect from Simon. He is blunt, but 99 times out of 100, he is right. He knows his stuff.
If you ask me, Ellen was downright cruel during Hollywood week when she was trying to be funny at the expense of the contestants feelings by messing with them. This is their lives and careers, and she was treating it like it was her standup act.

1647 days ago


I don't see how AI is beating the Olympics in the TV ratings, when the top 4 shows last week were Olympic broadcasts...Idol Tuesday came in 5th, and Idol Wednesday came in 9th.

Idol Tues beat the Tues Olympics by about 3 million viewers, but Weds Olympics clobbered AI by more than 11 million viewers!

AI's Tues episode was down 4 million viewers, and AI on Weds was down more than 7 million from this season's average...I have no idea how that relates to the previous season's numbers, but I would bet AI's numbers are down from year to year.

Saying Idol is beating the Olympics is bad spin, and is simply not true. The numbers don't back it up...

1647 days ago


When Simon leaves the show, the show will end and I'm going to watch whatever show Simon goes to as long as he is judging talent - he knows talent - he has an ear and an eye for talent. His comments are perfect, right on target. Singers - if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. By the way, did anyone else think everyone last night was horrible except for the "eye candy" guy. I think the show has run its course.

1647 days ago


I had a dream about Ellen last night. In my dream, she was driving through London, England in a big, white '76 Cadillac; she invited me to get in for a ride. Then, she was dancing with my nephew, who lives in London. I took pictures of them with my digital camera. Then I was watching Ellen in a big Mardi Gras-like parade, which she was grand marshal of. That was my dream last night.

1647 days ago


All made up crap, I think the reason Ellen is not sitting beside simon is because the witch Dioguardi got pissed and probably whined about it, I would take Ellen over that Kara as a judge any day of the week, when simon leaves I am not watching if Dioguardi is still there....go away!!!

1647 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

I wonder if she'll be sticking by her statement that she'll go if Simon goes now?

1647 days ago

shad ran this story days ago...Way to be up to date TMZ

1647 days ago


I really don't believe that it is genuine ) It's all about ratings but its still fun to watch ^_^ go Simon n Ellen ^_^

1647 days ago
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