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Gary Coleman -- Up and Around

2/28/2010 2:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The day after suffering his second seizure of 2010, Gary Coleman was seen walking around LAX.

Looks like he could use a little rest.


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Why does this guy not just disappear? Why are you even reporting on him. He hasn't done anything since his childhood to warrant a following of any type. He's just a weirdo.

1696 days ago


(Question) Ask me if I care ? Robert, do you care ? (Answer) No.

1696 days ago


People are so hateful sometimes...this man hasnt done anything but try to make a would probably be kinda short tempered too if you had to deal with life from somebody elses shoes. What kind of poison thrower would see a picture of a man who has had numerous seizures, walking through an airport, after being hospitilized, barely able to make it thryough without stopping, and have something funky to say? ALOSERTHATSWHO/

1696 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

I feel so cheated. The Insider probably has some great video of Gary Coleman toppling off one of those high chairs on the set after his seizure. That cornucopia of encyclopedic medical knowledge (Dr. Drew) came to the rescue as first responder. Hey, it's better than a Haitian witch doctor.

In the previous Insider installment they had the body language "expert" who made her news-flash observation, " he's angry now. You can tell because the veins are popping out of his forehead." Even I could make that deduction after he told Gloria Allred's daughter to "go drown yourself in the ocean." He then climbed down from the high chair (all the viewer could see was this little head disappearing beneath the table) and stormed away as fast as his 4' 7" body could walk. Viewers last saw Gary Colman clutching a man-purse, climbing into a black limo.

This is what real entertainment is all about!!

1696 days ago


Awww. Hope he's okay.

1696 days ago

Lenn K.    

This a very bitter small man. He's look like he's circling the drain.

1696 days ago


Usually I dont care who you guys exploit, but for some reason Gary Coleman kind of struck a nerve with me. I feel like he has not had the easiest life where he was born pidgeon holed with the "what you talking about Willis", and has had a rough time leaving that behind him. Mixed with him having made some made economic mistakes, and made some bad mistakes picking out a mate. i feel like the dude has a lot of emotional pain, and you guys just exploit it, and it is totally different from lets say Lindsey's where her dumbass has chemical dependency, and body dismorphia, im just saying lay off the coleman.

1696 days ago


This is sad. For those of you too young to remember, Gary Coleman was a huge child star whose adoptive parents stole all his money before he turned 18 and left him with nothing. He was type cast by the time he realized it and was unable to find work. The poor guy has struggled to find gainful employment (can you see Miley Cyrus working as a security guard after finding her parents had stolen all her money!?). The press made a joke of him at first, but I think its sent him over the edge. He has had numerous health problems to boot. And he probably has no family but for a fame seeking wife.

1696 days ago


I feel sorry for him. All that money he made when he was a child and because of his greedy adoptive parents, they did him in. You saw it with Macaulay Culkin and other child stars. Gary has nothing to show for it. People can judge, but they would be angry too if they worked so many years and don't have anything to show for it because of greed. Look at America now. Many people are angry at the government and the banking and auto industry because of their greediness. People lost a lot of their retirement because of greedy CEOs. So, who are we to judge when it is happening to us or someone we know? Of course Gary has his issues, almost all child stars do. Hollywood is a f**KED UP place. One minute you can be the hottest thing in Hollywood. 3 years roll around and no one knows your name. As long as they are making their money off you, they don't give a SH*! I wouldn't want that lifestyle or want my kids to have that lifestyle for the world. It's not worth it. Because eventually, they end up like Gary--angry at the world---or go in and out of rehab like Lindsay, or commit suicide. Not a lifestyle that's worth all the drama. I can bring drama in my life by myself without the help of Hollywood. To each his own, though, but NO THANKS!

1696 days ago


I feel sorry for him and you are right on typergirl. The parents are to blame for a lot of his unhappiness and problems. I hope he is ok.

1696 days ago


He looks very sick.

His parents should be ashamed of themselves.

1696 days ago


poor little fella...

1696 days ago


I still got Gary's back.

1696 days ago


Hes rude, arrogant and hateful! Too bad he ruined his life, it was his choice. Now go away Gary!

1696 days ago


How could anyone feel sorry for this guy? Hollywood has given him sooooo many chances. He is obviously the problem and can't blame anyone. This dude has major problems.

1696 days ago
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