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Rapper Juvenile Arrested in Pot Bust

2/26/2010 7:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

JuvenileJuvenile had to back that thang up to a jail cell yesterday -- after cops say they found a bag containing "up to one ounce" of weed in a house he was using as a recording studio.

According to the St. Bernard Sheriff's Office, cops showed up to the Arabi, Louisiana home when an anonymous caller complained about marijuana smoke coming out of the house.

Juvenile, real name Terius Gray, was cuffed after cops say he admitted that the bag of marijuana found on the scene was his.

The rapper was arrested for misdemeanor possession and taken to jail, where he posted a $1,750 bond.

As we previously reported, Juvenile was also busted for pot back in 2008.


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Are you kidding me? Aren't there enough problems in small town to deal with other than a rapper smoking weed? Whoever called AND the cops who arrested him are HATERS and DOUCHES. Pathetic, bust a meth lab, there are plenty of those!

1698 days ago


Lol The First Part Of The Sentence Was Funny

1698 days ago

Wake the hell up    

This makes me SICK! We live in a country where the majority rules! so why is it so hard to get a law passed about marajuana legalization when the census in America syas that over 76% of people in the U.S.A woud vote for it??!!??!! Why are police in this country giving out more tickets for driveing violations when theres a budget problem in CA? That punishes the middle/lowermiddle class not the leaders who got us in this mess but you and I! U.S.A the land of the 8% free and the 8% Rich (FLAG)

1698 days ago


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1698 days ago


He's in the wrong LA. I'm sitting here self-medicating (I have a prescription) in my homem not drinking and driving, and adding to the economy.

Agriculture is CA's #1 industry and marijuana is it's #1 crop.

Legalize it already, period.

1698 days ago

Elvis Twin    

Math lesson for the day;

Up and coming rapper+ anonymous rat+ pot bust= street cred.

Pure stagecraft.

1698 days ago


prohibition fails! every time....even Lincoln knew that....Our founding fathers wanted farmers to grow hemp because its a great fiber, fuel, and foodsource...and the moms are great to smoke and its also medicine. what other plant does all that? and we arrest people for it...people that arent hurting anyone and we perpetuate the black market putting profits in the hands of druglords and we perpetuate the prison industrial complex by arresting people for nonviolent drug offenses...its costs 20000 dollars a year to lock up a pothead for a minor offense. who else is pissed now for forking over their hard earned taxdollars to continue this nonsense?

1698 days ago


Just nasty. As old as he is and as black as his lips are, he is still smoking weed like an idiot. Just read the comments about him being a no show at his 4 year old daughters funeral some time back, using the media as an excuse. He is just disgusting! He probably was relieved he didnt have to pay child support anymore. Because he was busted for abandonment of a child and not paying support a few years ago, probably was for this child or maybe another that he abandoned. Forget the media, if he really wanted to be there, if anything you should want the media there to know what a beautiful child she was and would be missed. I dont blame the caller for complaints because some law abiding citizens dont want to smell that crap and the caller probably has kids, I would call too! He needs to buy a house in the country where the next house is a mile away with that crap.

1698 days ago

To hell with her    

What? Another street trash dumbass rapper arrested for taking drugs? That's not possible; everyone knows rappers are intelligent, classy, clean living models of restraint... NOT!

Well, in his favor, at least he didn't shoot anyone... this time.

1698 days ago

To hell with her    

19. Are you kidding me? Aren't there enough problems in small town to deal with other than a rapper smoking weed? Whoever called AND the cops who arrested him are HATERS and DOUCHES. Pathetic, bust a meth lab, there are plenty of those!

Posted at 8:10PM on Feb 26th 2010 by aford
aford, you're as stupid as a box of rocks. In case you didn't hear (or understand, given how obviously brain dead you are), IT'S AGAINST THE LAW. He got arrested because he's stupid enough to decide to put himself in a situation where he got caught breaking the law. The police are enforcing the law, whether or not they agree with it. Only a moron would used idiotic pop culture phrases like "haters" or "douches" to describe the police who are forced to arrest this idiot because of HIS actions.

Next time, try using your brain before you post; it'll be a lot less embarrassing for you...

1698 days ago


They Still Arrest People For Weed? Huh? Waste Of Time.. Under an ounce too. jerks... someone smelled it outside? this story is the reason the word gay was invented!

1698 days ago


if you puff, puff we put you in cuff, cuff.

1697 days ago


How many of these cops or Feds have parents who get their meds from
an illegal source like Canada or Mexico; Ya, but thats all
good because they are good people and have a perscription so
we don't want to arrest them. How lame, he wasn't caught drinking
and driving like all you "good ole boys" that still think that is
one of your rights, and he wasn't selling. Just quietly smokes
a joint and gets busted in his own home.
Sad part is any elderly person has only to say I have a pain
and instantly, a Doctor will give them percoset,oxycodine what ever.
But of course nobody would ever take a persciption drug
if they didn't really need it and we all know that no doctor
would ever give them a persciption if it wasn't necessary, right?
If only cops, District Attorneys, Judges had to live up to the
same laws the rest of us do, ah but then there would be no one
left to enforce the law.


1697 days ago


JUST A WASTE OF TIME AND TAX DOLLARS. In this FAKE free country everything is illegal you are even told what you can or can not put in your OWN BODY.When are people going to say enough of this???

1696 days ago
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