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Debbie Rowe -- 'Worried' About Blanket

3/4/2010 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe -- the mother of Michael Jackson's two oldest children Paris and Prince -- claims she's "worried" about her kids' brother, Blanket.

Debbie Rowe: Click to view!
During a shopping trip in Calabasas earlier today, Rowe said she knows nothing about the investigation into the stun gun incident at the Jackson compound in Encino -- where Michael's kids and Jermaine's kids are all currently living with Katherine Jackson.

But Rowe did admit that she was aware of the reports that Jaafar Jackson was playing with a stun gun while Blanket was nearby. When asked if she was worried about Blanket, Rowe said, "Of course I'm worried ... why would I not be worried about a child? He is their brother."

Rowe claimed she's never been to the Jackson compound -- but told us she has been visiting Michael's tomb recently and tries to visit as often as she can.


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Jacko WAS wacko    

Debbie Rowe is a money grubbing lesbian ( not that there is anything wrong with that). She doesnt give a crap about those kids. She only sees dollar signs. However growing up with that freak as your "father" probably didn't help the kids much.
Michael , Janet, Latoya, Jermaine. They are all freaks and I wouldn;t buy any of their music again. I used ot think janet was the normal one and she actually made current music, unlike Michale who was stuck in the past musically. Her Superbowl stunt made me lose all respect for her and her recwent music is terrible.

I couldn;t care less about Blanket or any of these other kids. there are not news.

1656 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

"Their real father is dead,........If it wasn't for a money hungry "doctor" their dad would still be alive.


1656 days ago


It's your turn to take a dose of propofol

1656 days ago


The Jackson family are not "freaks" nor are they perfect they are human and make mistakes just like everyone else in the world. The only difference is when they make even the smallest mistake the media(who apparently stalks them,and their children)make it bigger than it really is! How would some of you act if every little move you made was scrutinized by the media? Enough is enough,the media needs to leave them alone!

1656 days ago


this is just my opinion but the way i see it is debbie rowe has had 13yrs to be a mother to these children, and if she had been a mother even while she was carrying them she would have never taken any kind of money or anything for them.if your not a parent when you first see that child come out of your body you will never be a parent when they are 13 -14- or 40 yrs old. yes michael wanted children but i would guess that he would have loved to had a woman that was loving and loved his children unconditional. no one broke her arms to have those kids for him she was a willing participant in the whole thing. it is just a shame that they know i am sure that dr doesnt want to be there mother, they have seen proof of that over the yrs. sue from tampa

1656 days ago


What a depressing mall...

1656 days ago


I just have to wonder why on earth she is the constant companion of Marc Schaffel. He is the one that was using MJ for financial gain and then when MJ got wind that he was a gay porn producer and fired him -- Schaffel sued him and was countersued by MJ. He did win some money but drug MJ through the mud just like all the rest of the users have. During his trial, Debbie testified that Schaffel was one of the ones "using" Michael for financial gain and that she couldn't stand those people -- Schaffel being one of the ones she was talking about. Now every time you see her -- you see him and he is her mouthpiece. How absurd is all of this. She offered (in her own words) to give MJ the children he desparately wanted and she fulfilled her end of the bargain. She did not want the children herself and it has been clear. She gave up her parental rights to the children and when MJ thought she had breached their confidentiality agreement, he quit paying her and that's when she came back and asserted her rights and the court granted her request. Her money resumed and that was that. MJ dies and she again tries to assert her rights for payment. I'm not judging her for that -- if that was their arrangement she is trying to secure it because she is now used to getting it and living the lifestyle that she has been living. But for anyone to now come and ask her how she feels, what is she supposed to say -- that she doesn't really care? TMZ should be ashamed. This family needs to be left alone. MJ suffered enough from being hounded his entire life and now it appears the children are going to be done the same way. Go hound someone else -- PLEASE!

1656 days ago


Debbie made a deal w/ Michael HE WASN'T IN LOVE W/ HER but he wanted CHILDREN. that was the deal. She gave him children like a sergeant Mother,but also if anything happened she was to get the kids back. How cares what people call there kids! the have the right to name them what they want! nobody told u how to name ur kids. DCFS has blown this way out of portion. Why if they do anything,they need to tell Jermaine to come get his kids & tell his ex-wife to move out. Katherine is all Michael's kids really have. Good luck Katherine, Mother Jackson.

1656 days ago

Gone too soon    

Debbie Rowe seems to be the only decent person in this mess. I feel sorry for her. She loved Michael, she would do anything for him, including having his children and signing them over to him.

When giving birth to Prince she was very close to dying and was told she could never have another child. That´s when Michael dumped her. He had no use for her anymore as he wanted more children.

Debbie was heartbroken and terribly upset for a long time afterwards, especially when MJ took the children abroad. If you watched the interviews with Debbie right after Michael´s death, you could tell she was still so much in love with him.

Debbie cannot take control of those kids, like some of you suggest. The Jacksons will make sure she stays away.

1656 days ago


If there is good reason for concern as far as the children being in a
hostile environment, I would think that Debbie could come in and contest
the will and seek custody of her two children.
She still has visitation rights but has not been allowed to utilize
them and see the children.

No matter what any one thinks about her, she is still and will always
be their Mother.

1656 days ago

danger baby    

To the idiot who thinks a gun with a 9V battery is harmless...companies cannot go around making unsubstantiated claims. I mean, they can, but if they do, they will get sued. In other words, you can bet if this manufacturer says the gun produces a 300K volt whammy, it's because it does. Btw, some police guns are at 50K volts.

This gun is supposedly the most powerful on the market. People have died from 50K volt stun guns. This matter was, and continues to be, very serious. No one is beating up on the Jacksons. If the kids had it in their possession, it would be negligent on the part of DCFS NOT to investigate.


Sources tell TMZ Jaafar Jackson ordered a Scorpion 300,000 volt stun gun online. According to the company website, "the power derived from only one 9 volt battery is unreal."

It also fits easily into a pocket or purse.

Read more:

1656 days ago

danger baby    

Amnesty International has called for a moratorium on Taser use until tests can be done to determine their safety. Nationwide, more than 50
people have died after being stunned by Tasers since 1999, though the
company says no medical examiner has ruled that its product was the

1656 days ago


Debbie can't just "grab" the kids. Why would they want to move to a woman who is a stranger to them? But they need everyone they can get, so she should gradually be introduced to them. They should know there were official photos taken of them with Michael and Debbie.

I miss Michael like hell, but I don't know if he did the right thing by Debbie Rowe - whatever passed between them. Children need to know their biological parents.

1656 days ago


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1656 days ago


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1656 days ago
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