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Sean Penn --

Lifesaving Hero in Haiti

2/26/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn is personally responsible for saving two lives Thursday during a rescue mission in Haiti -- a woman and an orphan child badly injured in the rubble of a collapsed building ... TMZ has learned.


Penn -- who runs the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization -- drove an hour and a half with his daughter Dylan to rescue a woman and child who were trapped in rubble outside Port-au-Prince, possibly from an aftershock.

An eyewitness tells TMZ Penn helped extricate the woman, who suffered leg injuries, and the child, who suffered head injuries. Penn drove them in his truck to the University of Miami hospital camp in Port-au-Prince.

We're told Penn waited while the woman and child were treated for their injuries and then took them back to his place.

The woman and the child have nowhere to go, and Penn won't leave them until they have a safe place to go.


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a PR move. And I still don't like you.

1637 days ago


I AM SO SICK OF HEARING ABOUT HAITI. These celeb freaks and rich nuts act like they have never seen a homeless person.I am pretty sure there are thousands of homeless people in L.A. and New York and that is the cities most of these celeb people live in they should be helping the ones in New York and LA.

1637 days ago


SEAN PENN and his FILM CREW were in the way more than they helped at Katrina. He launched his little rescue boat with FILM CREW aboard (taking up space for victims) completely oblivious to a boat needing it's plug put in. Needless to say, boat sinks and Sean and his FILM CREW had to be rescued by emergency services (like they had nothing better to do).

1637 days ago


@ Whoa......

You forgot G. Is a complete tool and all of the above except A and/or B

Penn wants to balance his bad boy image back home by giving back where he sees fit - and perhaps get the photo op out of it. So what exactly is the difference in the guy who came close to getting his ass kicked by Penn in Brentwood and the guy who shot the pics posted here?

But according to kidneydonor....
- none of us have done anything to help anyone else in life
- none of us can locate Haiti on a map
- none of us have traveled abroad
- we are stupid rednecks

Well kidneydummy.....I for one...
- have done more for people through my unselfish actions than I have ever sought in return and dont report on it
- have traveled EXTENSIVELY through Eastern and Western Europe (which you probably dont know the difference of)South America and South Africa and know the plight of people who are less fortunate than me. But because you may only know where Haiti is cause Mr. Penn is there makes you a REALLY BIG DOUCHEBAG
- cannot be associated as a redneck (something you seemed very well versed in)because I did not marry a cousin, dont watch NASCAR, dont have a potbelly and I for one, dont need to take off all my clothes to count to 21. Try and figure that out d*%khead.

You go and worship your Mr. Penn. Let him kick you in the nuts a bit cause you seem to like it, and all things Penn. So go crawl back under the rock you came from - preferably it being in Haiti, and lets hope one of those aftershocks sets some stones loose and crushes you under your it.

Dont come back here anymore and make assumptions and theorize about things you have certainly no idea about.


1637 days ago


The Haitians can have him.

1637 days ago


Haha! TMZ is playing this up like it's real. Give it up...

1637 days ago


NOW !!!! He wants his picture taken !!!!

1637 days ago



You're the only moron. Along with anyone else doggin spicoli for being down there as long as he has and helping. You MORONS think its all for PR simply cuz TMZ just posted a story on the cameraman incident a few days ago. He's been there since January, and has passed out thousands of water filters and food donations the entire time. Get over yourself and recognize a good deed instead of being so cold-hearted. you're prolly some uneducated scrub pissed at the world whose unable to see any good in anybody. Go F*** urself dirta$$

1637 days ago


He is a piece of work. Just like Katrina putting on a show for the cameras. A poser.

I would be impressed if this came out months, year later from the people not his publicist. I am sure he will cite this when his case comes up for his paparazzi spat.

1637 days ago


He's still TRASH

1637 days ago


Dont Come back!

1637 days ago


Never cared for Mr. Penn or his politics, however, he did a noble and couragous thing.

1637 days ago


Hero? Hero?? Hero???

All the real heros I've ever known, or heard about did not have to go around self-promoting their true daring-do.
This wannabe tough guy comes across as more the Harvey Milktoast type.
Drags his daughter down to Haiti for a great photo op and "helped" extricate 2 people? What about the OTHER people that also helped?
Screw them, let's get on the clown train and praise Penn....
Doesn't want his pic taken by the Paps, but LOVES the news media photogs?
If it's such a grind being poor Penny, quit making movies, use a different name when actually wanting to help people and stop running down the country that made you rich Douche....
And to top it all off, he's ugly as Hell.

1637 days ago


WOW-This might be the only good thing I could ever say or feel about Sean Penn. I love #3 & 5's comments. They hit the nail right on the head.

1637 days ago


I don't understand. I'm certain there were people in the area. Did the people on site just stand around and wait until he got there before trying to dig this pair out? The rest of it sounds good, but what's the full story?

1637 days ago
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