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'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka's

Ex-GF Revealed

3/4/2010 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor" Jake Pavelka is catching some serious heat even before marrying Vienna Girardi -- and it's all over the ex-girlfriend in this photo.

Jake's ex, 24-year-old Tanya Douglas, claims that Jake was in contact with her after he finished taping "The Bachelor" -- and she claims Jake said he was coming back to her.

In the past Jake has denied any overlap between past relationships and his 'Bachelor' days.

So, what do you think -- did Jake make the right choice?


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1664 days ago


they look the same. guess tenley never had a shot anyway

1664 days ago


The X is beautiful, smart and classy. I think Jake is making the rounds with Vienna for the show and attention. When all his TV duties are over he will dump Vienna and go back with Tanya. One can only hope or there is no hope!!!

1664 days ago


Jake, you're an a$$. The reason he never picked Tenley is because he's a fraud. He knows she's too good for him (Tenley that is.)

Folks, I bet Tanya (Jake's ex) is ALSO too good for Jake.

He must come from a seriously screwed up family to pick Vienna. Seriously, he must. Water seeks its own level and his level is the gutter.

Vienna looks like that trash whore that Tiger Woods hooked up with, Rachel Uchitel. Both of them are gold diggers who screw men for money and fame.

BTW, does anyone else think that Vienna is a fat pig? Did you ever check out her fat ass and her huge shoulders? She's a heifer. What skills does she possess beside screwing. "I'm totally in love" says Jake.

Guess the guy doesn't know the difference between lust and love?


1664 days ago


I'm so very tired of the Jake/Vienna stuff. I think all of us should ban together & be sure no one votes for him on DWTS so his 15 minutes are finally over. That way we don't have to see him or Vienna in the audience cheering him on... We need to start a website to be sure NO ONE votes for him so he is gone after the first week. He's such a jerk. And I kinda liked him early on... He's wanting to be a reality TV & media personality star & Vienna is in it for the exposure too. If they do manage to stay together which I doubt, the deserve each other. He's almost as bad of a d-bag as Jon Gosselin who I can't stand...

1664 days ago

Common Sense    

Harvey, you are 59 years old and still lack maturity so you run a non-legit story like this. It is time for you to grow up.

1664 days ago

Jill Goessling    

Vienna needs a nose job badly.
Jake's ex-girlfriend (checked her website) is beautiful and
highly intelligent.


1664 days ago


You're all crazy.

Just sayin'

Not sure why you all care so much what one man does with his life. Nobody will remember who he is in a year let alone who is ex girlfriend is.

Sad sad sad.

1664 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Jake the snake Pukela has the same exact chin as Jennifer (I can't keep my hair out of face) Aniston!

1664 days ago

making a change    

Jake is the biggest loser, he was obviously on the wrong show. There is a reason he still single at 31. Poor choice of character for one. Oh, forgot he lacks it himself...

1664 days ago


This is another Spencer and Heidi relationship..... FAKE and they are gonna make their money off of the media. And hopefully within 2 months they will go away. Him doing Dancing with the Stars?... does anyone notice that the title of the show is Dancing with the STARS... this dude is not a star... far far from it!

1664 days ago


She is a lot prettier than the one he ended up with.

1664 days ago


#42 - Harvey is a grown man, and you are just "butt hurt" only because what they put on TMZ is true. Oops sorry for you - read the comments - it's all b.s. - Jake is a fake, his so-called soon to be wife is a fake and you just need to deal with it. There won't be/and are not alot of positive comments about Jake and his party-ass-soon-to-be NOT wife.

1664 days ago

juan loco    


1664 days ago


In the pictures on the ex's website, do you think that's Jake that she's White Water Rafting with and she put a funny face over the top of it?

1664 days ago
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