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Ronald Reagan's Grandson -- Wanted Man

3/2/2010 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Ronald Reagan's grandson after dude blew off a court date for a marijuana arrest ... an arrest that flew right under the radar.

TMZ has learned Cameron Reagan was arrested on November 9, 2009 after cops pulled the 31-year-old over for speeding in Malibu.

According to the arrest report, cops say they found weed in Cameron's car and arrested him for marijuana possession.

Cameron was set to be arraigned on January 8th but never showed up ... so the judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

And get this -- just one day before his scheduled hearing, Cameron was arrested for that whole panic button incident at his parents' home ... where he allegedly cussed out cops and resisted arrest.

A rep for the Reagan family had no comment.


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He was on the way to Ronald Reagan's grave as
the Michael the adopted son has sent invitations to all good conservative to the resurrection of his father to save the nation and give another tax cut to the wealthy.

1643 days ago


6. TMZ... please report all the facts. WHAT KIND OF CAR WAS HE IN WHEN HE WAS SPEEDING... an awesome Ferrari? Lambo?


TMZ is not a legitimate news source they are a gossip website. They pick and choose what they think will get them more hits and viewership in order to maximize advertising revenue.

1643 days ago


The Republican Party must be proud. lol

1643 days ago



1643 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Gee. He sounds like another Ted Bundy.

1643 days ago


Oh please, this is ridiculous! This man is not dangerous for Pete's sake. If he has traffic violations, then fine the daylights out of him, but not over a little weed! Cops wasting time!

1643 days ago


Love you Harvey and gang ... but ... this one did not fly under the radar it just flew under your radar. This story was widely reported all over the place, even I heard about it way up here in CANADA!

1643 days ago


Stop homosexuality NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

1643 days ago


Once again TMZ will do anything to trash anyone even remotely associated with a republican. No one even knows who this guy is. How about doing some juicy stories on John Edwards for a change? At least people know who he is. You are losing it TMZ...

1643 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

His Granddad couldn't remember anything either. Must run in the family. But, 31 years old and still running home to his mommy and daddy's house when he gets in trouble? Wow, what a loser.

1643 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Democrats & the Main Media appear to be Demanding that republicans stop saying "No" to State Run Health Care, Environment Control, DNC Union 'Card Check', Etc.. Most of the DNC proposals or bills Discriminate against Republican supporters with a added legal system (read dnc health bill). This has Never been tried all at once in USA History .Democrats like Reid suggest the GOP is saying 'No' to the bills because democrat Obama took office . Mr. Reid left out that most of the bills were rejected with even more 'No' votes throughout the century (from president Wilson to Clinton). Is the Historic nature of the Obama Presidency being heavily Exploited to pass unpopular state run (collective) legislation ?

1643 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Democrats are the party of slavery by Democrats , 1960 s Socialism (Imagine) , 1990s Group Nationalism (Malcom X / Al Sharpton to Michael Moore, Sean Penn , etc) , 2000s ‘Make Al-Qaeda Terrorists the Victims Movement’ by Democrat D Durbin , Nancy Pelosi , Patrick Leahy (through photos & policy), 2009-2010 SOCIALISM (Nationalization of Cars , Environment Intake ,SOCIALIZED HEALTH Bills (Control People like Democrat Jim Crow era Did), & Political Bigotry (Read DNC Bill), Etc.

1643 days ago


Just like his deceased senile Grandfather.

1642 days ago


I hope this nice young guy gets his life together and gets into politics! Groom him up just like they did with the Gipper! We could use another Reagen in the White House! Especially after the mess that's been Obama's presidency! A mess we'll be cleaning up for the next 30 years!!! I already miss George W. and I pray every day that we can get someone like Reagen back in power soon! Democrats should be ashamed of what their party has become! This country would be alot better off if we just gave it to the Republicans!!

1278 days ago


The REAL story here, is there are too many people in our great country that have relegated (definition: consigned to an inferior position, place, or condition) themselves to living a life invested only in their wants, wishes, and momentary joy. When people start accepting reality, instead of trying to avoid it by using drugs and alcohol, maybe we can get back on track to thinking about, planning for, and executing the steps necessary to making this country great again. Laws won't change drug use, but the majority of Americans don't want to be surrounded by non-thinking, self-absorbed nitwits. My suggestion is start with a mandatory $5,000.00 fine and one year's probation for possession of any illegal substance or paraphernalia. A healthy public shunning of drug users is what's needed, as well. What are YOU prepared to do, to help me move our country in the right direction again?

1277 days ago
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