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Donny & Marie to Return to Vegas Post-Funeral

3/4/2010 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donny and Marie Osmond will reportedly resume their Las Vegas show next Tuesday -- the day after the funeral for Marie's son, Michael Blosil.

Donny & Marie Osmond

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Marie is eager to get back on stage -- with her Vegas manager saying she finds the process "cathartic."

The duo will also perform from April 13-17th to make up for the six shows they canceled after Michael's suicide.


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To all you people that judge others here is a little piece of my mind ..People that judge i feel are very lucky because it is clear that they have never traveled down the path of a troubled teen and drugs etcetra i would no sooner judge someone who crawled up in a ball or tried to go on key word here tried......Sometimes these issues go on for years and years and there is no easy answer ....Be grateful u can sit there and be an outsider looking in i would no never wish this on my worst enemy .......But for us insiders we understand what Marie is trying to do.......God Bless you Marie...and your family

1691 days ago


Marie Osmond adopted children, most likely because her Mormon Church dictates that you have a lot of children who can work and give money to the church. So she adopted 5 of them but when was she ever home? She was always on stage, on Larry King, on HSN or whereever she sells her dolls, dancing with the stars, nutrisystem commercials. I cant help but wonder, how quick would she return to the stage if it was ONE OF HER BIRTH CHILDREN THAT DIED??? She couldnt possible need the money! Most people would be in mourning longer if their dog died! Back on stage the day after the funeral?? Why not dance and sing at the funeral and have it televised on the Larry King show, and serve the funeral party food from NutriSystem and they all go home with a Marie Osmond Doll. I wonder if the other kids, her own real children or the other 4 adopted children wonder how much she would care if they died???

1691 days ago


To raggmopp28, post 108.
Wow! So well said. Loved your Larry King Live scenario. The scary part is, I can actually visualize her doing that, if she could.

To those who think some of our comments are heartless. I'm sure everyone here has lost a loved one or been through some sort of personal tragedy. I have been through several deaths in my family. I have moved on after all of them. But one thing I can guarantee you is there is absolutely no way I or anyone else here could even think of performing in a Vegas show - singing, dancing and cracking jokes - the day after our child's funeral. Not only is this behavious not normal, it's sick.

1691 days ago


I don't understand her going back to work so soon. I am so curious about his biological Mother. I wonder if she will be notified of the death. Marie is going back to work the next day after her son's funeral ???? Why did Michael Blosil change his name to Michael Bryan??

1691 days ago


How long before she is on Oprah crying her eyes out? then telling about a new book or show she is doing? what a bitch

1691 days ago


Im amazed by this. I know if it were me I cant even say for sure I would be back at work in a month much less next day. I cant judge her though because I'm not her and I'm not in her shoes but it bewilders me. I would think her family would need her right now.

1691 days ago


what heartless souls you people that have posted here must call this women you don't know a b*tch, you call her a horrorible mother and all sorts of other terrible things....have even 1 of you met her, know her personally, NO, yet you judge....what pitiful lives you must live to judge so harshly. YOU SHOULD NEVER JUDGE ANYONE WHOSE SHOES YOU HAVE NOT PERSONALLY WALKED IN. You don't know what she is feeling, you don't know NOTHING about her. Neither do I, but I would never think to belittle anyone as you all have!! Take a long look in the mirror, are you perfect, is your life w/o sin....take a moment and read your bible and think how you would feel if these was you and your family.......shame on each & everyone of you souless creatures!!!!!

1691 days ago


What a bunch of nasty people. It has been over a week since he died and I don't care when the body is buried, she will grieve all her life for the son that she lost. Most people return to work within a week, why are you all jonesing for her? She works in a public field she has a contract and work to do.

Marie has done EVERYTHING to shield her children from the press and did not publically discuss Micheal's illness even after Larry King outed the information. She declined to push her son out in public during what she felt was his private pain.

It didn't matter to her how her children came to her, she said it over and over. They were her kids. The other kids will cope better if they feel normalcy again. That means getting back into a routine of work, school, friends and playdates. IT is the first thing counselors say too you. NOTHING is going to be normal again, it will be a new normal.

1691 days ago


I was sad to hear of the death of Marie Osmond's son, Michael Blosil. For any young person to suffer from depresion so badly that they take their own life, is such a tragedy. What I have been reading about is life and the things he seemed to be upset about and the note he left, makes the tragedy even worse because, if I am understanding what he was saying, he felt like wasn't even part of his own family and that falls into Marie and her husbands laps. This woman suffered from depression and walked away from her family years ago, with out telling anyone where she was going. She of all people could see the warning signs in her son but it appears nothing was done. I find it also difficult to understand that she is going back to work the day after the funeral. Appears that there is a cold heart there instead of a warm one. I have watched the Donny and Marie since they were children and I can tell you that Marie is not all suger and spice and everything nice. She is not the little miss goody two shoes you think she is. You look at her and say, she's a good Morman, she's a good mother and even adopted kids, but this woman walked away from her family, she changed husbands like changing clothes and she is not the mother you think she is. Don't let what is on the outside fool you.

1691 days ago


Hi there, I see these comments and can't judge one way or the other except to say that I personally could not be part of that audience. Most of the songs she and Donny sing are sappy happy songs, and as an audience member I would be very uncomfortable watching her "try" to smile. If she pulls this off, she should consider motion pictures as she would win an Academy award for that performance cos there is no way she would be feeling happy in any way shape or form. God Bless her for trying to do what she needs to do, but as an audience member, I think I could wait.

1690 days ago


I think it is more likely she is being forced to do this by the Flamingo Hotel management. No where in this story is there a direct quote from Marie.

1687 days ago

Rosa Ramirez    

People do not be so critical. From experience, some people need to get back to work, to keep active or you will end up in your bedroom with a deep depression. Marie has been a great mom, her job requires to be away a lot. That is the life of an artist, yet at the same time they do not stop being parents. It is like us that leave our homes to go to work, and leave our children with a sitter, other family members, or school. That does not mean we don't love or care about our children. Shame on you who make those hurtful comments, put yourself in her shoes. Marie, God is taking care of you and your family. You are a great mom and dad at the same time. Love you always!

1687 days ago


I can't imagine losing a child but to lose the them to suicide is horrible. I don't want to critize Marie but I do think she went back to work way 2 soon.

The stage will be there Marie. What about your other children who I'm sure needs her more than ever.

May God Bless her, her children and family.

1685 days ago

Carlita Pacheco    

Boy some people are so quick to judge others. I was close to my parents and were living with them when I attempted suicide a few years back. When you are that low, you feel as though you really have no friends or no one. Doesn't matter how supportive other people are. Unless you've been there, you can't truly understand that person's state of mind.
I also took care of both of my parents until they took their last breath. My mom died almost 2 years after my dad did. The week after her funeral, I began cleaning out and repainting and redecorating the home she and my dad left to me. You have to carry on. Especially when you suffer from depression yourself. Even after my miscarriage a couple of years ago. I was heartbroken but had to carry on. You have to continue to live. For those of you who seem to not be from this planet, the Osmonds entertain for a living. That's their job. I'm certain Marie is there for her other kids as well. She's not heartless and apparently she has no guilty feelings over what happened. If you are guiltless you can carry on with more ease than those who are burden with guilt. I have a lot of guilty relatives you can talk to. When my mom died, her guilty children deserted me. Because they were haunted by all the times she begged them to visit or to call her and they didn't want to take the time. You bitter people need to grow up and maybe take a look at your loved ones and see where you lack some growth.
It's easier to carry on when you have no guilt.
I love you Marie, and you wish you all the best.

1679 days ago
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