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13-Year-Old Ordered Stun Gun in Jackson House

3/2/2010 4:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, ordered the stun gun online that triggered a visit from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services last night ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story that DCFS came to the Jackson family house in Encino last night at around 10:30 after someone told them that Jaafar ordered the gun. Randy Jackson tells TMZ the gun was delivered to the house 3 weeks ago -- but was intercepted by security.

Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ Katherine took control of the gun and locked it up. We're told DCFS took the gun away last night.

Streisand tells TMZ two people from DCFS conducted interviews last night at the house. They spoke with Katherine and some of the children. Michael Jackson's three kids live at the home, along with some of their cousins.

Both Randy and Streisand tell TMZ none of the children ever got hold of the gun.

As we first reported, DCFS is coming back today to conduct further interviews.


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J Byrd    

All of MJ's kids are going to be so frikken spoiled. When they turn 13 and 14, they're going to be hooked on dope. I don't see them contributing sheeyot to the world, except some great Hollywood parties.

1661 days ago


use the stun gun on old joe jackson

1661 days ago




27. Jermaine Jackson is using Katherine to support his kids with Micheals money. I see them attending Karate classes bet it's Micheals money . Jermaine Jackson be a man and get your kids. Why are'nt they living with you? Micheal was an exemplary father tohis kids why can't you be the same to yours? I wish DCPS would ask you to take your damn kids they probably are a bad influnce on MJ's kids. Jermaaine Jackson is a loser and will never be like Micheal. Katherine cannot afford to take care of your kids financially and emotionally.

Posted at 3:07PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by Leslie

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1660 days ago


Katherine and MJ3 should be the only ones living there!

1660 days ago


Thats The Same Finger Little Wacko
Used On The Little Boys Butts

1660 days ago


F... the social services ,they just wanted to be there because it had to do w- "the MJ" and his family.

1660 days ago



1660 days ago


why did Mrs. Jackson "lock up" the stun gun?
she should have deep 6 it.
why hang on to it.
so the kids can get into it again???

1660 days ago


Honestly the kids probally were better off with Micheal, The family seems like a bunch of plastic faced IDIOTS! Idiots, Idiots, Idiots

1660 days ago


I'm with Tellit on this one. How has a 13 year old boy got means to pay for things online? And why is he on those sites in the first place? I'm not condemning the Jackson family its most probably a one off and I hope it is but I'm not sure MJ would be happy for people who are living under the same roof as his kids to be ordering weapons.

1660 days ago

Linda Johnson    

I heard on the news that there are 14 children living at that house. Jermaine has been married I believe 4 times,and has 8 children, but not all of the 8 live there. And Randy is there with his children. Jermaine and Randy have children by the same woman. Katherine Jackson is 80 years old and cannot possibly supervise all those children. I wonder who called DFS? Michael's nanny maybe?

1660 days ago


Jaafar's Facebook a/c has closed.

1658 days ago


Lord knows they are trying to murder Prince, Paris and Blanket! Just like Jermaine Jackson and his brothers murdered the attorneys of victims coming forward!

Everyone knows the Jackson's are Muslim. (forget this Jehova's Witness crap. Not only are they Muslims, they are Satan Worshippers from way back! Common Knowledge amongst the insiders. Just read the lyrics to MJ's songs. Old news... are you paying attention?)

The Muslims are trying to kill the poor Jewish kids! Alot of people know what the Jackson family did in Las Vegas and who they murdered - and how they used tasers to do it!

Murder the attorneys, Murder the victims, Murder the witnesses, that's the MO of Jermaine Jackson and his family. What are they going to do next, take the kids to a psychiatrist and say they are delusional and that nothing ever happened????????????

Is Gloria Allred going to have DFCS keep the kids away from the real mother Debbie Rowe and the real father ? Gloria Allred is a red herring. In the past while pretending to be a victim's rights advocate, she aided and abetted the Jackson family. Is it about money or what? Too bad everyone at SBC in Anaheim saw her beat up a bunch of people. Too bad for her the video and pictures are available. Nothing good for the children could ever come out of what she would do.

Don't let them get away with this! Call DCFS and tell them to get the kids out of that murder house! DCFS (213) 639-4500 Call the FBI and tell them to investigate this hate crime: 310-477-6565 The Jackson's are having the kids murder the kids so it looks like an accident! Don't let this happen! If the authorities did their job this would not be happening. Prince, Paris, Blanket, If you can read this please call 911 and tell them what really happened. They Jackson family don't love you, you are merely a way for them to get Michael's wealth. A bunch of young kids they can murder and say it was an accident. They need to cut off the Jackson's for the money meant for the kids!

In honor of all the attorneys that tried to help the molested children of Michael Jackson who are now mysteriously deceased, and many more. This is a murderous family. Michael G. Mattern Esq. Roselily Howard Mitchell Esq. RIP I pray these kids do not die before they can get away from the murder family they are living with. Michael Jackson went to extraordinary measures to keep his family away from the kids. There was a reason! They are murdering for money!

1656 days ago


i have to say thats sick im so worried about michaels kids that brat had no right doing that to blanket he is only 8 years old and he is 13 he should know better and how the hell can he get a stun gun off the enternet come on he must had a credit card at that age he shouldnt have one jermain should step up and take care of his own childern and i know his ex wife is liveing there to wich she shouldnt be michaels mother has her own life and problems she is almost 80 let her live her life but i do have to say one thing i know people out there will get mad but i have to say it i love michael with all my heart and soul but what made him think his kids would be safe liveing with his mother when she didnt stop joe from beating her own kids so please god if you can please watch over them kids and if they are being harmed then get them out of there please god answer my prayers god bless you michael and your beautyful childern

1650 days ago



1602 days ago
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