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Marathon Investigation

at Jackson Home

3/3/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services conducted a marathon investigation yesterday at the Jackson family compound in Encino -- trying to figure out what exactly happened with a stun gun on the property.

Marathon Investigation at Jackson Home
DCFS social workers arrived at 4 PM yesterday and left at around 10:30 PM -- 6 1/2 hours later.

As we first reported, DCFS showed up the night before after receiving a tip that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, was playing with a stun gun on the second floor of the residence.

Sources tell us the social workers are interviewing all of the children in the house -- including Michael Jackson's 3 kids -- along with other family members and staff. We're told DCFS is taking the investigation very seriously and the plan yesterday was to come back today as well.

Sources say some of the individual interviews have taken a long time and there is a lot of tension on the property.

We've learned there's a conflict among people who live and work at the property. We know some members of the staff will tell DCFS that the stun gun was there for several days, before a member of security went upstairs and allegedly found Jaafar and other kids playing with the gun and pointing it at Michael's sons Blanket and Prince.

 Michael Jackson and kidsKatherine Jackson's lawyer, Adam Streisand, insists Blanket and Prince were never in the room with the gun and that Jaafar was playing with the gun for a few minutes -- not days -- before it was confiscated.

Some members of the staff will tell DCFS there is a second stun gun on the property. Streisand says that is absolutely not true.


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What some of you do not realize, as you talk about the fact that the stun gun had a 9 volt battery in it and should not be lethal, is that stun guns have a converter in them which takes the 9 volt battery charge and converts it to greater voltage, in this case 300,000 volts. That is enough to knock out a man over 6 feet tall weighing 200 pounds. One of my brothers is a police officer and he explained it to me. When he was going through the academy there were 2 things he had to do (this was many years ago and before they had Tasers): One was to get in a line with the other candidates and then run across a mat while a police officer sprayed pepper spray in their eyes. The other was they had to submit to being stunned with a stun gun. They did this in order for the candidates to know exactly what the results were in each weapon so they could be confident when they used them. He said the stun gun knocked everyone out for several seconds, enough time for a potential victim to get away. He also said it hurt like hell!

Adults have died from being stunned. The electricity that is discharged into the person's body can cause an arrhythmia, an abnormal rhythm of the heart, and sometimes cardiac arrest. There are many instances of folks who were hit with a stun gun who died as a result. With the Taser that number has gone up exponentially. I know the family is putting their spin on the story and saying little Blanket was never in danger, but I am here to tell you if a child his size was stunned he could very easily be killed.

Stun guns are no laughing matter. As for the conversion of the voltage, if you really want to know more about it read up on it, you will be surprised.

1666 days ago


87. @just the facts. So whites are such angels they don't commit crimes, they take care of their children, do not shoot other children, do not molest children, do not rape or steal . It is so perfect to be white wow. All other races should wish they were white because they don't kill each other. (snicker)

Posted at 10:14AM on Mar 3rd 2010 by Keepingitreal

You are not keeping it real, you are twisting what I said. I said the majority of the prison population is black. Doesn't that say something to you? Of course whites kill, rob, assault, etc. I never said otherwise. But the statistics speak for themselves.

1666 days ago


The judge needs to order Jermaine to get his kids and baby mama out of that house now. Perhaps the monthly allowance Katherine then needs would be lowered leaving Michaels' kids what their father left them. I don't recall Michael wanting to support Jermaines' ex or kids. They are in need of structure and a heavy hand. She is way too old and still grieving to be taking care of all these people and trying to keep that wolf joe out of the money. God bless you Katherine I hope you get the strength to step up and get your living kids to take their children and support and raise them. Your plate is too full.

1666 days ago

capt andy    

@ TMZ... letting this racist, stereotypical, generalised tripe on this forum is NOT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makes your site sink as low as the person who has written it.

Hope you are proud Harvey.

Posted at 9:44AM on Mar 3rd 2010 by OZ

Have to agree with you Oz!

Posted at 9:54AM on Mar 3rd 2010 by Brenda

how can it be racist if it is true you jerkoff..go spend any day in a high school in pg county maryland and youll eat your words..people like you make me sick because you whine whine whine

1666 days ago


Stun guns are no laughing matter. As for the conversion of the voltage, if you really want to know more about it read up on it, you will be surprised.

Posted at 10:14AM on Mar 3rd 2010 by Deb

Read more:

I wish they would install a stun gun on your computer.

1666 days ago


@just the facts. You have no point! what does the prison population have to do with the jacksons. Are you saying no white kids order stun guns or take guns to school. You go on to generalise that black kids are being raised by drug addict and alcholics. well so are white kids. By the way here is a statistic for you 70% of child molesters and rapists are white men. If you were oppressed all your life and denied job opportunities based on your skin colour a lot of your types would be in jail too.

1666 days ago


Isn't anyone paying attention to what these kids are doing??? THERE SHOULDN'T BE ANY OTHER KIDS LIVING THERE,EXCEPT MICHAELS.

1666 days ago


63. Black kids threatening white kids with a weapon? What a shock.

MJ's kids need to be taken out of there, Katherine has no control whatsoever with Jerlame's thugs.

Posted at 9:37AM on Mar 3rd 2010 by tyler


1666 days ago


I think this could by “much ado about nothing”.

What I find really awkward is that if MJ was so damaged by his childhood, including by the behaviour of is older siblings, why did he choose leave his children in a very similar environment. He tried to protect their privacy, they take them to public events, he raised them outside the Jehovah Witness’ faith, they take them to kingdom hall, as far as we are aware their cousins were not their closest friends, and now they seem to be with them all the time, including in very expensive suites in Vegas. I guess he never really thought that we was going to die so young. Even the Diana Ross provision does not make particular sense, since, apparently, she is not close to the children.


1666 days ago


I have had enough of the KKKlan on this site. good day.

1666 days ago


tyler, you call jermaines kids thugs????WHY? by saying that you are also calling mj3 thugs to, they are all the same family. all the children are mixed so where does that mean that they are thugs? i have 8 grandchildren and they are all mixed just a white as mj3 and that in no way means they are thugs.racism is a part of the past and people need to leave it there, it doesnt matter what color you are, what matters are the impressions you leave this world with when you are gone!!! MICHAEL SAID IT THE BEST ITS ALL FOR L.O.V.E.

1666 days ago

Andrea L.    

Everyone is so eager to judge the Jackson family on everything they do. What happened to prayer and compassion? Their children are no different than any other children, let us not forget all the bs that goes on in our homes.God is the only judge lets not forget that my freinds.

1666 days ago


I would love to know why Randy and Jermaine have left their children to live with Grandma? Why cant they take care of their own children? I feel so, so bad for Michaels children. They are being exposed to all their cousins antics. I hope they can stay true to the values they were brought up with. Michael tried so hard to bring them up right. It would be so sad to see all his hard work go to waste.


1666 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Time to clean house starting with all the leaches that can get jobs and function on their own. It's time Katy had a house she can relax in. Jerkmaine needs to step uip be a MAN and wood Shed his little monsters and take them home! All I can say IF something BAD happens to the MJ3... There's going to be problems as the fans are watching!! And I believe the J3 are just as Jealous of the MJ3 as their father was of Michael... See the pattern? I do!! MJ3 Dont be followers be leaders and rise above thew losers who are mooching off your Grandmother!! JERKMAINE and Randy... TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN for PETE'S SAKE!!! All other mooching adults GET A JOB and MOVE OUT!!! LOSERS!!!

1666 days ago



1666 days ago
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