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Jessica Simpson:

I Don't Accept John's Apology

3/3/2010 8:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson says John Mayer apologized to her for that whole "sexual napalm" thing -- but she ain't accepting it.

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch
In an interview that aired this morning on Oprah, Jessica says she "felt betrayed" when her ex spilled the dirty details of their sex life to Playboy -- and though he said he's sorry via e-mail, she never wrote back.

She also dropped the dreaded D word -- saying she's "disappointed" in John for the entire ordeal.


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1696 days ago


She reminds of of Jennifer Jason Leigh.

1696 days ago

sammy dogg    

What the heck is this dumb b*tch's problem? It could have been worst. She is a talentless joke. She CAN NOT SING! She over sings and sounds horrible. She cant act. She is getting fatter by the minute. Her and Oprahs face and neck are the same size. Saying someone is extremely good in bed is a complimnet. The only one she is getting. If she is that good inbed, and constantly getting dumped by men....She must be extremely horrible in everything else she does.

That chick is dumber than a bag of hair.

1696 days ago


Email? How about picking up the phone instead. Cowardly and a loser.

1696 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Who cares what she thinks? She's an idiot.

1696 days ago

sammy dogg    

This chick needs to come off of it! I am a woman and we LOVE hearing we are good in bed. Joun Mayer did her fat arse a favor by making her relevant again. She needs to stop it with her fake "disappointment" she loves it.


1696 days ago

Lenn K.    

Bob, I'm thinking the same thing. It could have been wayyyyy worse and he said, you are horrible in bed. I know a gentleman should never kiss and tell, but if he's giving you praise and you do suck at everything else and are growing faster than our national deficit, feel good about yourself.

1696 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Mayer is the "D" word all right: Douchebag. Or Dirtball. Or Disgusting. He's got the brain and emotional maturity of a 13 year old.

1696 days ago


I guess the Napalm fried her brain.

1696 days ago


I have to wonder what kind of families these "kiss and tell" guys come from. What ever happened to the days when fathers would teach their sons to be gentlemen regarding sexual matters? Looks like fathers don't do this with so many of these guys.

Newsflash: These guys who share sex tapes, make public comments, etc., give the rest of men a bad name. And that means that women are much more likely to say no the next time a guy wants something new or different.

1696 days ago

sammy dogg    

Nice double chin fatty. Take the compliment and run with it. Be happy people are talking about you after getting dumped by Tony Romo. If You are that good in bed and are getting dumped...what the hell is wrong with you?

1696 days ago


Any woman who thinks it is a compliment to have an ex PUBLICLY state they were an animal in bed is NOT a woman but rather a SKANK.

1696 days ago

the truth    

WOW she's getting fat...look at her neck super big

1696 days ago


She has every right to be upset. Its not the point of how she is in bed, its the fact that he actls like a chld and publicly talks about all his relationships good or bad. Something as intimate as sex, should stay between the couple.

1696 days ago


She is one big boned girl! Look at the size of her neck. She's kind manly looking. Ewwww!

1696 days ago
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