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Jessica Simpson:

I Don't Accept John's Apology

3/3/2010 8:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson says John Mayer apologized to her for that whole "sexual napalm" thing -- but she ain't accepting it.

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch
In an interview that aired this morning on Oprah, Jessica says she "felt betrayed" when her ex spilled the dirty details of their sex life to Playboy -- and though he said he's sorry via e-mail, she never wrote back.

She also dropped the dreaded D word -- saying she's "disappointed" in John for the entire ordeal.


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Dirt Burger    

If Jessica would stop spreading her legs for any athlete or singer who she thinks will keep her name out there she wouldn't have these problems. And what was up with that bald creep from smashing pumpkins she was with? Just the thought of her having sex with that guys gives me the creeps, Yuck! they are both disgusting!

1697 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Jessica has failed at almost everthing she has tried, her marriage failed, her pop career failed, her acting career failed, and her country music career failed. And it looks like she can't keep a guy either? I wish her the best.

1697 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Ok, who photo shopped this picture and switched Jessica Simpson's neck with her thigh? that's not funny, take that big thick thigh away and put beck her real neck. I can't believe you would try to make her look like she has a fat neck.

1697 days ago


I'm not buying the disappointed thing. He didn’t say she was just good, he implied that she was unbelievable great and addicting. The entertainer in her loves the wonderful review she got for her sexual performance.
As for all the criticism of her body, to each his own. I think she looks great because I prefer women with curves and she has serious curves. I like women with intelligence and I would agree that she is lacking in that area.

1697 days ago

kelly dawn    

Come on, get over yourself, you stupid talentless whore! Having someone say you're good in bed is not bad....if anything its a compliment....and ya know what? If you don't want people to talk about your 'private' sex life STOP HAVING SEX WITH RANDOM PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THE PUBLIC EYE! Yeah, maybe he shouldn't have spilled the beans like that, but the fact that someone as intelligent and talented as Mayer even gave you more than a one-night-stand should be something that you are proud stop your bitchin and lose about 20 lbs cuz you're looking REALLY bloated right about now...and the hair slicked down in your face doesn't help the situation at all! Just be happy that anyone is even still talking about you... you are a sad never-was has-been!

1697 days ago


Jessica who?

1697 days ago


she probably does give an awesome, bj.. im just sayin

1697 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Jessica will hook up with anyone who will keep her name in the news. I wouldn't be surprised if she hooks up with The Situation while he is enjoying his last 10 minutes of fame.

1697 days ago

Dirt Burger    

You bad people leave Jeeisca alone! In my village Jessica Simpson is considered beautiful and smart babe. But then again, except for me no one in my village can read or write. Major Movie Star best pic of all time!

1697 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Son Li, you and everyone in your village sound like you are as dumb as Jessica. May a Tsunami wipe out your entire village and sweep you out to sea. Oh, did you know Major Movie Star went right to DVD?

1697 days ago


"Da Hammer", I think if you reread the post you'll find they were being facetious (deep), - while you, on the other hand, are not (shallow). If you have to, look it up.

1697 days ago


John Mayer is a douchebag.

1697 days ago


the whole thing is a joke

1696 days ago


Ever since Nick and her broke up she has gone down hill. In every way.

1696 days ago


Ok. About Jess on Oprah....
Are you serious??? No, are you really serious, that those pants are in size 4????? I never saw a size 4 on a cow, and you dear Jess are not an exception!!! Those are minimum size 8 or 6.
About John, she should really thank him. He broth her back, as people start forgetting about her. I'll not be shocked if she actually pay him to do that, lol.
That's it Jess.....Enjoy the CHEAP publicity!!!!!

1696 days ago
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