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Cover-Up in Michael Jackson Death?

3/1/2010 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson received the fatal dose of Propofol through an IV in his leg, and law enforcement believes Dr. Conrad Murray may have tried covering it up ... this according to law enforcement sources and an anesthesiologist who reviewed the case.

Cover-Up in Michael Jackson Death?

Dr. Murray told cops he administered only a very small amount of Propofol -- 2.5ml shortly before Jackson died. But Dr. John Dombrowski, a noted anesthesiologist and member of the board of the American Society of Anesthesiologists who reviewed the file, tells TMZ that 2.5ml couldn't put Jackson to sleep, much less kill him. Indeed, the Coroner's report notes the level of Propofol found in Jackson's body was equivalent to that found during "general anesthesia for major surgery."

A small, empty, 20ml bottle of Propofol was found in the bedroom, but there was a secret compartment in a nearby closet that could be the key to the prosecution's case. Several days after Jackson's death, law enforcement found numerous bottles of Propofol in that closet, including a large, empty, 100ml bottle with a large tear in the rubber stopper.

The tear could be critical evidence. There are two ways of administering Propofol. The first is sticking a syringe into the rubber stopper, withdrawing a small amount and then injecting it into the tubing. The second way is by using a spike -- which creates a tear in the rubber stop -- and connects the entire bottle of Propofol to the tube.

Dr. Dombrowski says if a spike is used to connect the bottle directly to the IV tube, the doctor must use an infusion pump to regulate the flow of Propofol -- otherwise, the patient could easily OD. There was no infusion pump found in Jackson's home.

Dr. Dombrowski and law enforcement sources believe Dr. Murray may have connected the 100ml bottle of Propofol to the tube, and then either tried regulating the flow by eyeballing it or just letting it flow by itself ... and Dr. Dombrowski calls either scenario "reckless." Remember, Dr. Murray himself told detectives at one point he walked out of Jackson's room to go to the bathroom.

If Dr. Murray did indeed attach the 100ml bottle to the tube and the contents emptied into Jackson's system, that would be 40 times more Propofol than Dr. Murray said he administered.

There is no explanation for the empty bottle of Propofol in the hidden compartment.


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209. For anyone interested in the TRUTH:

In the coming weeks and months many media outlets
are going to continue to lie to the public and claim that Michael was a junkie, a drug addict, who caused his own death. The full autopsy report has been released and while it refutes this, the media continues to "spin the story" just as they have always done when it comes to Michael.

One thing I learned about Michael a long time ago is that he never lied. Sure, there were times he may have said something outrageous that may have been hard to believe, but it would always turn out to be true. For years he tried to speak out against the media and what they were doing to him but people refused to listen to him. He was telling the TRUTH when he said the media and tabloids were on a witch hunt to destroy him and his image.

The TRUTH is, that Michael did indeed have Vitiligo (this has now been confirmed by the autopsy report) and did not “bleach” his skin to become white. People will never understand how much they hurt him. Why was it so hard for them to accept the fact that he had a disease that caused him to lose the pigmentation in his skin?

Michael was telling all of us the TRUTH about himself and his life a long time ago...people just refused to listen!

So few of us seek the TRUTH. We say we don't have time but, we have time to watch 24 hour news channels, read the newspaper, surf the Internet, spend all day on Mypsace, Facebook, and Twitter, and watch our reality shows every night. We have time to believe all of the garbage that is thrown at us on a daily basis and we then have time to tell everyone we know, this convoluted version of “truth”, essentially, continuing to spread the disease.

Michael's life was taken. His life was stolen from him in part because of all of the lies that were spread about him by the tabloids, the media, and by those who spread the rumors and lies to entertain themselves and their friends. After all, it can’t hurt to make fun of someone who you don't know, to defame someone’s character, to tear another human being apart. That’s what we tell ourselves, right?

Anyone who knew Michael knew was very humble and extremely kind. Unfortunately, his kindness was taken advantage of time and time again. He would help anyone who asked and the world gave back to him by trying to steal away his dignity, his privacy; and in the end, his life.

The TRUTH is, despite the fact that the media continues to claim Michael was a junkie, the the only things they found in him were regular prescriptions for medication to help him SLEEP and Propofol. He suffered from severe insomnia but he was no junkie!

Should he have been using Propofol? No, absolutely not. But I think it's easy for people to sit back and judge. Many people do not know this but Michael had been to sleep clinics, he had tried to get help for quite some time and nothing seemed to work. I suffer from insomnia too and I can tell you that there are times when you'd do just about anything even if only for an hour or so of sleep.

Conrad Murray is a cardiologist and you cannot tell me he didn't know what would happen when he gave Michael a massive amoutn of Propofol on top of what he had given him earlier that morning. He claims he only gave him 25 mg but it was much much more than that. The amounts of Propofol and Lorazepam in Michael's system were significant. They were so significant that anyone given the amount of Propofol Michael was, would need to be put on a ventilator to breathe...Michael was not. Many have said that Michael asked for the Propofol and knew the risks. Yes, that's true, but let me also say that any competent physician would NEVER administer a drug like Propofol outside of a hospital and certainly not to treat insomnia.

The TRUTH is, blaming Michael for is own death is just another sick and twisted shot taken at him by the media. Why do they continue to do this? Because sensational stories SELL! News and stories about do-gooders don’t attract major attention. How many times in the last 15 years has the media mentioned Michael's charitable contributions? I can out them on one hand. He continued to give and help others up until the day he died. But you'll never hear any of those stories from the media because the ugly, sensational stories make the newspapers and television media outlets money.

Every single day since June 25, 2009 I have asked myself, "How did it get so bad?" I can tell you one thing...the tabloid rumors/lies and the public buying into what was being sold, certainly added to Michael's pain. He knew what was being said behind his back. Instead of showing love, acceptance, and appreciation for a man who wanted nothing more than to share the talent that God had given him and to heal the world, people continued to demand more. More than he was capable of giving. Michael never wanted to

1641 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

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1641 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

574. AEG TOM BARACK,, RED ROCK CASINO,,,TRW what do they have in common,SYCAMORE VALLEY RANCH,,, WILLIAM BONE, find out who hired DR CONRAD MURRAY you will find WHO MURDERED MICHEAL

Posted at 11:51AM on Mar 2nd 2010 by CASH AND DASH

Well. ..LOL...THAT'S simple enough! Michael Jackson hired Dr Murray. Randy Phillips objected....Michael Jackson's arguments won out. So you are saying that Michael Jackson killed Michael Jackson?

1641 days ago


Posted at 12:13PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by Sandra
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!That is everything we have been trying to say sense june......Wow I never knew he was put in a cell and made fun of??? Its so horrible that they put him in handcuffs, humilited and murry goes in without them!!!!!!! Yes what happened to Jesus was very similar jesus did nothing wrong and only did good, the same with Michael its like punishing a child for something you were TOLD they did but do not know for sure. I just cant get my head around WHY they tourtured him so much????he did nothing to hurt anyone!!!The media only ever said bad things about him, they never reported all the good things he did
Its easy to sit back and judge, it wil always be in our human nature but there will be some of us smart enough to know there are two sides to a story. I think we have all learned alot from Michaels death and not just the fans...

1641 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

577. Thank you for this. You said everything that I have been trying to say since June. It breaks my heart to think about the hell Michael was put through here on Earth. I love how you made reference to the Bible. It's true. I have always looked at Michael as a Christ-like figure and every time I read the following Bible verse I am reminded of him and what he went through: ""Father forgive them, for they know not what they do". Luke 23:34

Posted at 12:13PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by Sandra

Honey, either one of two things is happening here. (1 You do not have a full understanding of the life of Jesus Christ and the Bible..or (2 You do not have a full understanding of the life of Michael Jackson.

1641 days ago


stephanie..thank you for the post..very true. ..i dont know if the media will evercome clean , at least not until there is another generation running the show..

they sure dont want to admit they lied and hounded a man to death

1641 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

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1641 days ago


Without an infusion pump, it would have been difficult, even for the Dr. to determine how much was actually going into Michael's system. To leave even for 1 second was reckless because sometimes even movement could change a rate of an infusion if it is not being regulated by an infusion pump. How could any medical professional be so carelesss of a human life? Don't say Michael had a choice it those reckless actions because, as a lay person, he had no idea the seriousness harm that medication can cause. He only know that it appeared to be the only thing that was helping. It was the Dr.;s responsibility to tell his patient NO, and to see that Michael received the proper, SAFE treatments. How horrible. My heart aches for the children. They need to know that their daddy is a good person, and has never wanted them to suffer. Never. I only hope one day they will be able to COMPLETELY understand all of the chaos, but mostly know that their daddy loves them.

1641 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Michael Jackson: It's Time For Outlets to Take Responsibility in Covering the Rock Star

Charles Thomson
March 2, 2010 10:10 AM

Last week Michael Jackson's guitarist discredited widely reported allegations about the star's behaviour on the road. So why is the media refusing to publish her comments? British writer Charles Thomson explores media bias against black music's biggest star.

Aging glam-rocker Gene Simmons made international headlines last month when he claimed to know that Michael Jackson had molested children. In an interview with Classic Rock, Simmons alleged that Jackson was on tape ordering alcohol for children and that during the star's 2005 trial a travel agent had testified to importing Brazilian boys for Jackson's amusement. He also claimed that a musician friend had quit a Jackson tour after seeing 'boys coming out of the hotel rooms.'

What followed was a classic example of copy and paste journalism. Within hours the story had been duplicated by hundreds of blogs, forums and news websites from Australia to India to the USA. None of them had fact-checked the story before they re-hosted it. Jackson was never on tape ordering alcohol for children. There was never any testimony during his trial about young Brazilian boys. Both of these claims were easily disproven by trial transcripts.

As a relative Jackson expert, I was also unaware of any musician ever leaving one of the..............cont.

1641 days ago


It's ashame the media is not as honest as this gentleman. Thank you for putting the truth out there. TMZ should follow his example.

1641 days ago


Jesus did not molest young boys.

1641 days ago


This is really funny i tried 4 times to post this article,now you posted it Tellit!

1641 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Profile of a Pedophile
By Charles Montaldo

Pedophiles Can Be Anyone:

Pedophiles can be anyone -- old or young, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, non-professional or professional, and of any race. However, pedophiles often demonstrate similar characteristics, but these are merely indicators and it should not be assumed that individuals with these characteristics are pedophiles. But knowledge of these characteristics coupled with questionable behavior can be used as an alert that someone may be a pedophile.

Characteristics of a Pedophile :
Often the pedophile is male and over 30 years of age.
Single or with few friends in his age group.
If married, the relationship is more "companion" based with no sexual relations.
He is often vague about time gaps in employment which may indicate a loss in employment for questionable reasons or possible past incarceration.

Pedophiles Like Child-like Activities:
He is often fascinated with children and child activities appearing to prefer those activities to adult oriented activities.
He will often refer to children in pure or angelic terms using descriptives like innocent, heavenly, divine, pure, and other words that describe children but seem inappropriate and exaggerated.
He has hobbies that are child-like such as collecting popular expensive toys, keeping reptiles or exotic pets, or building plane and car models.

Pedophiles Often Prefer Children Close to Puberty:
Pedophiles often have a specific age of child they target. Some prefer younger children, some older.
Often his environment or a special room will be decorated in child-like decor and will appeal to the age and sex of the child he is trying to entice.
Many pedophiles often prefer children close to puberty who are sexually inexperienced, but curious about sex.

Pedophiles Work Around Children:
The pedophile will often be employed in a position that involves daily contact with children. If not employed, he will put himself in a position to do volunteer work with children, often in a supervisory capacity such as sports coaching, contact sport instruction, unsupervised tutoring or a position where he has the opportunity to spend unsupervised time with a child.

The Target Child:
The pedophile often seeks out shy, handicapped, and withdrawn children, or those who come from troubled homes or under privileged homes. He then showers them with attention, gifts, taunting them with trips to desirable places like amusement parks, zoo's, concerts, the beach and other such places.

Manipulation of the Innocent:
Pedophiles work to master their manipulative skills and often unleash them on troubled children by first becoming their friend, building the the child's self esteem. They may refer to the child as special or mature, appealing to their need to be heard and understood then entice them with adult type activities that are often sexual in content such as x-rated movies or pictures. They offer them alcohol or drugs to hamper their ability to resist activities or recall events that occurred.

Stockholm Syndrome :
It is not unusual for the child to develop feelings for the predator and desire their approval and continued acceptance. They will compromise their innate ability to decipher good and bad behavior, ultimately justifying the criminal's bad behavior out of sympathy and concern for the adults welfare. This is often compared to Stockholm Syndrome - when victims become attached emotionally to their captors.

The Single Parent:
Many times pedophiles will develop a close relationship with a single parent in order to get close to their children. Once inside the home, they have many opportunities to manipulate the children -- using guilt, fear, and love to confuse the child. If the child's parent works, it offers the pedophile the private time needed to abuse the child.

Fighting Back:
Pedophiles work hard at stalking their targets and will patiently work to develop relationships with them. It is not uncommon for them to be developing a long list of potential victims at any one time. Many of them believe that what they are doing is not wrong and that having sex with a child is actually "healthy" for the child.
Almost all pedophiles have a collection of pronography, which they protect at all costs. Many of them also collect "souvenirs" from their victims. They rarely discard either their porn or collections for any reason.

One factor that works against the pedophile is that eventually the children will grow up and recall the events that occurred. Often pedophiles are not brought to justice until such time occurs and victims are angered by being victimized and want to protect other children from the same consequences.

Laws such as Megan's Law - a federal law passed in 1996 that authorizes local law enforcement agencies to notify the public about convicted sex offenders

1641 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Tohme AND Jermaine puts GRACE inside of MICHAEL JACKSON circle of friends.Controling Neveralnd and understaning his money issues they bring in TOM BARACK to help out.THE PLAN is to take Neveralnd.Make loans to MICHAEL and increase his drug use,use GRACE and the kids for a tighter grip on MICHAEL.1991 GRACE MOVES up the ladder then the FAKE DOCTOR meaning TOHME moves in on MICHAEL and he is running the show.GRACE provided the inside information to Tohme.

1641 days ago
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