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Lindsey Vonn to Rappers: 'That's the Real Bling'

3/2/2010 2:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsey Vonn is the only chick with better bling than Jay-Z, Flavor Flav, Lil Wayne and Lil Jon combined ... and she's not afraid to show it off.

Lindsey Vonn: Click to watch
The U.S. gold and bronze medalist was out in L.A. yesterday, where she proudly showed off her new heavyweight jewelry and proclaimed, "That's the real bling."

As for partying like a rapper -- she'll leave that to the Canadian women's hockey team.

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Hey Kaleigh and all you other Canucks...I can't help but notice you're here on an AMERICAN website. You know your dream is to be able to live in the United States and not to be stuck in the wasteland you call home.

Shouldn't you be out gathering syrup or paying twice as much for magazines or something??

1696 days ago


Posted at 8:42AM on Mar 2nd 2010 by Give your head a shake

Well said my man!!!! It sure seems the US media is sh!tting all over the Canadians wins. The US men's hockey team handled their lose OK, but the US women's team has ALWAYS been disrespectful of Canada and our women’s team. I remember when they walked all over our flag...What type of a classless act put ANY countries flag on the ground to walk and spit on?? Yes they were wiping their faces skates etc all over our flag. How much press did that get in the US? If we'd done that...which we'd never in a million years even think to do that, the US would have FREAKED. The fact they lied about it made a bad situation worse. You call walking on someone's flag a joke? WTF pretty well all of the US athletes handle themselves with great respect but the women’s Hockey team can kiss my red & white maple leaf ass! Nothing but a bunch of whiny disrespectful poor losing embarrassments to a country.

1696 days ago


That's right, our ladies team was Awesome enough to party it up Better than your lame ass rappers! Guess what else we're better at? Hockey, whooped you're buts on boths sides with that one. Know what else we're better at than you? Winning Gold.

1696 days ago


23. That's right, our ladies team was Awesome enough to party it up Better than your lame ass rappers! Guess what else we're better at? Hockey, whooped you're buts on boths sides with that one. Know what else we're better at than you? Winning Gold.

Posted at 10:09AM on Mar 2nd 2010 by Tracy

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/03/02/linsey-vonn-olympic-gold-medalist-medals/2#comments#ixzz0h287nbPZ

Tracy FTW. :)

1696 days ago


Now, if they need somebody to play Brooke Mueller in "The Charlie Sheen Story" this is the chick!!!!!!Just sayin'!!!!!!!!

1696 days ago



Wow what a douchebag you are and stupid, guess I know where you live.

1696 days ago

proud to be from cana-duh    

@ Cana-DUH

You may not actually believe that we enjoy being seperate from you so much to endure our cold little igloos eh, but it's what we desire most of all. Whenever I leave my country and go oot and aboot - you should try it sometime, there's a huge world out there with folks who hate your attitude almost as much as we do - I make sure to identify myself as Canadian... it's amazing how their face turns from distain to a smile. So take your silver medal and stick it where your head seems to be lodged.

Much love to the rest of your countrymen and women who don't perpetuate your opinions!

1696 days ago


Anything you can do, we can do better. We can do anything better than you. 'No you can't.' 'Yes we can!'....... and WE DID!

I wouldn't really start poking at Canada about being a wasteland either, considering the US Government has left it's very own 'wasteland' to fend for itself in New Orleans.

1696 days ago


Its the Pinky-less girl!! lol what a dumb blonde, worst speaker, learn how to act in public before you go out

1696 days ago



1696 days ago


Oh, I'm sorry Canucks, did I miss something? I was busy wiping my a$$ with the canadian (lower case on purpose) flag.

I really WOULDN'T start talking Olympics if I were you. Vancouver will go down in history as one of the WORSE hosts EVER!! Let's see...you couldn't keep ice frozen...even at the indoor rinks, (so don't try to blame the weather), speaking of weather...WTF, rain??? Really??? Oh yeah, and of course we can't forget that little incident WHERE AN OLYMPIAN DIED!!! Absolutely unforgivable!!!
I'm too busy with all my American riches to provide a link, so google what Adam Burish of the Blackhawks said yesterday...he's my hero.

1696 days ago


That's your shot at a valiant response, Cana-DUH?

Maybe you should go back to your room and put on your favourite heritage costume that best represents the USA. You know, the KKK... ya, you really have a country to be proud of.

1696 days ago


Is it just me or are those medals hideous?

1696 days ago

proud to be from cana-duh    

@ Cana-DUH

It actually rains in Vancouver, imagine that! I think we did pretty damn good with the Olympics but that's my beavertail eating opinion. As for the flag use, don't let the corners of the maple leaf give you fissures :P Peace out hater.

1696 days ago

OC Get A Life    

World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I, Bosnia, 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc etc etc.

Canada and the USA have fought, bled, and died together - and continue to do so today - simply because we share a kindred spirit of democracy, justice, brotherhood.

Canadians would never dishonour our relationship and history by descretaing the American Flag or anything else that our friends see as part of their national heritage.

And, I believe that the overwhelming majority of Americans feel the same way about their neighbours to the north - Canada.

There will always be ignorant, misinformed, or mean spirited individuals or groups that seek to drive a wedge between our two nations.

They have not nor will the ever succeed.

People, for the love of God, the Olympics are meant to showcase the brotherhood of all men and the purity of sport.

No one wins forever, and no one loses forever.

Keep your hate and ignorance to yourself.

Americans and Canadians, in the majority, appreciate, share, and strengthen their mutual respect and admiration.

By the way, I am a dual citizen. Love you ALL.

1696 days ago
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