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Donny & Marie to Return to Vegas Post-Funeral

3/4/2010 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donny and Marie Osmond will reportedly resume their Las Vegas show next Tuesday -- the day after the funeral for Marie's son, Michael Blosil.

Donny & Marie Osmond

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Marie is eager to get back on stage -- with her Vegas manager saying she finds the process "cathartic."

The duo will also perform from April 13-17th to make up for the six shows they canceled after Michael's suicide.


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"Marie is eager to get back on stage"..yea that is her problem in the first place. Her son needed her and she wasn't there for him. If she wanted to have 8 kids she really should have thought this one out. It takes a lot of time and energy to raise kids and when one of them has depression, as her son did, all bets are off and she should have been more devoted to helping this poor boy out. Forget DWTS, Vegas, diet commercials, QVC and your freaking dolls!! Take care of your kids!

1696 days ago


wow, thats so soon,, I hope she is able to do it, I know I couldnt!! Good Luck Marie!

1696 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Perhaps part of the young man's problem was that he was raised by a mom that is able to return to a Vegas stage the day after her son's funeral. I realize everyone mourns in a different way and they have that right, but this seems extremely odd to me.

1696 days ago


What a B*^%$ Obviously no mourning for Marie she wants $$ that's why she's going back to Vegas, I hope she falls off the stage and cracks her head open, doubt they'd find a brain in there.

1696 days ago


Yeah that's really quick to return. She should take time off and be with the rest of her children. Maybe they need her right now. How selfish can she be.

1696 days ago


How sick this is........what kind of a mother goes back to work the day after her child funeral?? If it were me they'd have to dig a hole right next to my child grave and just throw me in, I'd never, ever be able to just "go on with the show". But than again I don't need tons of money to shower on my big egotistical self. If she had spent as much time with her child as she does on herself, cosmetic surgeries, dolls, commercials, vegas. What a terrible person, I hope her friggin face falls off. Bless his poor troubled heart. May he rest in peace.

1696 days ago


Stop all ready. This woman has seven other kids to support. She has entertained all of her life. She is still alive and needs to make sure all the other kids have what they need. She did not kill her son. She sent him to rehab, but it did not work. She would have done more if she knew he was in such bad shape, but only his friends knew and did not tell. A mother can only do so much for their children. I think is a warm and caring person. Good luck Marie.

1696 days ago

get better J.C    

Disgusting she has 7 kids that are in mourning. She's not a mom! That's not a mom!

1696 days ago

get better J.C    


1696 days ago


I agree with the comments by Tinalouise, lalaland and dee, my god if something happened to my child I wouldn't be able to function never mind going back to work. You shouldn't have this many children if you don't want to raise them. I will think differently of Marie after this.

1696 days ago


Such a sad person she is.
Guess it proves that she really isn't "mother material".
Does she even remember the names of her kids???
Money is where her heart is.
No wonder the husbands divorced her.

1696 days ago

get better J.C    

I wonder if she will sell "autopsy pics on HSC" anything for a buck!

Marie Osmond is sick!

1696 days ago


You people commenting need to educate yourselves and get some compassion.

Haven't you seen or read any of the interviews with Michael's friends? They ALL say how close he was to his Mom. She visited him almost weekly, called him daily. He called her his friend. She knew his college friends - how common is that?! These friends loved her.

Marie now has four kids at home. They always go with her to work - which is what her show is. It's her job. All of her older kids say how close they are and how she's always calling them.

Marie needs to perform - she fights depression herself and Donny says she'll be no good to her kids if she sinks into a new depression because of this. Think before you comment, people.

1696 days ago


How dare ANY of you judge her for her choices! None of you know what her relationship with her children is. And as far as her return to the stage is concerned, how many of you have jobs?? How long would your boss hold your job if you lost a child/sibling/parent/spouse??? She is under contract and obligated to return to work. How long do you people think she should take off? You are being very harsh! And to YOU "MEL" HOW DARE YOU??? Why on earth would you wish something so awful on someone you don't even know?? Are you really that heartless???

1696 days ago

get better J.C    

Oh we all know she will turn this into something a book,a song, perhaps an appearance on LKL. That's not a mother. She's disgusting. There's no excuse, she has 7 kids in mourning and standing on stage and performing with her brother is more important. Get your priorities together you idiot!!!!!!

1696 days ago
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