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Charlie Sheen's Ex: He Pushed, Threatened to Kill

2/28/2010 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheens ex Denise RichardsThe D.A. in Aspen may call Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Denise Richards, to testify about an alleged incident that is eerily similar to the allegations of his current wife, Brooke Mueller.

We're told the Pitkin County D.A. has had law enforcement in L.A. County contact Richard's agent and lawyer, about Denise possibly testifying in Charlie Sheen's criminal case in Aspen. Specifically, sources tell us the D.A. is interested in a declaration Denise signed under penalty of perjury in 2005, when she got a restraining order against the "Two and a Half Men" star.

Richards claimed on December 30, 2005, in the middle of an argument, she was holding their daughter Lola, when Charlie "pushed me, shoving me with his two hands between my shoulders. I was forced backwards and tripped over one of the children's toys and fell on the floor with Lola."

According to the declaration, Charlie then pointed his finger at her and screamed, "I hope you f--king die, bitch." Richards says as Charlie was walking out the front door he said "he was going to have me killed. He said you are f--king with the wrong guy."

Charlie Sheen denied the allegations at the time.

We're told Richards will cooperate, but only if she's forced to do so by subpoena.


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jane doe    


1701 days ago


Men, men, men, manley, men, men............

If true, it's a horrible way to treat the mother of your kids.

1701 days ago


Great work once again, TMZ.. you guys rock on getting these stories before anyone else.

1701 days ago


I wonder if Denise's "Told you so" song comes with a little dance? Oh please say there's a little dance!!!

1701 days ago


Why did she get in his face?

You can't get in a man's face and begin screaming and then not expect to him to repel the attack.

And why are things he said while retreating from her violence given so much credibility? The guy said he'd have her killed as he was walking out.

Is this what protecting women from habitual physical abuse has devolved into?

1701 days ago


Denise and Charlies divorce took longer than they were married. Denise showed her true colors sleeping with her best friends husband Richie Sambora. (Another meal ticket)? Denise is such a whiner and no talent has been. She has ridden the "poor me" for me. Hopefully she will not cash in on Charlie anymore. He is out of her life and she should respect that, Don't go away mad, just go away Denise!

1701 days ago


So, Sheen told Denise AND Brooke he'd have them killed, and who knows who else he's said that to. Bad pattern to be telling women you're going to have them murdered, no wonder the DA in Aspen is not letting go of this.
Sheen needs to be incarcerated, maybe that will snap him out of his angry entitled stupor but I doubt it.

1701 days ago


Oh, Heather, stop being so bitter about Richie your marriage was already over. lolol

1700 days ago


Denise STFU attention whore. What good does this info do now, if it's true?

1700 days ago

D from L.A.    

Denise's story doesn't sound right, how could Charlie have pushed her/ shoving her between her shoulders and cause her to go backwards? She will probably make another trip to the Oprah show soon to get another fifteen minutes of fame. She hasn't been getting any acting jobs since her reality show with her daughters. What will the DA try and dig up next? He obviously feels the case is not good enough with Brooke's statement. Our justice system hard at work.

1700 days ago


WOW!! I always thought Charlie Sheen was a dirt-bag, now we really know. Especially shoving a woman to the ground and screaming in front of the kids... he should never be allowed to be around kids, ever, he's too dangerous. He needs to take his gay porn, prostitutes, gambling & drugs and go far far away. I hope he's kicked off his show, he's nothing anyways... the writers can find some other actor to read their great lines.

Poor Denise and Brooke and those kids. Sheen is so lucky no one has blown the whistle on him before, but that's over now. Denise was under oath and Colorado is definitely going to have a chat with her... under oath again. Sheen is really sickening and not a man at all, as it turns out.

1700 days ago


This declaration under oath is a BOMBSHELL - Charlie Sheen may never recover from this. And there's probably a ton of corroborating info from others to match it, from nannies, assistants, friends, etc. She would never have said all those things falsely because she's too afraid of him, she had to reveal them to protect herself and her children. He's a real a-hole, this is turning out like Tiger's mess except for the pesky little felony (that Tiger got out of after crashing inexplicably, imo). Great work on getting your hands on this, TMZ.

1700 days ago


SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!! Who hasn't threatened to kill a spouse husband or wife. Sometimes you gotta smack a bi#ach.

1700 days ago


Funny how Denise is still whoring for public sympathy about Charlie Sheen, but she magically never talks about how she sneaked around behind Heather Locklear's back and stole her best friend's husband. How about being voted the worst Bond girl in movie history or her horrible reality show!! She should talk about that in interviews.

Denise really needs get busy cheating with someone else's rich and famous husband and stop obssessing over Charlie. She's just jealous because Charlie is #1 and she is a zero.

1700 days ago
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