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Cover-Up in Michael Jackson Death?

3/1/2010 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson received the fatal dose of Propofol through an IV in his leg, and law enforcement believes Dr. Conrad Murray may have tried covering it up ... this according to law enforcement sources and an anesthesiologist who reviewed the case.

Cover-Up in Michael Jackson Death?

Dr. Murray told cops he administered only a very small amount of Propofol -- 2.5ml shortly before Jackson died. But Dr. John Dombrowski, a noted anesthesiologist and member of the board of the American Society of Anesthesiologists who reviewed the file, tells TMZ that 2.5ml couldn't put Jackson to sleep, much less kill him. Indeed, the Coroner's report notes the level of Propofol found in Jackson's body was equivalent to that found during "general anesthesia for major surgery."

A small, empty, 20ml bottle of Propofol was found in the bedroom, but there was a secret compartment in a nearby closet that could be the key to the prosecution's case. Several days after Jackson's death, law enforcement found numerous bottles of Propofol in that closet, including a large, empty, 100ml bottle with a large tear in the rubber stopper.

The tear could be critical evidence. There are two ways of administering Propofol. The first is sticking a syringe into the rubber stopper, withdrawing a small amount and then injecting it into the tubing. The second way is by using a spike -- which creates a tear in the rubber stop -- and connects the entire bottle of Propofol to the tube.

Dr. Dombrowski says if a spike is used to connect the bottle directly to the IV tube, the doctor must use an infusion pump to regulate the flow of Propofol -- otherwise, the patient could easily OD. There was no infusion pump found in Jackson's home.

Dr. Dombrowski and law enforcement sources believe Dr. Murray may have connected the 100ml bottle of Propofol to the tube, and then either tried regulating the flow by eyeballing it or just letting it flow by itself ... and Dr. Dombrowski calls either scenario "reckless." Remember, Dr. Murray himself told detectives at one point he walked out of Jackson's room to go to the bathroom.

If Dr. Murray did indeed attach the 100ml bottle to the tube and the contents emptied into Jackson's system, that would be 40 times more Propofol than Dr. Murray said he administered.

There is no explanation for the empty bottle of Propofol in the hidden compartment.


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It's a pity that lie detector tests aren't used in this case. I also find it quite extraordinary that we haven't heard anything about the cctv footage that is supposed to be around the premises.
Personally, I think Dr Murray is the fall guy and a massive fraud has taken place. Michael owed millions of dollars, possibly veering towards bankruptcy and his untimely death has certainly earned his estate a great fortune..........
I would like to add that I am a huge Michael Jackson fan and that I do miss him terribly. However, there has been a huge cover-up.

1662 days ago


Michael used Propofol in the 80's when he couldn't sleep. I love him, but he knew too much about the dosing etc. He asked several other Doc's including a nurse to get it for him.

1662 days ago


The more we know about this case, the more it becomes VERY obvious that the charge should NOT be manslaughter but MURDER. Murray is supposed to be a cardiologist?? Everybody knows, or should know, basic CPR so how come a supposed cardiologist didn't ?? Murray is guilty of murder there's NO doubt about that but did he act alone?? The coroner's report states that Michael's body had bruising under the arms and legs which were believed to have been caused by lifting and carrying his dead or dying body from one room to another. That being the case... who was the other party??

1662 days ago


If this is indeed true, this pretty much confirms the fact the Murray is a murderer, i dont know how this man sleeps at night. Hopefully prosecution can nail this man and uncover who else is involved

Justice for MJ!!!!!

1662 days ago


@lakan: where do you see an insult?
You probably really see more than others...

1662 days ago


I've always believed that Murray panicked that morning and tried to save his own skin, but if this is true, the guy is really evil. What a quack! And hiding the bottle in a closet/secret compartment? I guess staying on as Michael's doctor so he could collect all that money was more important than anything -- even common sense! I'm not sure what the legal definition of 2nd degree murder is, but this is beginning to sound more and more like it!

I hope they get his guy - I really do!

1662 days ago


To all "beLIEvers":
You should use your skill of investigaton and energy to urge justice for Michael Jackson and his orphans!

1662 days ago


To all "beLIEvers":
You should use your skill of investigation and energy to urge justice for Michael Jackson and his orphans!

1662 days ago


Which explains no drug residue in the IV bag that was found...except he would have changed the tubing itself since there was no drug residue in the upper part of the tubing, either, and if the drug had dripped thru the tubing, there would still be
residue in the top of the tubing and the spiked part of the tube. The only drug residue found in the tubing was down by the injection site at the bottom of the tubing.
Soooo did he change the tubing out, too, and inject some drug into the injection site just to make it look like he "only" gave a small bolus??

1662 days ago


46. OMG!
They still believe in a hoax... These ppl need help in a professional way - MOST URGENTLY!!!
This is called long term denial.

Where the hell do you see a hint in this report?
This is just absurd!

Posted at 6:01AM on Mar 1st 2010 by Me

The best place to start is at the obvious. TMZ have been shoving it in our faces now for weeks. Look for can do it for you.

"Cover-up in Michael Jackson Death"...yes because its all a hoax, it is all fake, it is all bogus, it is all a fraud (words used by TMZ these past weeks)....does it need further explanation? Read between the lines (RBTL) and open your eyes to the TRUTH.

With L.O.V.E

LOVE you MJ!!!!!

1662 days ago


50. Michael used Propofol in the 80's when he couldn't sleep. I love him, but he knew too much about the dosing etc. He asked several other Doc's including a nurse to get it for him.

Posted at 6:23AM on Mar 1st 2010 by Durelle

And do you know this as a REAL FACT? or are you just taking this from hearsay, innuendo, tabloid media lies and rumour?

This is what Michael has had to deal with all his lies and rumours and slander being accepted as facts, even by his most adoring fans.

1662 days ago


Why can't anybody come up with the truth rather than all these stories--it makes me sick.

1662 days ago


We all came together for a purpose, those that BeLIEve he is alive and those that believe he is dead. Common bond is that everyone was interested and cared about what happened to him. It is amazing the type of research some people have done. We are all interactive with this storyline and the truth will prevail.

1662 days ago


56. To all "beLIEvers":
You should use your skill of investigaton and energy to urge justice for Michael Jackson and his orphans!
Posted at 6:36AM on Mar 1st 2010 by Me

Is that you Karen Faye?? Or is it perhaps Samantha de Gosson???? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

Read more:

1662 days ago


@54. @lakan: where do you see an insult?
You probably really see more than others...

Posted at 6:31AM on Mar 1st 2010 by Me

Wow you must not reads what you post?read your post love..whatever you say or do will not change my mind or many others obviously block out alot instead of looking into things...i am not here to argue..i stated my point just like you stated yours..yes obvioisly i do see more than others because im open minded..not closed minded..imo after looking into alot for months my views changed alot..if you know me from the past i was a non things changed and im sticking to it..either way i am here for Michael and for the truth..i respect what you say respect what i say and others say..i dont see the need for judgement when we are well many of us are fans..peace..

1662 days ago
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