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Marie Osmond's Son's Autopsy - 'Deferred'

3/1/2010 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marie OsmondThe autopsy of Marie Osmond's son, Michael Blosil, is complete, but the cause of death is "deferred" -- we're told pending toxicology results.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe the 18-year-old committed suicide, and left a note behind in his apartment unit.

We're told the L.A. County Coroner has completed the autopsy but has listed the cause of death as "deferred" -- meaning they will not say definitively until the various toxicological reports are in ... which will take weeks.

The Coroner wants to know if drugs or alcohol contributed to Michael's death. Michael was in rehab in 2007.


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I hear the Jackson Family is trying to buy the section of sidewalk where he splatted.

They plan on marking the outline in white and charging admission...
There's big money
to be made here..

Huge Upside!

1661 days ago


Just wondering ...... this is the adopted kid who was in rehab because he was a molester? Did he molest younger kids? Girls? Boys? Was he a sex addict?

1661 days ago


I am very sorry her son is dead but why is an autopsy necessary he jumped off of a building, pretty sure thats what killed him...

1661 days ago


She and all of her 47 brothers should go sell appliances at Sears. Bunch of talentless hacks.

1661 days ago


Karma people. So many of these comments are just mean, hurtful and stupid. What do you get from of it? I don't understand. Is that how your parents raised you? A mother, whether you like her, hate her or anything else, has lost her son. You don't know her or anything about her or her son. Be respectful. Shame on you.

1661 days ago


#53- e
Please see post #46 as it was addressing you when you posted the almost exact same stupid comment earlier.
What's the matter? Can't think of anything that could even more stupid than this. Ohhh...I have faith in you. I am CERTAIN that you can come up with something else really stupid.

1661 days ago


Here ya go "E" or "e"-worth posting once again, just for YOU!

The Osmonds-NO TALENT? Lol. That's the funniest thing I have EVER heard.

All 9 (including the oldest two who are deaf) have more talent amongst them than a total of 40 or more of today's "artists".

They didn't/done need Autotune, because the 7 performing family members were ALL blessed with fantastic singing voices. All 8 of the brothers each play 2 or 3 musical instruments-how many artists (lol) can say they even play "1" ? Not very many.

You are delusional if you believe the Osmonds had no talent. In the 70's and early 80's, groups had to have REAL TALENT to make it, unlike today.

And you have the nerve to call someone else an IDIOT? WOW! Look in the mirror JERK!!!!!

1661 days ago


I want to extend my sincere condolences to Marie Osmond and her family, and my equally sincere hopes that even the ignorant, insensitive troglodytes who comment insensitively on tragic stories such as this one never have to experience the pain and anguish she is going through (because if you got what you truly deserved, you would have neither the spiritual nor the testicular development to handle it.)

1660 days ago

Hipolito Montalvo    

Marie you and your family are in my prayers very sad for yor lost god bless you and family

1660 days ago


I suspect the following: Blosil was gay (what straight man enrolls in the Fashion Institute?) and bombarded with anti-gay comments from his Mormon family. His alleged rehab of a couple years ago was actually an anti-gay "conversion" facility. Remember how tight-lipped Marie Osmond was on the Larry King Show? What gay man wouldn't be depressed over all this? There are already plenty of statistics showing teen suicides are caused when young gay people are rejected by their blatantly anti-gay parents. No matter that the Osmonds encounter gay people in show business--it's OK for them to be gay, just not Mormons.

1660 days ago



Will trolls please stop trolling?

Fishing requires a license.

> 3. im first oh my god im first
> and so therefor i am the best hee hee heeee...
> he was a loser druggie who couldnt handle life
> and his mom was too busy selling food
> to fat people to notice..
> so she gets what she deserves hee hee heee
> Posted at 12:47PM on Mar 1st 2010 by KOOKY FIRST

1658 days ago


16> Nothing is so bad that
16> you should commit suicide over it.






> Most problems don't last
> and suicide is a permanent solution
> to a temporary problem.

Untreated depression DOES last.

To those afflicted, any permanent solution is a perfect

Cancer patients beg for euthanasia.

Same, same, only different.
Read more:

1658 days ago


23.> Who do you think raised these children?
23.> Have some sensitivity.

Sensitivity was a central cause of the kid's demise.

Nobody spoke plainly, not "friends", nor family, nor religious "leadership", nor teachers, nor co-workers, nor classmates.

That's what "sensitivity" got us.

So much for for playing "nicey-nice".

27.> Why didn't they stop him?

Did he stand on a ledge and say, "I'm going to jump!"

These same persons couldn't detect days, or months, or years of signs and symptoms. Why would they expect someone they cluelessly thought "normal" and "happy" and "well-adjusted" to suddenly jump?

29> He could have been gay
29> or had feelings of being lost in his sexuality.

While we're spewing nonsense, maybe he couldn't afford a trip to Thailand for "gender adjustment" surgery.

30.> Ain't a single one of em has any talent.

Yet somehow, they're wealthy, and well-known, and well-regarded among their peers, friends and fans.

You're an unknown nothing.

Tell me again, who's the "nothing"?

33.> I sensed in different interviews
33.> that all was not well in the relationship
33.> between Michael and Marie to begin with.

Thank you, Dr. Who?

Your Psych D is from WHICH elite school?

33.> Although I can't judge anyone else,

You just did.

42.> NOT ONE OF YOU know what has happened


42.> in her life or his, she is NOT to blame
42.> for the choices Michael made

Countless factors led to his demise.

Likely his perception of her, accurate or not, was one factor.

"What might have been" -- no sadder words in any language.

1658 days ago


1654 days ago


It's so sad but some of the comments show where our society is headed and its not good. If you don't have the dignity and courtesy to write something good, keep your stupid thoughts to yourself. My sympathy goes out to Marie and her family and its good to see that she is moving on.

I hope that those of you who wrote your negative comments will have half the love he had.

1610 days ago
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