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Charlie Sheen, Wife -- Two Different Stories

3/1/2010 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller is committed to her marriage, with one big but -- Charlie Sheen has to take sobriety seriously ... this according to sources. But people on Charlie's side say bluntly, "She is the problem."

As we first reported, Brooke left rehab and is living at the family home, along with a cadre of therapists. Brooke is saying, "I love Charlie to death," but she feels the only way she can stay sober is if Charlie gives it the ol' college try.

It's interesting ... we're told Brooke is not demanding that Charlie stay sober ... just that he try. She's acknowledging both of them have a huge problem and both are going to slip from time to time. For her part, she's been in rehab multiple times.

But here's what's interesting -- people in Charlie's camp are telling us, "It's Brooke's craziness that is fueling all of this" and that she is the bad influence on him.


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They are probably both alcoholics but neither one wants to take responsibility for their actions.

1695 days ago


Surrounded by enablers! Charlie's supposedly sober coach on his staff has secretly returned to smoking pot; another is a flat-out alcoholic. They will always support his claims that it's the woman who's nuts. Enablers all.

1695 days ago

Jerry Martin    

I can't find my pants.

1695 days ago


I beleive it's HER problem. She's erratic - changes her mind about what took place Christmas Day - and a solid drug addict. He was and occasionally drinks even though he's an alcoholic but she's a flaming solid coke head.

1695 days ago


It seems strange that these women want him, knowing full well who he is...When cops called out Christmas, her blood level was four times his. Then her mother told how wild etc. she was, the story keeps changing. Then that Denise broad wants her name in the press so she expects people to change their minds about her, and that she was the sane one. Please, ask Healther Lockner about that! Her complicated show on E told us who she was, so none of the women he picks are sane, and have problems. Not that he is an Angel, but come on, it is not like his life before them was a closed book. We all know what he did, so did these two women. Sick.... I do like Two and one-half men, that is who he is... no different. Get real ladies, and I use that term for lack of a better word.

1695 days ago

Michael Levine is a Has Been    

The only "pattern" is Charlie's continued substance abuse and his willingness to blame all of his problems on the women in his life. Please. Charlie will never get sober and nothing will ever be his fault. It's nothing short of a miracle that this man has any sort of career.

1695 days ago


Both of them need to get it together. Their twins are going to grow up with parents who are in and out of rehab and can't stay sober.

1695 days ago


These two people may love each other but their combination is toxic. They need to stay apart for the sake of their children. The two of them together creates a very harmful environment for everyone around them.
Sometimes love is NOT all you need.

1695 days ago


Isn't marriage wonderful? Too bad that they have kids.

1695 days ago


Oh what a fine mother and father they are.

Those poor kids.

1695 days ago


Here's a thought..Why doesn't she worry about HERSELF. She needs to get sober as well. If they always drank and got high together, then it won't work out if they're trying to get sober. There has to come a point when these kids get taken away if they slip up again. Just b/c she's in rehab and parents are there with the kids doesn't make it okay. It's like they use rehab as an escape goat. A normal person would've had their children taken a long time ago.

1695 days ago


The finger pointing from BOTH of them is completely comical, and grossly immature...
Charlie's antics are well known to society, and we've ALL seen him grow into a better man...Brooke's sordid past is just now coming to light, and she seems content enough in her addiction that she abused while pregnant...

However, there are two babies involved who deserve better from BOTH parents...Brooke is able to hide her drama simply because she is irrelevant...If Charlie had been "slipping", it would have been publicly known long ago because he is relevant...
I think Brooke high-tailed it into rehab because SHE GOT CAUGHT...
I think Charlie went to rehab because he's now been forced to fight because of Brooke's LIES...
Charlie is clearly the best parent for those boys, and they should be awarded to him for their safety...
Brooke was drinking and drugging WHILE pregnant, and should be monitored around children...

1695 days ago


...birds of a feather....

Big surprise there. Of course its all HER fault, he is typical, its not unusual for the bigger addict to blame everyone else!

Like Charlie was going to get a scholar for a new woman. I can not feel sorry for Brooke. Because I assume she can read. She knew what he was like...but, she fell for his B.S. I'm certain he bashed all of his ex's to Brooke. I'm sure he said a whole bunch of crappola to make himself out to be a prince. I'm so misunderstood Brooke-only YOU can save me....booohoooo.
Ya Brooke they were all wrong. He is innocent.

But....until women gather a brain, there is always going to be those gals who think they can save 'em, they are special, he won't cheat on ME, he won't beat ME up, he would never hurt ME!

Ya.....and I have a bridge to sell too. Stupid women suck. Major epidemic at this point.

1695 days ago


"... people in Charlie's camp are telling us, "It's Brooke's craziness that is fueling all of this" and that she is the bad influence on him..."

So "they" say.

Aren't these the same people that manage(d) Charlie for his #1 rated TV show? They would have a lot to loose if Charlie Sheen went to jail... Friends? or investors?

These are the same people that supported Sheen through the Denise Richards debacle... and she was saying he did the same things to her in 2005 that Brooke claims to have happened in Colorado, with the timing of the claimed events down to the same week of year.

Are these the same people that supported Charlie Sheen through the Heidi Fleiss mess? How many men, REALLY, spend thousands and thousands of dollars on hookers and whores when there is so much free stuff walking around? Especially a Hollywood star, from a legendary Hollywood family? Why would Chrlie Sheen invest in so many cows, when so many sweet young heifers wander the streets of Hollyweird practically screaming "free milk"?

I don't think Charlie's camp is protecting him so much as they are ENABLING his behavior, and protecting THEIR INTERESTS - and the CO. D.A. is determined to have Charlie's scalp as his latest pelt.

1695 days ago


I'm sorry but I find it hysterical that people are saying Charlie F'ing Sheen is Mr. Lily White and Pure. Come on. He has a history going back decades of violence against women, drugs, booze and self destructive behavior. Guys like that tend to pick women who have their own destruction because it gives them permission. It's not her fault. It's both of them. If Charlie doesn't want to drink, he won't. Nobody is putting a gun to his head.

Nothing like two addicts telling each other that one or two drinks, lines, whatever, won't hurt. Please.

1695 days ago
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