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Children Services Back to the Jackson House

3/4/2010 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The social workers from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services are coming back to the Jackson family compound in Encino, CA today to wrap up their investigation over the stun gun incident.

Children Services Back to the Jackson House
We're told one of the employees has not been at the home during the last two days to be interviewed by DCFS social workers -- so they will talk to that employee today.

As we first reported, one if the issues DCFS has isolated is the use of the Internet by the eight minors living in the home. We broke the story that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son Jaafar Jackson used the Internet to purchase a stun gun.

DCFS, we're told, has not decided what additional action, if any, will be taken.


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Jaafar is a stunning example to his younger cousins, lock him up!

1696 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Why don't those little thugs go to school?

1696 days ago


Smartass kid! I hope he didn't stun anyone. I also hope that Mama kicks Jermaine and his kids out. Michael did not specify that his money is supposed to take care of ALL the Jacksons

1696 days ago

Third day back to the Jackson compound?

hmmm....I wonder how many unfortunate children are being raped and abused in real life threatening situations and CDCS is hanging out with these rich fruit loops.

1696 days ago


Katherine is in her 70's trying to raise 3 children. This is the last thing she needs on her plate right now. She needs to kick everyone the hell out of that crazy house. They have the money to get their own place. Stop mooching off family and grow up and move out with your own children!

1696 days ago

capt andy    

just bring ol papa joe back and he can show some of his special kind of love..whup em all like a red headed step child..i bet those kids have been surfing the net and you know they come here and read all about wacko jacko and the crazy stuff there bio dad did..thats sad..but i guess they already knew anyways what a loon he was


1696 days ago


This is going to make a great movie when this is all done! Deft going to win a oscar!

1696 days ago


remove jermeine and rady's kid from the house and the mothers kids too... guys be responsable of your families.. don't let mama take care of them!!!

1696 days ago


Although I'm all for this kid getting into trouble for purchasing the Stun Gun, he found a loop hole. Is it even legal to purchase one in CA without a permit? But I have to call 'back off' at DCF investigating the kids access to the internet. That's a parenting issue and not something government agencies need to be wasting time policing. You don't like that a 13yr old can purchase a stun gun online make the laws forbidding it's internet purchase just like a gun. Make the laws requiring it's regulation just like a gun and go after the actual law breakers who are supplying this kind of thing to anyone with a credit card. It should be a wake up call, and it should be the companies that get in as much trouble as the kid/buyer if they are breaking laws by knowingly selling to states that regulate such sales like MA for instance.

1696 days ago


Apparently there's a shortage of kids in the LA area that are REALLY being abused, starved, neglected, and tortured. Nice that DCFS can waste their time on something like this.

1696 days ago


OMG! Is there anything else going on other than the stun gun incident with the Jackson's! Who cares, it's so boring. The kids are fine, that's all that matters.
It's fine having some knowledge of it, but thats practically all thats been on this site for 2 days. there is a lot more going on in the entertainment world.

1696 days ago

Anne Bjorndal    

Hi there TMZ staff,
For your information Jermaine Jackson is in Amsterdam these days, talking to the press and being a judge in a televised talent hunt "Move like Michael Jackson" which will start Saturday March the 7th.
Greetings, Anne

1696 days ago


Jermaine to Larry King (He fully expected Mama Jackson to take care of all of them and live off Michael's money that she gets.):

"KING: It doesn't bother you that your father wasn't mentioned?

JACKSON: It doesn't bother me, because if my mother's mentioned, my father's fine. I mean, if my mother's fine, we're all fine. But most important, it's not about money, Larry. It's not about property. We're a family. We're a family. We don't let that get in the way. That's not important to us. That's not important."

1696 days ago


Michael's kids are so precious that it just gets all over me that they are living in a home with that kind of physical danger...and there is security around the clock in the home! I realize that Jarrar is 13 and considered a kid, but give me a break, a stun gun? I just don't even understand how it was possible for him to pay for it, does he have a credit card?? I agree with others, Jermaine and Randy need to step up and get their kids and their former wife out of that house.

1696 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Jermaine and Tohme give me the MONEY...HOW can we get the money from MICHAEL do we have to MURDER HIM WITH PRPOPOFOL can we find a doctor to help.

1696 days ago
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