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Children Services Back to the Jackson House

3/4/2010 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The social workers from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services are coming back to the Jackson family compound in Encino, CA today to wrap up their investigation over the stun gun incident.

Children Services Back to the Jackson House
We're told one of the employees has not been at the home during the last two days to be interviewed by DCFS social workers -- so they will talk to that employee today.

As we first reported, one if the issues DCFS has isolated is the use of the Internet by the eight minors living in the home. We broke the story that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son Jaafar Jackson used the Internet to purchase a stun gun.

DCFS, we're told, has not decided what additional action, if any, will be taken.


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don't trust 'em    

OMG!!! that is too much into the investigation. Three, four, five days...DCFS don't care how long it takes as long it pass the buck to them. By their standards, they can carry the investigation up to 90 days. When you have DCFS involved in your lives, they will dictate HOW you can raise your kids. ie: their Family Service Plan. Just like they did with dictating on how the Jacksons use the internet...probably included in the Family Service Plan.
The tricky part is that the Family Service Plan that the Jacksons has to follow expires in one year.
So the DCFS can meddle in Jacksons' lives up to a year. unless Katherine did not sign the wacky plan. I hope Katherine's lawyer is smart enough not to let her sign that stupid plan which gives the DCFS the power ALL THEY WANT TO DO with the Jacksons!

If this was another family case, the DCFS usually remove the child/ren and wrap up the investigation immediately in mostly ONE DAY!!
why do the investigation three, four days and so forth on the Jacksons for?!! Oh yes, I remember, they are rich and famous. :P
California DCFS has ALOT OF Problem with lawsuits, just google it, you will find out that a mother won $4.9 Million dollars against DCFS for abusing the system and her family.
do you recoken the Jacksons will injure up a lawsuit?
you bet! Katherine surely would. ;) it caused her nothing but agusish and pain...too much stress on her heart. or whatever it may harm the MJ3 kids for "unnecessary interference" and that, includes trespassing, just to list several others. Once you open the doors to DCFS, you must open the doors. Other words, the Jacksons are screwed.

1657 days ago

a fan    

They are not Jackson's by blood. MJ is their dad but those other Jacksons are not bio relatives. Mike is Blankets sperm donor. Dr. Klein is the sperm donor for P&P.

1657 days ago


good grief 3 days now investigating a stun gun incident, omg you would think he had ak47 or something. there so worried about all of the kids being on the internet, they need to worry about there own officers, and the reason i am saying is my grandaughter got an friends request from a sherriff that works at her school on fb and i had to report her to her superior, and internal affairs came in and removed her fb and she is not at the school any longer.needless to say my grnadaughter is no longer able to access the comp anymore either. jermaine needs to be a dad and get a tight grip on those boys before they get any older.sue from tampa

1657 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

53. Good God...I am getting a much clearer picture why Michael did what he did.....he physically and mentally wore himself to the ground feeling obligated to look after his whole family. I totally understand looking after his mother and even Joe.......but the lazy ass brothers and their goodness I think I'd be a little weird too.

Posted at 1:01PM on Mar 4th 2010 by mjfanfromcanada

Read more:


Gosh..... I would've ran away to Neverland also!

1657 days ago

a fan    

Miko is Blankets sperm donor not Mike.

1657 days ago


Why why why is dcfs making such a big deal out of this--oh thats right they are rich and famous. One trip to the home would have been enough if they were doing their job right. There are so many children being abused and neglected in California and the whole country as a matter of fact. Yet, because of who these children are, dcfs is making it a huge deal. Please!

1657 days ago


by a fan and get it straight
They are Jackson's by blood,MJ is their bio-dad. They own that house and Jermaine needs to get his kids out of there and support them like a man.

1657 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

What happen to GRACE the big deal in court TAKE CARE OF MICHAEL'S KIDS.A nice CONDO in LAS VEGAS cash to care for the KIDS,WHAT happen to her MISSING IN ACTION or MISSING AND NO ACTION..

1657 days ago


if you dont really think that michael was the father to those children in every way important and that really matters , then he must have been very generous to leave all his dough to these three ...what do you want to call them lottery winners...really grow up people ...who cares..they are his children..
the only difference between mj and alot of other people is that when bashir asked ,mj was such a nice person, he was trying to politely answer an invasive question..

that how he always got in trouble ..trying to be nice

you dont know where my kids came from..only difference is i would tell people to f@ck off and mean it

there is no other person that people do all this speculation about about SJP or the rest of the over forty set in hollywood you think they have celebrity eggs and they are special ..f@cking grow up

1657 days ago


Where is Grace the nanny? Michael would be appalled at the danger his kids have been placed in. There is lots more to this than meets the eye. just posted a video of Jafar violently attacking and cursing his younger brother knocking him to the ground! Get Michaels kids out of that house!

1657 days ago


71. Why why why is dcfs making such a big deal out of this--oh thats right they are rich and famous. One trip to the home would have been enough if they were doing their job right. There are so many children being abused and neglected in California and the whole country as a matter of fact. Yet, because of who these children are, dcfs is making it a huge deal. Please!

Posted at 1:32PM on Mar 4th 2010 by nt

I couldn't agree more! This is so rediculous! TMZ should be focus on murdering murray,where is he? are the cops watching him? the family is trying to get the charges bumped up can they? is there any new evidence coming to light? Damn tmz get to the real story! Leave the children alone!

1657 days ago

dirty diana    

so by now the people left and you brats are on the internet again, big deal what kid isn't. gram better chop chop on monitoring these kiddos before it gets way out of hand, but she isn't alone, it's happening everywhere.

1657 days ago


How long after turning 18 will Paris marry Jaafar?

1657 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ    

BOOOORRRRINNNNG!!!! ZZZZZ!!!!! Im tired of hearind from the Jackson Circus Family Aready on with the next!!!!

1657 days ago


guys, just ignore all the fools saying the kids are not MJ's bio children. some are saying Dr. Klein is Prince's father... now, Dr. Klein has vitiligo too?... don't waste your time answering the fools. cacas have no brain.

1657 days ago
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